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October 27, 2017 7:43 pm

Strange Seeing You Here – Update

Sunday, December 18, 2016 @ 11:05 AM
Abandoned pick-up sits on the ice in the middle of the Fraser River of Ferry Avenue Sunday morning. Photos 250News

Abandoned pick-up sits on the ice in the middle of the Fraser River off Ferry Avenue Sunday morning. Photos 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Prince George Fire Rescue officials weren’t quite sure what they had on their hands.  All that was known was that a pick-up truck was spotted on the ice in the middle of the Fraser River pretty well adjacent to Hospice House on Ferry Avenue.

Fire Rescue crews were sent to that location around 9 this morning after someone reported the vehicle sitting on the ice.  Responding firefighters had a good, up-close look at the truck and determined that it apparently had a broken drive shaft.

Fire Rescue personnel head back to river bank to discuss how to get disabled truck off the ice.

Fire Rescue personnel head back to river bank to discuss how to get disabled truck off the ice.

There was nobody in the truck when they arrived.  It had been abandoned and at last word officials were trying to figure out whether it had been stolen, taken for a joy ride on the ice, was perhaps on an ice fishing excursion, whether the driver had taken a wrong turn, or just what they had on their hands.

Now they have to figure out how to retrieve the vehicle from the partially-frozen Fraser.

Update:  Fire Rescue officials contacted a local towing company to see if they had a truck with sufficient cable to extend out to the truck on the river.  The response was affirmative and a tow truck was dispatched to the scene.


The decision was made to run both towing cable and very long ropes carried  on Fire Rescue trucks out to the truck on the ice to pull it back to shore and up to the top of the embankment.


Should be a nice bill for the idiot who ventures out onto a river like the Fraser.

Wasn’t that a party! Could have been the whiskey,might have been the gin. Could have been the 3 or 4 six packs, I don’t know, but look at the mess i’m in…………

Probably didn’t have a boat, troll’in in da truck!

I remember driving to Penney across the ice bridge, many years ago.

Ha, ha, yes but an ice bridge is a little different!

I grew up in Penny, not the first time I first time a party took a wrong turn. :-) Somebody is lucky they didn’t go for a swim with the fish. LOL

Christmas past.
If you remember before they built the bridge behind Northwood Pulp (1981) didn’t they have an ice bridge across the Fraser River to haul logs on the Beaver to PG Sawmills

This is my sisters truck. She was in PG for the weekend and it got stolen.
Awful thing to do to someone right before Christmas!

that truck was stolen,
the person is really upset as there were Christmas gifts in there
and they put a lot of damage on that truck so not to funny for the owner of that truck.

What a jackass. Some people are just too stupid to be able to survive without supervision.

It was also stupid to send fire personnel out on that ice in warming temperatures. Some fool’s broken down truck is not worth the lives of other people. They should have let nature take its course and then in the summer go out there during low river levels and pull the piece of crap out then.

They should sell that truck to recover the costs of going and fetching it. Then send a fine to the moron who owned it for stupidity above and beyond all reason – $5000.

    So, you’re saying the owner is responsible for this. How do you know that?

    Joe Blow: Apparently the truck (from out of town), was stolen along with a lot of Christmas shopping during the day time from a local shopping center.

    Now, do you still think the owner should be fined?
    They’ve already lost their truck and probably most of their shopping.
    Do you still think they should be called a moron or fined?

    I just sincerely hope you have a very nice Christmas.

    You’re an idiot. It was a young ladies truck. Stolen from pine center mall. She was from out if town and had over $1500 worth of Christmas presents for her children and family.

    Whoever stole it gost rid it down the hill after they cleaned the truck of all it’s valuables

    So this guy is a jackass and too stupid to survive, but all the drug abusers gambling with their fentanyl are ‘victims’ and need to be helped at all costs? Gotcha.

Just takin his favourite gal down to the river to watch the submarine races.

From the look of the front axle and the tire tracks I suspect that it was pushed off of Ferry Ave.

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