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October 27, 2017 7:56 pm

RCMP to Engage Youth With Hockey Cards

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 @ 3:10 PM
From left, RCMP Supt. Warren Brown and Prince George Cougars business v-p Andy Beesley - photo 250News

From left, RCMP Supt. Warren Brown and Prince George Cougars business v-p Andy Beesley – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – What better way to get through to youth than with hockey cards?

The made in Canada solution was put forth today when the Prince George Cougars announced a partnership with the Prince George RCMP.

Under the terms of the agreement, each RCMP member will carry a pack or two of Cougars hockey cards to hand out to youth in the community. The 25-card sets have been donated by the Cougars organization.

“It’s a beautiful yet simple concept but it really speaks to what the Cougars are all about with the new ownership and new management,” said Cougars business v-p Andy Beesley.

“Both the Cougars and the RCMP want to be positive role models for youth and for children. In some cases, children are very difficult to reach and the RCMP are always looking for ways to improve their community relationships and not have just negative interactions but positive ones.”

“I can’t think of a better opportunity for the RCMP for positive interaction with youth,” added Supt. Warren Brown, officer in charge of the Prince George detachment. “So again, here’s an opportunity for us to build a bond, perhaps demonstrate some positive role modeling and demonstrate one of the big-ticket items we have in town – the Prince George Cougars.”

He also put forth a couple of scenarios where an RCMP member may hand out a set of cards.

“Unfortunately, we get into houses at night, sometimes where because of trauma incidents youth are sad, they’re feeling a wide variety of emotions and it’s a quick stimulus for a bond – for a more positive conclusion to why we’re there.”

Brown said cards may also be handed out in less traumatic situations like as a reward for doing something positive.

“Quite often we see a sister or brother escorting their younger one across the street on the way to school so even just acknowledging a good deed by one of our partners in the community.”


Good idea BUT how many of these kids have the resources to attend a game.

This is nothing but advertising for the Cougars. I wonder how much the Cougars are paying for this?

    typical Axman comment , you are truly one of the dumbest registered users on this site. Yes, I’m sure this is a big expense at the hands of the ownership group, trying to get their brand to the low income, high risk youth in the city.

    Do you ever leave your basement?

      Awww, is the heavily subsidized hockey fan offended?

      Handing some traumatized kid a bunch of hockey cards for a team he or she has probably never seen is going to help? Yeah, dream on.

      Do you honestly think this advertising is aimed at “low income, high risk youth”? It’s not. It’s nothing but a PR stunt, and all the local news outlets were only too pleased to do the advertising for free. And you call me dumb.

      The City needs to stop subsidizing this group.

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