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October 27, 2017 7:40 pm

Clock Now Ticking Towards McBride By-Election

Wednesday, December 21, 2016 @ 5:59 AM

McBride, B.C. – The  Village of McBride Mayor and  Councillor Rick Thompson,  have  approved the appointment of a Chief Electoral Officer and  a Deputy  Electoral  officer. 

The appointments were made  at  a special meeting of McBride Council  this week.

The Chief Election Officer is Karla Jensen who is  the Corporate Officer for the Regional District of Fraser Fort George.     The Deputy  is Isabell  Hadford, the municipal advisor  appointed by the Province to assist  the Village of McBride in the  wake of  the resignations of three councillors.

The  appointments of the two  elections positions  means the  clock is now ticking towards a by-election.   A by-election must be held within 80 days following the  naming of the  Elections Officers,  and must  be held on a Saturday.  That means the by-election must   take place  no later than March 4th and   that is the favoured  date.

The By Election   will see  three  councillor positions  available  as three  had resigned in  November leaving just Mayor Loranne Martin and Councillor Rick Thompson.

Tomorrow,  the Notice of Nomination  will  run in  both the Valley Sentinel and  Robson Valley Goat newspapers.



It sure would be nice to hear the views of McBride residents on this topic.
Sounds like some sketchy things going on in the small town.

    Indeed. We haven’t heard anything about why the three councillors resigned. Is it just an accident that three of them didn’t have the time to do the job, or are there deeper problems with that Council?

Are they proud of their little hamlet? Makes ya wonder what is going on around there. You would think somebody would take the initiative and get the show on the road and bring closure to this. Let the media know, why did the councillors quit. In-house squabbles? Why aren’t the councillors doing something about it!?

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