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October 27, 2017 7:48 pm

Tony Cable Stepping Down as School Board Chair

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 @ 11:54 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The Prince George School Board is about to have a new face at the head of the table.

This as current chairperson Tony Cable confirmed to 250News today he won’t be seeking re-election at tonight’s inaugural board meeting. He’s held the position for two years (elections are held each year for one year terms).

Prince George School Board Chair Tony Cable

Prince George School Board Chair Tony Cable

“I decided a number of months ago, basically in the summer, that I would not let my name stand again for chairperson,” he said. “And I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the role, it’s been very rewarding and it’s a very important position but I’ve also found it to be very time consuming.”

Now retired after a career as both an educator and administrator in the Prince George school district, he’d like to spend more time with his family.

“I would like to have more time to pursue other interests and hobbies and I also want to have time to travel and I also have a new grand daughter and family in Calgary and a few trips out there would be important.”

Cable noted stepping down will also free him up to become “an active trustee.”

“When you’re not chairperson you also have more time to be involved in the debate and I will also be working busily on board committees and other district projects,” he said.

“It also gives me more time to visit schools, go to science fairs, choir performances and act as Santa and so on. So, I will probably be just as busy but in a different form and I will have a little more time to travel and I won’t be tied down as much.”

He says there have been many highlights during his time as chair including the hiring of a new district superintendent and assistant superintendent, the creation of a new five-year strategic plan and the work of the rural education committee which provided extra funding for high schools in rural areas of the district.


The article neglects to mention the Chair and Vice Chair are leaving.
Something going on there but no one saying

Too bad he is not leaving the board. Definitely not voting for him next time around.

He probably has some agenda that he feels he can’t push as the Chair. Hoping it’s a good one and not something that benefits a few only.

The term for Chair and Vice Chair are only one year while the term for Trustee is four. Each December these positions are elected by the board. Trustee Cable has announced he is not seeking another term as Chair (has completed two years). Both Trustee Cable and I are remaining on the Board and may run for any of the four elected positions tonight. These include chair / vice chair / Provincial Councillor and BCPSEA Rep. – Tim Bennett

Makes sense.. But the one year term is too short for anything.. Just an added expense to have new elections every year

Thanks Tim for clearing it up

@tim bennett, all I ask is that all of you elected to the board remember that you are there for the children, not the numbers but the children.

Congratulations Tim. A good call. I do believe you are always for the kids. Would like to see more work done on the end of proper representation of our rural areas. Sadly I hoped you would be fighting for us, for this. However, you seem to have chosen to follow the rest of the trustees thinking that what you have is good enough, from the peoples point of view, we disagree (the rural people)

I absolutely agree with taxednmaxed. Since these trustees were elected we’ve been hearing how rural education is a priority for them but it’s all been just lip service. We haven’t seen one change for the better here in Mackenzie and I’m guessing other communities and rural areas would have a similar feeling.

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