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October 27, 2017 7:39 pm

Watch Out for Mail Theft

Wednesday, December 21, 2016 @ 3:42 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Mounties are reporting multiple reports of mail boxes being broken into in Prince George.

RCMP Cpl. Craig Douglass says the break-ins have occurred at the following locations from Thursday the 15th to today:

  • Bendixon Road and Sutley Road
  • Cummings Road (two)
  • Wappatti Road
  • Fisher Road
  • Birkitt Road
  • Blackburn Road
  • Giscome Road
  • Monterey Road and Cook Crescent
  • Chief Lake Road and Fox Drive
  • Chief Lake Road and Christina Road
  • Chief Lake Road and Pilot Mountain Road
  • Hillside Drive and McLarty Crescent
  • Highway 97 and Jorgenson Road

Police ask anyone who sees any suspicious activity to contact police and to check your mail every day to avoid being a victim of theft yourself this holiday season.


Does this also apply to parcels that Canada Post leaves on the doorstep?
Would be nice if they at least rang the doorbell when they left it there, as we were home all day both times.

How can this be possible? Breaking into rural mail boxes. I seem to remember a few people on this site thought that rural mail boxes were the best thing since sliced bread. I like my mail brought right to my front door and the mailman is getting paid a living wage which is even better.

    Oh yeah I remember hearing all that crap too, where are those yahoos now I wonder?

    Rural mailboxes are nothing new, they have been there a long time. Thieves are nothing new either. Some areas had mailboxes on posts at the end of the driveway in some areas, pretty secure, thieves must have a hard time lifting the flap

Agreed oldman1; Yes, the Cons on this site thought community mail boxes were the greatest thing since sliced bread, even though rational was put forward by a number of 250news regulars that mail theft would rise. But oh no, you can’t convince a Con, they are right even when they are wrong.

Judging by the number of “road” names listed in this news article, these mail box break-ins are community mail boxes for sure, go figure! I am just glad we gave the Cons the boot before they could force Canada Post to finish implementing community mail boxes across our country. The following picture goes with a news story about a spike in the number of community mail box B&E’s in the Thunder Bay, Ontario area.

ht tp://facteurhumain.ca/Content/Image/Nouvelle/vol2.jpg

    Nice pic from 2014, theft of mail has been going on a long time as rural boxes have less chance of getting caught. More secure than the boxes that used to be at the end of driveways there, wonder how much mail was stolen from them?

    john street was the ring road at the edge of city limits when I lived there. Much like foothills here

    I’ve had a community mail box for well over 40 years now. Long before anyone ever heard of the Harper Government. Even when I owned a house in the lower mainland, there was a community mail box. I believe the Federal Liberals were in power when I bought that house.

What a ridiculous bunch of crap!

If my community mailbox gets broken into, which it never has been, I and the post office will likely know that it was broken into, that is unless the thief has a key which is unlikely. Because the theft is detected, notices such as this one can be posted for all to see and take note of.

But, what happens if somebody comes up your sidewalk and steals a parcel or mail from your front porch? How would you even know that you had mail taken? How many times does this happen and nobody reports it because nobody knows that anything was taken?

BH, do you have any evidence that suggests that nobody ever has mail and/or parcels stolen from their front steps or their mailbox outside of their house? Do you? Didn’t think so!

BH, how does it feel to be less intelligent than a Con?

    Exactly Hart Guy, like the little flap on a mailbox held in place by gravity hanging on the side of a house or at the end of a driveway is more secure than a community mailbox.

It’s very hard to steal the bait parcel when it has 300 lbs of lead in it.

    What’s the going rate for lead these days? The people who steal copper wire might like those bait packages.

300 lbs of lead in a box, catch the perp by hanging out at the walk in clinics, look for the walk ins with sprung backs!

Curious to learn if any of the thefts are from the latest design of mail boxes. We are now on the third type of rural mail box where we live.
Starting with the old green uglies where you supplied your own padlock, then the new super mail boxes, which were subject to being sprung open with a pry bar (tool used, I assume) and now, as of last year, the new super duper mail boxes, with tighter fitting doors.

Thieves will steal anything given an opportunity. Christmas is a time when some people send cash in the mail or getting parcels, that is what they are after. Sneaking up and opening a mailbox on a porch is easier except you have to have an excuse if someone is home and spots you. Rural mailboxes are usually at the start of a road, urban community mailboxes are in someones front yard on city property. The risk of getting caught is higher in urban areas, chances of theft are slim – door to door does not change that.

There have always been rural commmunity mailboxes, and theft from them or idjits pushing them over is nothing new. Safest is a post office box but even that is subject to theft, nothing is safe if a thief figures out an angle.

Thieves by their nature are lazy. Why walk through an entire neighborhood and check out everyone’s mailboxes to potentially find a parcel and risk getting caught / seen by everyone when you can pull out to one of these rural mailboxes, no one around, and all the parcels nicely placed in one place. Takes a few minutes to break into versus having to walk an entire neighborhood.

We used to leave our trucks unlocked with the keys in it and two guns hanging on the back rack. Nothing got stolen. Times change and not for the better. My solution is put gps trackers in all thieves so everyone knows exactly where they are and what they are up to.

    Or GPS trackers in fake mail

    Oh but that would be an infringement in their rights! The “hug a thug” left would never go for that.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the locals at some of these locations haven’t already set up trail cams. I know of 1 rural box broken into a few times with at least 2 cams now set up…

A brilliant idea, why use a tracking system “on” their skin, when you can use today’s technology, and implant the tracking system “under” their skin. Gee, I wish I was as smart as you people from the right.

ht tp://cdn.newsapi.com.au/image/v1/e782f8996bad79d9df03be6b57aac394?width=650

In all sincerity though, I do like the trail cams idea, good one peegee!

    BH, why shouldn’t convicted criminals be monitored? Why shouldn’t convicted child molesters, rapists, murderers, career criminals, etc be monitored? I think it is a great idea, with the GPS technology today when a GPS equipped child molester goes near a playground it notifies police, tell me BH why would you oppose that?

It is about time we changed it around, instead of the crooks murderers and rapist violating us….we violate them for once. Implant a chip and monitor their despicable behaviors. They would have no choice but to clean up their acts. It would be a pleasant change to have them knowing they cannot get away with their crap.

And so ends another discussion thread on this 250news site. News topic is about “mail theft”, which stretches out to include increased theft of rural community mail boxes. Then the “thug right” takes over, runs with it, and the discussion ends with the forcible insertion of tracking devices into murderers, rapists, and child molesters… surprise, surprise, surprise!

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