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October 27, 2017 7:40 pm

Sally Ann Kettle Campaign Makes Final Push

Tuesday, December 20, 2016 @ 5:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The Prince George Salvation Army is closing in on its fundraising goal for this year’s Christmas Kettle campaign.

“We had a phenomenal weekend,” says business manager Bill Glasgow. “Friday and Saturday were both over the $10,000 mark which is great for this time of year. So, we’re sitting at $190,325.”

Be says they now need roughly $60,000 to reach their goal of $250,000 this week.

“Historically we raise around $55,000 the final five days and we’ve got an extra half a day on the 24th so I’m very confident that we’ll make it.”

Glasgow says all money raised stays local and is used to fund the food bank and the family services the Salvation Army provides.


I think this year, I have slipped in about $30 so far. Likely another $10 before its Christmas eve.

Remember that the Salvation Army, is sadly anti-gay. I prefer to donate to organizations that don’t descriminate.

    Yes, I am sure no gay people ever need a food hamper, duh. You do know that gay people get the same help as everyone else, right? So, by you deciding not to give because of that reasoning probably doesn’t really HELP anyone who is gay and having a hard time this time of year.

    On a side note:
    They were smart, they set up the same places as the ambulance food drive locations on the weekend, so if you gave to one you most assuredly felt like you should give to the other.

    do some research on what percent of the salvation army takes in as donations and what goes to the people in need… They by far give back the largest percentage.. you go pay some fat cats salary.. think latest for head of united way makes $300,000 there goes your donations.

    I also I would bet that if a gay etc showed up at the sally annes door they would open it and help as much as they can…

    They’re anti-fornicator too. You know, sex outside of marriage. But that applies to those who wish to be members of their religious organization. When it comes to serving those in need. the S.A. serves anyone in need. I know, because my wife and I, when unmarried, were in a pinch, and they gave us cash for a motel room – in spite of our sinful relationship.

    All organizations, religious or otherwise, can set standards for membership. Salvation Army’s is based on religious standards. And if you take a bother to read the charter, religious rights are specifically listed, gay rights, are implied by the court, and actually protected by human rights legislation, not the actual charter.

    Islam has some pretty harsh attitudes toward gays as well, and women for that matter, don’t see anyone turning them away at the border – and you would’t see the salvation army turn Muslims away either.

    Also, could you list for me the charitable organizations in town that aren’t anti-gay that are reaching out to the poor and homeless in a significant way. Because I only know a couple – St Vincents – Catholic – i.e.,anti-gay, and the S.A. Odd that organizations with such hateful attitudes devote so much time and effort to those who cannot help themselves.

    I’m not so much interested in what someone believes, as in what someone does.

    BTW – as a straight person, can I join the LGBT society?

    Maybe you need to update your thinking on the Salvation Army. We live in the Americas and not the Europes and the policies here are much different. There are gay ministers in the Americas of the organization, they don’t fire you if you are a gay minister like the Catholics do. They remain a religious organization but do not discriminate. If they ask you to pray before a meal at a soup kitchen they don’t hold a gun to your head, you can just ignore the request.

Wikipedia: List of secularist organizations . Vote with your dollars .

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