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October 27, 2017 7:40 pm

City to Pay $50 Grand for Highway 16 Service

Tuesday, December 20, 2016 @ 5:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  The City of Prince George will contribute up to $50 thousand dollars  as its  2017 share of the operating budget for the  Highway 16 Inter Community Transit Service.

Council approved the expenditure this evening,   but there are still some questions to be answered.

The Ministry of Transportation  is committed to covering the capital cost of three buses for this service.  The lifespan of the buses is  five years,  and there is no  indication at this time if the Ministry will be funding replacement  buses at the end of that three year period,  or if the  normal  Transit funding formula  would apply  at that time.  The traditional funding formula calls for a 53.31% local share of the replacement costs.

Although the Ministry  has indicated it plans to  support the  service in the long term,  the  current operating commitment is  for the three year period.

Council has unanimously supported the expenditure.  Councillor Murry Krause  says he is “glad to see it (the transit service) is finally coming to be.”

Mayor  Lyn Hall says the Regional District  Director from Beaverly  has agreed to  contribute some money as well to  see that a stop is placed in Beaverly.  Mayor Hall says he  is waiting to see where the stops will be in all the communities.



I guess this will be the end of Greyhound between PG and Prince Rupert.

Will the Northern Health bus still cover that route?

Greyhound was already starting to pull out and something needed to replace that service.

yep, If I was Greyhound, I would leave Prince George. Shut down all the routes.

This is what the government wants, I think, they are being a bit short sighted on this campaign.

Personally speaking, I think subsidizing the Greyhound would be better.

Can anyone use these services? How much will the tickets cost?

Its a measly $50,000. The City paid this much for a few signs this year. If it saves one life or helps many it is worth a shot.
Greyhound services and standards have declined so much the last few years.

What are the ridership numbers going forward?
Who can use the service, should be everyone as it tax payer funded?
What is the schedule?
Pickup and drop locations?

    Why don’t you ask MoTI or CoPG?

You are correct He Spoke

This reminds me of WestJet duplicating the PG-Calgary flight. We will end up with nothing in 3 years

So why are the taxpayers of PG subsidizing a project for the MOT? And is the province subsidizing any particular Federal ministry? I’m thumbs down on anything Murray likes.

A few days ago I heard on CBC radio that Prince Rupert and Terrace had opted out. They already had a service in place for the highway between the two cities. Apparently they have a number that a person in urgent need for transportation can call 24/7. The person is given a save place to stay while a safe ride is arranged, either by bus, train or air. This according to the Prince Rupert official being interviewed. Not a bad arrangement I venture to say!

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