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October 27, 2017 7:40 pm

Council Says Yes to Hart Subdivision Plan

Tuesday, December 20, 2016 @ 5:58 AM


Area  outlined in  black is the  site of the proposed subdivision – image courtesy City of Prince George

Prince George, B.C.-  Another proposed  residential subdivision has been given the green light.

Council for  the City of Prince George, has  approved the rezoning of a property in the Hart  area of the City  to  create a multi  single residential  subdivision .  The proposal  would see more than 100 lots developed.  The proposal  also  includes a one hectare park  to help  address the  parkland  deficit in the Hart area.

Opposition to the application  centres on issues  of  loss of greenspace  and concerns  over a lack of sidewalks in the area.  While the developer  would be responsible for curb, gutter and sidewalks within the  subdivision,   the developer is  not responsible for  sidewalks  leading into the  subdivision.  There are no real  sidewalks on Kelly Road  and there is nothing in the  City’s capital  plan to address that issue.  Manager of  Public Works, Dave Dyer says there may be a future widening of Chief Lake Road  to accommodate a  bike lane  and possibly a trail.

A traffic impact study was done  and  found no concerns.

Mayor Hall wanted to know if the  park that is to be dedicated to the City  would be developed by  the  developer,  but the  initial answer was no.  The  developer did  indicate  there could be discussions on  developing that park  in a phased in approach to match the  growth of the subdivision.

Councillor Brian Skakun was pleased to see the traffic study  presented at this point in the process and praised the plan for  increased  density in the Hart “I think it’s a win win.”

Council  unanimously approved the project.




The weeds have been growing quite nicely for the past 10+ years on the development at the south west corner of this new one.

I wonder if the person who did the traffic impact study ever left their office? That turn off from Highway 97 onto North Kelly won’t be able to handle the increased traffic.

    The city put in a bigger water main a couple of years ago down chief lake road to provide enough water for the hydrants in that subdivision (Woodlands) so that the developer could sell the lots. There are houses being built there now. The new lights up foothills won’t hurt when selling in that subdivision either. Maybe Springwood Elementary school could be reopened in a few years if enough young families buy up there. Maybe even get put on the city bus route. Maybe the city will live up to the 40+ year old amalgamation promises made to the Hart – well probably not that. (:

Before The City approves anymore subdivisions, they should get caught up with supplying all the services in other subdivisions first

    Wonder how many services to subdivisions are ever fully paid for from ‘that’ subdivision? Betcha most of them have to be paid for from the ‘next’ subdivision, and so on and on it goes.

More urban sprawl. When is it going to end?

    do you live in a SFD?

praised the plan for increased density in the Hart “I think it’s a win win.”

Of course increased density is praised, it equals more $$$$ for the politicians to spend.

I see nothing wrong with encouraging more development in the Hart. However, it is in desperate need of more shopping as well. Also, what about all of the schools in the Hart being overcrowded and beyond capacity? I hope The City of PG is consulting with the School District to prepare an action plan.

Yay another park we can’t afford and can sell off in a few years. How much will a hectare fetch in 10 years…?

So at first I see that a park is to be included within this development plan, and at 1 hectare, a reasonable size (<2.5 acres) okay, good.

Then I read the punchline; the hectare so generously allotted to parkland will not be developed. So, basically, it is a 1 hectare vacant lot attached to the housing development.
I would guess that this land is not suitable to place houses upon, for some reason, so it became 'park' as long as someone else pays for it to be built, and maintained.

And I second the motion that the intersection of Kelly Rd.N and Hwy. 97 is already at capacity, at least in terms of highway traffic.

    Tennis anyone ? Sheet of ice anyone ? It’s meager but it’s commons .

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