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October 27, 2017 7:39 pm

Pine Pass Snowfall Warning

Wednesday, December 21, 2016 @ 8:22 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Motorists beware, Environment Canada has issued a snowfall warning for the Pine Pass.

The national forecaster says 15 to 20 centimetres of the white stuff is expected today before tapering off to a few flurries tonight.

Considering the expected wintry conditions, motorists are reminded to adjust their driving habits with the changing road conditions.

In addition to that, visibility may be hindered at times due to heavy snow.


That’s funny. Get serious, this is not Vancouver. Anything under a foot is just a skiff for the pine pass.

    Yah! Get serious! The only people on the road are the world-class drivers like yourself who have a wealth of experience driving in winter conditions and don’t need a reminder, hey?

    Oh wait…

      Seriously? You live in Northern British Columbia and you need a reminder to adjust your driving habits in inclimate weather?

every year there are ditches occupied with people who thought they didn’t need a reminder to adjust driving habits or just never bothered to adjust.
People pay attention.
just saying

    That also explains people driving around with frosted windows and snow covered tail lights, they probably did not turn on the tv that morning to have the weatherman remind them. I guess common sense ain’t so common anymore.

      Man ain’t that the truth! Some people put the wipers on but do t do the side or back windows, what the hell are you thinking? Pure laziness. If I was RCMP I would have a heyday issuing tickets!

As someone who drives that Pine Pass regularly, I often wonder why the VAST majority of vehicles that I see piled into the ditch are the big rigs! I thought that these were being driven by “professional” drivers?

Come on people! Slow down, share the road by not straddling the centre line and by staying in your own lane and please dim your illegal headlights when approaching oncoming traffic!

Remember, the life you save might be your own!

With the Holiday season traffic expected to pick up in the next few days, I hope that everybody, not just big rig drivers, takes care out on the roads. Travel safely!

Merry Christmas!

    I have been driving the Pine Pass since 1980 and by far the VAST majority of vehicles I’ve seen in the ditch have been 4 wheelers. The VAST majority of heavy trucks I’ve seen in the ditch have been put their to save the lives of the idiots in the 4 wheelers that pull stupid shit.

Seems to be the fashion in the last few years, for warnings to be issued for almost anything that might happen.
Used to be there were SOME warnings, but it seemed like you were on your own (which you are now anyway, thank goodness)

I think that perhaps the litigious nature of society, especially south of the 49th, has created an atmosphere of abundant caution.
If the authorities go out of their way to warn the public of something, than they are seen to be looking out for all members of society,
“hey, we said it was going to snow” so you can’t sue us now!

Witness $300,000.00 each for three illuminated signs on the highways leading North, South, and West of P.G. (why not East as well?)
and a portable illuminated sign at the Hart weigh scales;
They all warn of impending disaster, or simply state: drive safely!

Drive safely I will, you all too, and happy holidays

    Perhaps the sue happy attitude is making it’s way north & that may play a part in the abundance of warnings & signage. Maybe it’s the “it can never happen to me” (accidents) attitudes that pervade our current society. Whatever it is, it is glaringly obvious that some people simply do not get the message. Like Hart Guy, I have driven that stretch of road hundreds of times & it never fails to amaze me the sheer idiocy of some drivers on bad roads. Personally, what ever it takes to get it hammered into these peoples’ heads that conditions are or will be sh*tty, slow down & show some consideration to others using these roads. Everyone have a safe & happy Christmas season.

    There is a sign going east just past the Richie Bros. auction site.

      Whoops, thanks. I have not seen that one to the East. Must have ‘appeared’ since the last time I went that way.

You could also read it as a warning that don’t go through the pine pass if you don’t have to, and if you do, be careful.

However, for me, the warning really reads, powder day at powder king – leave early so you can beat the crazies and be first on the lift.

Actually, Peter, you’re partially right…I don’t personally need the reminder because I make assumptions that winter weather will a consideration when I get behind the wheel. I have winter tires on my truck, I travel with an emergency winter pack that includes extra clothing, food, heat and devices to help me self-rescue. I take into consideration the weather and road reports prior to hitting the highway in any direction, so another reminder doesn’t hurt my feelings.

However, it’s not just northerners on the road, is it? There are families travelling those roads, perhaps visiting from the lower mainland, that may not have the same experience as many of us do. OR, there are those who probably shouldn’t be traveling those roads that actually live here and figure that they are ok as long as the weather doesn’t change. Maybe this reminder will make them think twice.

No need to look for things to be offended by, there’s plenty of that in the comment section.

    Well said, TDR

    Trust me I am not offended, it would take a lot more than comments on this site to offend me. I have no absolutely no issue whatsoever with weather reports that issue snowfall warnings or impending bad weather or road reports, this is all good information and allows people to make a decision to travel or not to travel. What bugs me is all the “reminders”, I don’t care if a person lives in Florida, if a person does not know enough to adjust their driving habits in bad weather then perhaps they should not be on the road. I consider reminders an insult to my intelligence, I don’t need the blonde bimbo “meteorologist” on the tv news or a disc jockey to remind me to adjust my driving habits when there is 25 cm of snow on the road.

      “I consider reminders an insult to my intelligence”

      HA! If all it takes is a subtle reminder to insult your intelligence you’ve got bigger problems. Maybe we all have.

      Merry Christmas

      HA! If all it takes is a subtle reminder to insult your intelligence you’ve got bigger problems. Maybe we all have.

      Merry Christmas

6″-10″ expected in the pine pass! Was considering headed that way. Thanks for the warning, I think I will be staying here this Christmas!!

    Good call, no telling how many people were not reminded to adjust their driving habits and will be barrelling down the highway at a buck twenty!

You ask why we need “WARNINGS”

1. RCMP warns drivers every year about “Counter Attack” in place through-out the holiday season. Yet! How many people get charged for DUI?

2. Skiers/Snowboarder go out of bounds in areas specifically having “Warning Signs” And how many are having to be rescued or have suffered fatal injuries!

3. Snowmobilers head out into the back country even though avalanche warnings have been issued! How many times a year is lives lost because they chose to ignore these warnings!

You ask why post warnings!! Humans are stupid! If you don’t tell them, they don’t know any better! When things go bad because of their bad decisions, then it is someone else’s fault. Plain and simple!!

    Looks like the warnings/reminders are not working too well.

      You would only know that if you could compare the number of incidents that occurred before we started warning people, to the number of incidents that have occurred since we started warning people. Have you done that?

      In the case of drinking and driving and seatbelt use, for example, it’s pretty clear that people have changed their behaviour over the decades. Is that partially due to the constant barrage of messaging and “warnings” that has occurred for decades? Perhaps many people do actually adapt their behaviour based on what they observe? Seems pretty logical to me.

People are pretty stupid for the most part. Thats why there are warnings on Preparation-H to not take internally. Because you know someone like Sparrow has done it.

    Or eat the packet that comes with a new pair of shoes, you know someone somewhere……

      You mean that packet does not contain a seasoning?

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