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October 27, 2017 7:57 pm

Counter Attack Nabs Six Impaired Drivers Over the Weekend

Monday, December 5, 2016 @ 2:30 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Another busy weekend conducting road checks for the Prince George RCMP.policecarnew

Officers were out Friday and Saturday night as part of their annual Counter Attack program which aims to keep drunk drivers off the road.

Six drivers were found to be impaired by alcohol – double the amount found last weekend. This weekend’s impaired include three 90-day immediate roadside prohibitions, one seven-day prohibition and two three day prohibitions.

Here are the rest of the results:

  • 1 impaired by drugs (24-hour suspension)
  • 8 speeding violations
  • 2 intersection-related violations
  • 2 distracted driving violations (cell phones)
  • 1 unlicensed driver, with 7-day vehicle impoundment
  • 3 no insurance violations
  • 3 administrative violations
  • 3 vehicle inspection orders for non-compliance

Police will be out the entire holiday season targeting impaired drivers and recommend using a designated driver, transit, taxi or Operation Red Nose if you plan on drinking.



6 drivers who could have used Operation Red Nose.
At least they got nabbed before being involved in a wreck.
How many others drinking and driving did NOT get caught?

    I always figure 10% just like crime.
    Grabbing impaireds, packing up goods for seniors, biking for cancer,
    reading the riot act to some young person texting and speeding with an “N”, they got the “Can Do” spirit. Sad part is, sometimes they have to notify a Dad or Mom that their young ones passed away, what a mix for a 22-25 yr old Constable. The good outweighs the bad, but it’s a tough job.

only a 24 hour suspension for driving high?

    It’s just like 24 hr roadside suspension for drunk driving …..what both mean is they suspect you of being drunk behind the wheel but not enough for prosecution or ticket so instead your issued a 24 hr suspension instead basically it’s a get out of jail free card but with a warning your in the system now and if caught again it could be worse for you

very glad to see enforcement but still police fall very short of doing there job. i watched a guy run a red light at fifth and tabor and the police waiting for the same red light had his eyes glued to his computer and missed it all. that IS wrong.

Now I know why some keep the Plates dirty, No Insurance !

That has to be the ultimate in stupidity, driving through a roadblock while talking and texting on a cell phone.

What a joke. How about throwing up a roadblock when it’s unexpected? So many people still drink and drive everyday all year long. Set up an impromptu road block up on a Friday night in July and watch how many more people they nab. Or better yet, sit out front of the Westwood or BX pubs and you can line em up one after another.

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