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October 27, 2017 7:52 pm

Season of High Risk for Theft from Vehicles

Friday, December 9, 2016 @ 5:58 AM

cartheftPrince George, B.C. – This may be one of the busier weekends for  Christmas shopping,  and that means thieves will be on the prowl.

(theft scenario photo-Dreamstime)“We  encourage shoppers this holiday season to   put their valuables in  the trunk”  says Prince George RCMP  Media Liaison Corporal Craig Douglass.   He  says if packages are visible in the front or back  seat,   they may be a magnet for thieves .  He says it is also helpful to park  your vehicle in a well lit area.

But the temptation for thieves isn’t  limited to  grabbing something from your car.   Cpl. Douglas says   care  should be taken  when  disposing of the packaging of  items ” We encourage  you not to put the  boxes ( of those gifts) outside  so that they can be seen and possibly  have  your house targeted for a break in.”   He advises packaging for  those gifts, especially new electronics, be taken to  recycling depots  rather than left  outside for  pick up.

Cpl. Douglass  says  there has been a steady   amount of  theft   from vehicles  from the spring  through to  today ”  Certainly  a good portion of them are prolific offenders  who are targeting  vehicles  to support   their addiction,  as well we have   possibly neighbourhood kids who are  trying  (vehicle) doors to try and get some loose change.”

He says  whether it’s holiday season or not, the message stands “We should not be leaving any valuables  in a vehicle, and always lock  your doors.”  Cpl Douglass  adds that valuables  are not just  items  left in a vehicle “Valuables can also mean  identification,  it means keys to the vehicle, or keys to your home.”    He says if your garage door opener is  stolen  from  your vehicle,  make sure  you  get a new one and  reprogram the system.

He says the Citizens on Patrol have already been doing some  proactive  work “Our Citizens on Patrol  group is actually  out  not only in malls and major parking lots, but   checking residential streets at night  as well, looking for signs that people have left their vehicle  unlocked.  They may be  knocking on your door to let you  know  you should be locking the vehicle or they may leave a notice  on  your vehicle.  So please,  this holiday season, lock your doors and don’t leave any of your valuables in plan view.”


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