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October 27, 2017 7:45 pm

BC Hydro Outage Planned West End of P.G.

Friday, December 16, 2016 @ 5:58 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Residents  living  in the west  end of  Prince George  are being advised  of  a planned  hydro outage set  for Monday.

B.C.  Hydro  will be working on  equipment  along highway 16  and  in  order to carry out that work,  will be  cutting power  to the area  from Bunce Road to Telachick Road and all side roads in between.

“This  work is  connected to the highway widening  project  that MOTI  (Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure) is leading” says BC Hydro spokesperson, Bob Gammer.    He says  the work will see  electricity shut off   and redirected to  the new lines which  have been established along the  new,  wider section of roadway.

The outage  is expected to  last from  9 a.m. Monday morning to  3   that  afternoon weather permitting, says Gammer “We do expect temperatures to rise to much more reasonable  levels,  but the low for  Monday is forecast to be minus 7 and the high of minus  2, that’s per  Environment Canada,  So at those temperatures,   we feel that it is appropriate to have a power outage. ”    He says if  temperatures are  too cold,  the outage will be postponed.

It’s estimated  more than 1700 customers will be  impacted.

While the outage is  planned for a full 6 hours,  Gammer says it may not last that  long “We usually plan for more time than we actually need  so that we are on the safe side.  It certainly would be the case in the outage we are planning for Monday that if we’re done in  4 and half hours,  then  we’re going to do that and have the power back on as soon as possible.”


hope they are prepared to pay for frozen pipes

    If your pipes freeze after 6 hours of no power you should look into investing in some insulation for your house.

      No doubt

      The problem is the pipes potentially freezing in the well house. The majority of properties impacted aren’t on city services. We have a small heater in our well house to keep the pipes open, fortunately we have a small generator that we can use to keep it going.

      A lot of people out that way live in old trailers etc… not sure they have good insulation. I love how you defend drug abusers and street people, but mock hard working people that can only afford a cheap trailer, and have to live out of town.


      It is supposed to reach -3 overnight Sunday and get up to 0 on Monday. A well insulated well house will be fine at those temperatures.

      I have no idea what Leroy is on about.

      Since when is the weather even close to what is forecast? We were “supposed” to be basking in Hawaii like temperatures already if you believes the forecast two weeks ago. -7 is cold enough to freeze a pipe that has been exposed to -25 for two weeks straight. The pipe may be ok with heat tape on it but the ground around it has had time to develop frost enough that once the tape is off the frost can have its affect on the water pipe as it enters the ground. Trailers rely on heat tape to keep the water line from freezing as it travels from the trailer to the ground, those on city services can just turn on the water but those on a well … Oh well?

      Question – why the tie in during the winter? A power failure is one thing but a planned outage to hook up power lines for a new widening of the highway? No one planned for timing?

The only one not concerned with the power outage would be Ataloss.

Ataloss does not have to worry his mothers basement will be plenty warm.

    My mother has been dead for over a decade . Let her rest in peace , please . Please leave her out of your vitriol . As like most rural residents , I also know utilities cannot be counted on to alway be up and running . Unlike PeeGee I have deep wells with submersible pumps . So I don’t need a well house or to heat my water system .

      Powered by solar.

      still waiting.

      Actually I know some people who are on solar and do have a well that requires pumping water up to their house (over 300 ft) and they have no problem doing that on their solar power system. I really think you need to do some more research into what you can and cannot run with a solar power system that is designed to run an average household.

      Deep wells and submersible pumps still require a well house if it is shared as the panel is required to be in central location. What is your second well for, irrigating the lawn?

      Slinky . You obviously don’t know much about wells either . If one has their reservoir and pressurizing system at the well head , then one needs a well house . That is a dumb system . Our well heads are underground and it never goes below +12 so all that we need is are simple covers to keep the critters out . Also I never water the tiny bit of lawn we have left . I don’t like lawn . It’s useless . The first thing I did to the lawn that we bought over three decades ago was to cover the lawn with nut trees . So now in stead of collecting lawn clippings , we collect wheel barrels of nuts every fall and our wildlife gets a huge bonus in the fall .

      Then tell me oh wise one, how do two houses that receive water from one well turn on the pump? Where does the pressure tank go? If you each have a pressure tank in each house then you also need a check valve to prevent backflow to the neighbour, so then how does the well pump know when each pressure tank is empty as it is only hooked to one house? If the pressure tank is at the well then you need a house.

Luckily we do not live in the planned outage area.

However, what it tells me one more time is that one cannot rely on having the services we normally depend on. It is one thing if there is an unexpectede fault in the system which needs to be repaired. It is another to have a planned outage.

Any idiot would realize that planned outages in this part of the world should not occur during winter months. All it indicates is that BC Hydro is not able to plan a project to account for typical weather conditions.

    Well then you just march down there and give them hell and show where they have gone wrong.

    Maybe they don’t have the people and the other resources to do all the necessary maintenance work in the summer months?

      It would seem reasonable to assume it would be easier, not harder, to do in the summer time.

      The gas company probably went over their time and it was muddy in the area for months. They put wood catwalks for equipment on the Cycle North side of the highway but only started working on the east side a month ago after finally getting the culverts in where water refused to drain.

    It is not actually BC Hydro but a contractor working for Hydro.

      And why should that matter? The client is BCHydro.

      If you are the client to build a house for you and you have a one month vacation that you planned coupled with the instruction that you want to visit the site every 2nd day or so during construction, then the contractor has to fit to your schedule.

      In this particular case it is likely Highways who are the prime contractor on behalf of the Province. The Province, MOT and BC Hydro are all organizations that should know better.

      The client is not BC Hydro it is the MOT

      Brent Davies of the MOT from Vancouver is the project manager. The project manager schedules each portion of the project much like the general contractor does when building your house, he schedules the trades.

      Just because hydro is switching the gear does not mean they are the contractor. When you build a house the electrician pulling the wire does not work for hydro, Hydro merely turns the power on and off for the location. In this case the company contracted to do the line work may or may not be hired by BC Hydro, one would have to be privy to the contract to be sure. But the bucket trucks do not say BC Hydro on the side, that we know for sure.

Take nothing in this world for granted, what we have now, may all be gone tomorrow.

I came home to a cold house yesterday – BC Hydro was replacing the poles on our street. The power had to be out for a while for my house to have cooled down as much as it had.

Fortis call me to tell me that they are going to replace my meter in January, I asked them if they were crazy seeing that January could be our coldest month. They told me that they had to replace it seeing that it was FIVE years old and they had crews up in our area in January and that was when it had to be done by law. I asked why the crews were not in the Vancouver area at that time of year and that they did our are area in the summer so why did I have to put up with their poor planning. I told them I would not allow it to be done even if they said it would only take a couple of hours,if they didn’t run into any problem.

Also since when did the meters only last five years. My first one was only replaced because it was inside the house and they wanted to move it outside so that it would be easier for them to read it. And then after twenty years they said it had to be changed. That time they just showed up at my door.

A Power Cut at the Coldest Time of the Year ? Next we rebuild all our Fire Fighting Equipment at the Fire Season , graduated from Where ? Is this for real ?

On another note, so much for my Christmas baking. I get Monday/Tuesday off, I usually spend 2 full days before Christmas getting it all done. Guess family and friends are going to be missing out on some this year.

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