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October 27, 2017 7:56 pm

Packed House for Bond’s Seniors Christmas Celebration

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 @ 3:35 PM


Seniors and special guests filled the  Civic Centre for  today’s event – photos 250News

Prince George, B.C. –   Prince George-Valemount MLA Shirley Bond started  the Seniors Christmas Celebration 9 years ago,  and there were  75  in attendance,  today,   the event drew hundreds.

500 seniors were on hand for this afternoon’s event  at the Prince George Civic Centre which featured lunch, music,  sing alongs, and plenty of door prizes.

MLA Bond   says she started the event as a way of saying thank you to the seniors in the community “I am deeply proud of this community  and this event is  deeply personal for me,  it’s my way of saying thank you to  seniors and to the community for everything they have done over the years.”

Bond says  she is especially grateful today  after  being  shocked to find her  constituency office had been broken into over the weekend  and  some of the  door prizes  for today’s event stolen ” They took things like gift cards and some of the bigger  gifts,  it was heartbreaking because we had so much  support from our sponsors and  had spent the  weekend wrapping gifts and making the gift baskets.  20161206_142124But this community really came through  for us,   arriving  with  more gifts and  support   for  today’s event,  so I am especially thankful today.”

The goods news says Bond, is that computers in the office were not touched.

(At right, Santa gives Shirley Bond a hug )

The annual event  used to be held at the Coast Inn of the North, but  had to move to the Civic Centre  so more  people could be accommodated.

Below, left,  door prizes  stretch across  the Civic  Centre , while at right, Shirley Bond’s 4 year old grandson  Cooper  delivers a door prize to one of the attendees







Perhaps Shirley can ask Santa for some Nursing Home staff, as there seems to be a critical shortage of them right now in BC.

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I can’t think of a better Christmas present for our seniors… Merry Christmas to one and all.

As usual Troll has to show up with a negative comment on every good news story!
What I will say is that Shirley is probably the HARDEST working MLA this region has ever seen, she is always a fierce advocate for her riding and her constituents and works tirelessly for all of us, including our seniors.
Tell me Galt…what have you ever done that wasn’t self serving? What have you ever done that wasn’t for the benefit of your bottom line and your bank account?
That’s right NADDA..ZIP…NOTHING.
Shirley has more class, compassion, ethics, and drive in her baby finger than you will ever even hope to have in your entire being!

    This is a great news story. I love seeing people having a great time. So happy for all those who attended and were filled with Joy :)

    Here’s to hoping they don’t vote for her just because they remember this one day of excitement where dear shirley provided such cheer. Let’s hope they are able to look at the facts and consider all aspects of the election come 2017. I am not saying NDP, I am not saying Liberal… I am just saying think deep.

I am not sure BH was being negative on the event. He was making a comment that would also help seniors.

I don’t think BH was being negative either. It’s nice to see something like this but have to remember taxes, user fees, groceries, insurance, utilities are going up. Pensions………not.


Thank you Shirley for your commitment to your constituents, B.C. and especially our seniors.


I think this really does come from her heart. I think those who would disparage this event need to have a good look at themselves. Just sayin’.

When people try to put down a good deed, what does that say about them?
It certainly doesn’t take away from the good that is being done, it just shows up people for what they really are.

So before you try to throw cold water on an event such as this, ask yourself what you have done for others who are deserving of a nice and happy time.

Try showing a little love and respect for others and what they are doing and if you can, see what you can do to help it out. That way you can have a part in a good deed too.
You’ll feel much better about yourself and others too.

Nice to see it go ahead even with the theft earlier in the week

Shirley Bond says “I am deeply proud of this community  and this event is  deeply personal for me,  it’s my way of saying thank you to seniors and to the community for everything they have done over the years.”

If you have ever taken the time to talk to Shirley and to get to know her, even a little bit, you will very quickly see that her words and her commitment to our community are very real! Perhaps this is one of many reasons why she has been elected to the Legislature for 4 consecutive terms.

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