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October 27, 2017 7:50 pm

BC Real Estate Association Amalgamation Proposal Falls Flat

Sunday, December 11, 2016 @ 6:50 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  The  proposal to amalgamate all  6 real estate boards in B.C.  and  create one board  to be called Realtors of BC  has been rejected.

In order for the proposal to move ahead,  at least four  of the existing boards,  would have had to  vote in favour of the move.  Not all members were sold on the idea.

While the BC Northern Board,  which includes realtors in Prince George, voted  89% in favour,  it was only one of three to agree to the amalgamation.

The  proposal fell short of the necessary  approval in  Kamloops, the Okanagan and the Fraser Valley.

“It’s true that I’m disappointed in the outcome of the REALTORS® of BC vote” says BCREA  President Deanna Horn, ” This was a historic moment for our profession in BC, one that could have set the course to build a different future. However, our members have spoken and, collectively, we are not ready to proceed with REALTORS® of BC at this time.”

She says while   the various Boards  will continue to operate as they do now,   it will  not be ‘status quo’  “The industry is facing a number of challenges that must be addressed” says Horn, “We must now find ways to work together and
address these challenges.”

The challenges include:

  • inefficiencies and duplication that costs members;
  • regulatory changes
  • damage to the profession’s reputation over the past six months.

Horn says the BCREA is now planning  to develop a new strategic plan  for the organization but will continue to provide  services such as economic analysis,  advocacy and  education.




““It’s true that I’m disappointed in the outcome of the REALTORS® of BC vote” says BCREA President Deanna Horn…”

I wonder how she pronounced “REALTORS®”?

    Same way that ENGINEERS® , FORESTERS® and other professions are pronounced, with a GRRR at the end.


    Oh wait, they have a professional designation which restricts the title – PEng, RPF, etc.

    Of course REALTORZ is not a registered title ….. yet.

    You mean Reeliturs? I’ve even had realtors call themselves that. But I think the british started it with their pronunciation of Aluminum.
    They should never represent both parties.
    In 92, had two realtors who wanted to list my place for 105-110. I listed at 129, got 127, never trusted them since.

“damage to the profession’s reputation over the past six months”

Anyone have the details on what that refers to?

Here is the info on the Real Estate Council of British Columbia:

“It protects the public interest by assuring the competency of real estate licensees in B.C. and ensuring their compliance with the Real Estate Services Act. We encourage public confidence by impartially setting and enforcing standards of conduct, education, competency and licensing for real estate licensees in the province. The Council is accountable to and advises government on industry issues.”

What is the relationship of the BCREA to RECBC?

“damage to the profession’s reputation over the past six months”
Anyone have the details on what that refers to?

I believe that is the shadow flipping that the province addressed earlier in the year.

Their reputation places them somewhere around “used car salesman”.

They should not be allowed to represent both parties. They should be transparent with sales stats, vs releasing their HPI frankennumbers. They should not be allowed to spew the promises of riches that most agents parrot. If a financial investment agent spewed the type of nonsense realtors do, they would lose their license, or worse.

We need stats such as those provided by Zillow, stateside. One of the maritime province also gives clear data regarding real estate activity.

Why would 6 real estate boards in B.C. want to create one board, that would mean at least 5 people would probably be out of big paychecks and the big board would probably reside in the lower mainland or the states ( that possibility wouldn’t surprise me one bit)

I would venture a guess there is something fishy going on… why not make a province wide board? Why did the others vote against joining?

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