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October 27, 2017 7:57 pm

Council to Examine New Bylaw Notice Enforcement Regulation

Monday, December 5, 2016 @ 6:00 AM

city hallPrince George, B.C.-  Prince George City Council will  be asked tonight  give  the green light  to a bylaw that will set the stage for  late penalties and compliance  agreements for some  bylaw infractions.Earlier this  year,  at Council’s request,  City Administration  asked the  Court Services Branch to give  approval to the City of Prince George to create a Bylaw Notice Enforcement regulation.

That  approval was granted in  late October.

Not all bylaws  are being considered for inclusion in this new  process,  specifically,  it will apply to  the following bylaws:

  • Animal Control
  • Noise Control, Parks and Open  Spaces
  • Water Bylaw,
  • Garbage Collection,
  • Property Maintenance
  •  Parking  and Traffic  as well as Off Street Parking
  • Snow  and Ice Control Route restriction
  • Highways Bylaw

Those who have been cited for a violation  under any of the preceding bylaws  could face additional  dollars  added to their fines if they miss the payment deadline.   In  some cases,   the  violator  could see the fine reduced if they enter into a  compliance agreement.  The new bylaw  also sets the stage for  the matter to be resolved through an adjudication process rather than  heading to court,  although   appearing in court remains a final  option.



Tonights meeting also consists of as quoted by another news media: Property owners of the old Yellowhead Grove Golf Course are hoping to have the area rezoned. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is taking away part of the property, and the owners feel the remaining area isn’t large enough for a golf course.

    Do you know what the rezoning request is?

      Woody’s is carrying on with removing the covenant on those pieces of properties. Did people of the area really think it was over?

      A question I have is why the notice sign is not place conveniently where the people of the area can see it as they did last round? Oh, I forgot, It appears there is a habit of timing residential areas for business applications when everybody is busy for Christmas.

      Saw this happen with Haldi, Bottle Depot, and a subdivision on the Hart to just name a few.

Having all there new bylaws is wonderful, now the real problem begins, getting the enforcement officers away from the coffee pot and out of the office enforcing them.

I know, I dream.

The bylaws manager has been known to say to a few people of the public they will pick and choose what/whom to enforce in the past. Such as they did with the property owner off of Landsdowne Road.

I somewhat agree with that statement as to my knowledge Lombardi Trailer Park has not paid up for the clean up. Wonder who else there is?

The city has also done nothing with the complaints of the property next to Honda Power Sports out west, Illegal containers galore on that piece of property, Never mind all of the other violations over the years. Wonder if Ian Wells is still claiming it is going to court and cannot talk about it? lol

The city doesn’t enforce commercial vehicle parking for the 3 hour max in residential areas. Are they going to start? It doesn’t matter how many complaints they get, they do nothing to enforce this bylaw.

Parking and Traffic as well as Off Street Parking

Suppose the twits will be after people with RV’s parked in their driveways, even tho the Mayor said before the last election, that they wouldn’t enforce that section , however they haven’t repealed it neither!!
So one neighbour gets their nose out of joint ’cause you have an RV and they don’t, and complains about your RV in driveway, so you are hooped??

    What about RV’s and motor vehicles parked on front lawns?

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