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October 27, 2017 7:32 pm

Northern MPs Look Forward to 2017

Monday, January 2, 2017 @ 6:50 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Leadership.

Three northern MPs all agree that will be the focal point for the opposition Conservatives and New Democrats in 2017.

The Conservatives will elect their new leader in May while the NDP will choose theirs in October.

Skeena-Bulkley Valley NDP MP Nathan Cullen figures the current Prime Minister’s “honeymoon” period lasted a little longer than it should have as the main opposition parties searched for new blood.

“And you can see Mr. Trudeau’s popularity already starting to slide as he’s unable to be all things to all people as he promised. So now there’s opportunities on the left and the right to articulate a different vision of Canada and perhaps a stronger one than the Liberals are doing right now.”

And though this may come as a disappointment to some, he says he isn’t reconsidering his decision not to enter the race.

“No, I thought about it quite a bit before deciding and I’ve not looked back. If just felt like the right call for me and my family, then and it still does today.”

Cullen expects the race to begin in earnest this month and hasn’t decided who he’ll support though he acknowledges the choice is an important one.

“You’ve got to look to the future to try and figure where the electorate will likely be in three years’ time, what issues will be big. But certainly, charisma is going to be important, being able to communicate with the entire country in two languages and someone who can connect with people seems to be increasingly important.”

Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies Conservative MP Bob Zimmer agrees electing a new leader will be paramount for his party this year. He’s thrown his supporting behind Saskatchewan MP Andrew Scheer though he thinks the publicity a Kevin O’Leary candidacy could bring to the race is a positive for the party.

“I just saw Kevin O’Leary in Ottawa and he’s going to enter the race and that will make things interesting. I think it’s going to elevate the competition. Right now, the race is not being followed by a lot of Canadians but I think this will make it a much more followed event.”

What are his views of controversial candidate Kellie Leitch who among other things has pitched the idea of screening immigrants for “anti-Canadian values?”

“I think there’s going to be diverse views within the leadership race,” says Zimmer. “But I personally really support that softer wide of conservatism. We do care, we care about the needy. In fact, we’re doing a poverty reduction strategy right now.”

Neighbouring Cariboo-Prince George Conservative MP Todd Doherty figures his party’s leadership race “will steal a lot of the focus” as the Conservatives move forward.

“Because it’s really going to frame how we move to 2019 and that right person that we elect as our leader is deadly serious.”

To that end, Doherty has endorsed Erin O’Toole for leader, but notes it wasn’t an easy decision.

“It’s hard because all these people are our friends, every one of them,” he says. “As we move forward as a group, we’ll look for the leader that is strong and can lead us into 2019 and doesn’t have divisive policies.”



As far as I can see they all support open boarders free trade; as opposed to the middle class, the environment, small business, national sovereignty, and the constitution. A confused socialist party, and two monopoly capitalist parties with no genuine policies to protect Canadians from globalist transnational banksters. It’s no wonder Canadians have no interest in following their dog and pony show and fake concern for the voters. Maybe someday we will have some to vote for rather than against at election time…..

    Don’t hold your breath, Eagle. That ‘someday’ should have arrived long ago. But it hasn’t. Financial ignorance prevails, it’s the ‘Achilles’ Heel’ of Conservative parties. Here, and everywhere. Until that’s overcome all any of them are doing is engaging in a continual retreat from advancing socialism. Which is really no more than ‘monopoly State capitalism with (continued) control by Finance’.

Trudeau got a free ride to the top job as leader. Those running for the Conservative party leadership will also be stepping into a position that is only there because of the hard work of Stephen Harper, McKay, and some others, over the past 20 years more or less,. Hopefully they will elect someone who is prepared to carry on with the hard work that is required to run a successful political party.

The NDP are once again out in left field (pun intended). I am not aware of any NDP candidate that has name recognition across the Country, so they have their work cut out for themselves.

Kevin O’Leary, if you want J Trudeau for another term vote for Kevin.

He is nothing more than a con, carnival barker, and will put the profits of Canada into his pockets.

    I agree. Be leery of O’Leary. Another Mulroney. Full of baloney.

Maybe Putin will help Kevin win . I’m sure after effectively turning America into trumpistan ( Paul Krugman term ), With Putins help Kevin can turn canada into Kevinastan .

    At least all those millions the Saudis pumped into the Clinton mafia was money wasted.

    Putin didn’t help Trump win the election, Clinton did. The FBI finding a laptop full of emails in the last few days of the election had nothing to do with Russia. Polls were not hacked, even the recount increased Trumps lead before the other 2 were dropped. People wanted change, now they have it. The BLM movement happened under Obama’s watch. Trying to put things in stone in the last few days is a Clinton and Obama thing, must be something in the water at the white house that makes people crazy In the head. It is no wonder Trump wants to live at home in New York

As far as I am concerned, the Conservative Party of Canada defined itself during the last election. This is a political party of hate, fear, and intolerance… hate First Nations and environmentalists as enemies of Canada, fear science because they would present facts about global warming and its direct connection to a fossil fuel industry causing it. Fear the niqab and anyone who wears it, promote a spy on your neighbor call in to a barbaric cultural practices hot line.

Ramp up the fear of terrorism to a ridiculous level and randomly select the West Edmonton Mall as a national target for terrorists. Fear the Muslims, fear the Syrian refugees, fear everything that is different. Too bad, I used to respect the CPC as a legitimate political party, before the extreme right wing radicals of the Western Reformers took over the party!

Good luck ever forming a government again in Canada!

    In the Islamic suburb of Husby Sweden where several film crews have been chased out by Muslims, the stores are now closing in protest due to lack of concern by police and politicians for their safety.

    The crumbling consensus

    ht tp://notrickszone.com/#sthash.3POm1stY.dpbs

    now our dear leader takes and taxpayer funded vacation leaving a carbon trail to warmer climes maybe to Cuba paying homage to Fidel?

    Now if Harper went on a secret vacation all hell would break loose from the liberal left progressives.

    Cullen can see the writing on the wall.

      Here we are talking about Canada and the Conservative Party, and you launch into Sweden… off topic much?

      No, he’s not off target at all, Being Human. He’s pointing out what has turned out to be a problem in other countries accepting large numbers of people with alien cultures who claim to be refugees, and then allowing those cultures to continue unchanged when they’re in direct conflict with that of the host country.

      What would have happened in Canada if all the displaced persons from Germany we accepted post-World War Two had turned out to be Nazis? If they brought into this country all the things that thousands of Canadians had given their lives for fighting against? If they were determined not to change, and believed that a totalitarian regime was superior to a democratic one? Would people like you say, oh, that’s okay, nothing to be concerned about? I don’t think so.

      Perhaps he is not off target, I bring up a Conservative Party of Canada that pins its election hopes on hatred, fear and intolerance, and what does seamutt do on cue? He brings up an example of hatred, fear and intolerance.

      Allow me to counter his Conservative spew!!!

      What follows is a short news video of a grass roots movement in Billings Montana, titled “Not In Our Town”. Billings Montana is an entire community that mobilized itself against hatred, fear, and intolerance.

      ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDH4gKDw_fo

      So carry on with your posts that promote fear, hatred, and intolerance seamutt, I will post the antidote for them, posts that promote; peace, a sense of shared caring, and lessons in tolerance.

      If the Harper Conservatives were all that you say they are, Being Human, they wouldn’t have admitted ANY refugees from Syria and other Muslim countries in that war torn region into Canada.

      They didn’t do that.

      They tried to ensure that hatred, fear, and intolerance didn’t get a chance to take root and grow in this country as a result of completely uncontrolled immigration. Like it has already in some European countries.

      That those people we did let in would be those easiest to assimilate into Canadian society, and by doing so, and letting Canadians know and think of them first as ‘individuals’ rather than only as members of some alien group, these prejudices won’t get a chance to come to fruition.

      It was, and is, a very wise policy.

    BH I suggest you read your post, you started it.

    You talk about intolerance and I show you an example of intolerance issue in Sweden and you get your shorts all in a knot. You talk of intolerance with no facts, where are your facts.

    Global warming you still seem confused. Who denies warming? The discussion is about if man plays a part if any at all. Heck natural causes of climate change is not understood let alone the tiny mans contribution.

    Can you show me the science connecting fossil fuel to global warming? I have asked before and still nothing from you. By the way climate has been warming since the LIA, about .7 c in 150 years wow. Oh by the way for the last 20 years no statistically significant warming.

I sincerely doubt that Putin knows who Kevin O’leary is, or any other Canadian politician other than Trudeau.

This idea that Canada is recognized around the world, and that all the leaders are watching our every move is a laugh.

We are a mere 35 million people in a huge world, and we don’t rate very high on anyone’s radar.

Most everything in Canada is owned by the Americans or other foreign countries. We hardly have an identity anymore. A lot of Americans think that Canada is French, mainly because of the elder Trudeau, Jean Chretian, and now the younger Trudeau.

So, we don’t rate very high on the world stage, and at most are accepted because of our close relationship to the British, French, and Americans.

    We do tend to get a bit overblown with our imagined importance globally. We might profit more from realising our actual impotence worldwide.

      WE ? You speak for yourself .

      Yes we are rather impotent on the world scene, some viagra might help

      I think some of you are confusing Canada under a Harper Conservative government with our new Liberal government and Prime Minister. Under the old Harper government, Canada was a nobody on the world stage, remember the picture of Harper giving a presentation to an empty hall at the UN?

      ht tp://activistshub.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Byaw8LrCYAAh8Dd.png

      Then along comes Justin Trudeau and the Liberals and this happens:

      ht tp://tinyurl.com/huvkty7

      This is a British newspaper headline after Canada’s last election: “’No other leader in the world is as sexy’: Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau causes global stir thanks to his landslide victory… and VERY good looks”

      ht tp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3280490/Justin-Trudeau-named-Canada-s-new-prime-minister.html

      Sorry to burst your bubbles, but Canada went from zero under the Harper Conservatives to hero under Justin Trudeau and the Liberals, this is not my opinion, I am just stating the facts!

      BH you base dear leader on this

      ““’No other leader in the world is as sexy’: Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau causes global stir thanks to his landslide victory… and VERY good looks”

      Wow that is deep, sorry I meant shallow.

      Slinky:-“Yes we are rather impotent on the world scene, some viagra might help”

      “…and if we have an erection lasting more than four hours get immediate new political help.”

You are very naive palopu . First off we are 36.5 million strong . One should never forget that we are on the frontline with Russia . They are just across the Arctic Ocean and have already tested our sovereignty as they have with all of their frontline states . The USA is also one of their frontline states and look what they have just done . They got their bafoon elected .

    If you seriously belief Russia got Trump elected than your credibility just took a serious hit Ataloss.

    The whole Putin hacked the election narrative is nothing more than a smoke screen for a coup attempt by the deep state elites and Obama, where they can justify their coup via an impeachment by discrediting his win and in the process disrespecting the American voters.

    The DNC operative that leaked the Podesta and DNC emails was Seth Rich and he was murdered for it three days later. He leaked them because he was digusted at the corruption in the Clinton campaign and how they stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders. The Clinton campaign has never denied the emails were not true, and could prove their case simply by releasing their version to a third party, but won’t because they would rather blame their loss on Russia risking war in the process. The Americans got information their media should have found from doing their work and didn’t and Americans added that to their wisdom when voting.

    Clinton lost because Obama care went bankrupt a month before the election, the Anthoney Wienner emails, no policy to campaign on, and transparent corruption at the Clinton foundation with no respect for the rule of law.

    Russia had nothing to do with Trumps win or influencing the election through fraud.

      Seth Rich leaked to Wikileaks and was murdered for it? Looked it up. False. There is no evidence that he was ever the leak. His parents would like nutters like you to stop spreading conspiracy theories about their son’s death.

      Obamacare went bankrupt a month before the election? Looked it up and couldn’t find anything that makes this claim credible. It’s pure Bull***t, because the Repubs would have been creaming themselves with joy to have such a bombshell to use in the last month leading to the election.

      I’m not even going to waste my time on the rest. After seeing how delusional you were with the first two, nothing you post can be considered anything more than alt-right political wet dreams.

      I guess you could educate me with some citations if yo have them haha?

      From what I read:

      Seth Rich’s father Joel told reporters, “If it was a robbery — it failed because he still has his watch, he still has his money — he still has his credit cards, still had his phone so it was a wasted effort except we lost a life.”

      That morning Seth Rich was on his way to the FBI to testify about what he knew regarding the Clinton-Podesta-DNC email leak to Wikileaks.

      Julian Assange of Wikileaks himself says Seth Rich (a data analyst for the DNC and Clinton campaign) was an informant asset for Wikileaks, and the ex British Ambassador Craig Murray has publicly stated that his informant he met in Washington was Seth Rich (not Russians), and that he personally conveyed that information on the e-mails that uncovered massive voter fraud in the Democratic party to Jullian Assange of Wikileaks.

      I am sure if the DNC, deep state globalists, CIA, or Obama really had the evidence to show otherwise they would have done so by now. It would be so easy to do with NSA data to prove that Craig Murray was not in Washington on said day of the data transfer meeting Seth Rich in the park… why not that city is covered everywhere with cameras?

      Where’s the beef as the saying goes (witnesses, data evidence, anything other than innuendo)?

      All they have is innuendo memes of Russian hacks with absolutely zero public evidence all to undermine the legitimacy of Trump for a silent coup (in their eyes only, because its a joke that Putin planned to have Podesta and Clinton scheme the things they did in their emails, and then have Clinton not campaign in Wisconsin so that Trump would win.. and call it ‘Russia hacking the election’)… all to divert attention away from the real bomb shells in the emails of the twisting of the democratic process to steal the election from Bernie Sanders; and pay to play institutionalized.

      I think its just down right sickening, and anyone that defends the whole sordid affair out of partisan loyalties is the lowest of losers in any political debate.

      You need to educate yourself haha; and try and keep up because I don’t have the time to educate someone that can’t, yet uses foul language to try and suggest their ignorant opinion is right.

      I presume you are of the ‘left’ variety? Fast baseless knee jerk reactions that can’t debate with facts or possibly be wrong about anything… goes nuclear with libels the first sign someone doesn’t agree with them.

      So lefty sources then:

      ht tp://townhall.com/tipsheet/guybenson/2016/10/20/usa-today-the-cascade-of-obamacare-premium-hikes-has-arrived-n2234719

      ht tp://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/obamacare-premium-increases-2017_us_580e4bece4b02444efa486a6

      ht tp://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/26/upshot/rising-obamacare-rates-what-you-need-to-know.html?_r=0

      Those were just the first three links that came up on a google search so not hard to find. They all point to a doomed plan with 145% price increases in some places and its gone beyond the tipping point for bankruptcy without some heavy changes. Notice the dates on all those stories are all just weeks before the election… maybe not a big deal for a Canadian, but for Americans that have to pay for this or loose their health care this is deadly serious to them.

      I just don’t see how Putin managed to pull that one off.

Trump gets in ….flags burned, people beaten… lots of crying. No one believes they have to follow the rules. Who is intolerant and fear mongering again?

On Trump

I will watch his every move and point out every single mistake and misdeed in a loud and proud voice. I will let you know in a loud voice every time this man backs away from a promise he made to them. Them. The people who voted for him. The ones who sold their souls and prayed for him to win. I will do this so that they never forget. And they will hear me. They will see it in my eyes when I look at them. They will hear it in my voice when I talk to them. They will know that I know who they are. They will know that I know what they are.

Do not call for my tolerance. I’ve tolerated all I can. Now it’s their turn to tolerate ridicule. Be aware, make no mistake about it, every single thing that goes wrong in our country from this day forward is now Trump’s fault just as much as they thought it was Obama’s. I find it unreasonable for them to expect from me what they were entirely unwilling to give.

Unknown US Citizen

    On Trump

    Two things. Trump made his money as a property developer. And some of the greatest US Presidents, in the eyes of Americans at least, have been those who’ve added property to the USA. Some of it was added by conquest. But a lot, maybe just as much, or more, was added by purchase. Buying land is an American tradition. Starting, probably, with the sale of Manhattan Island by the chief of the natives living in the vicinity for a string of beads.

    After the USA gained its independence some further purchases were made. Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase from France. Which was a lot more territory than the present State of Louisiana. A lot, lot more.

    Then Lincoln bought Alaska, from the Russians. Mexico sold a chunk of its territory rather than risk going to war again with the US and losing still more of it to its northern neighbour. Denmark sold the Virgin Islands to the USA. And if other things hadn’t been more pressing at the time, post WW II USA might well have purchased Newfoundland out of the receivership it entered into during the Depression. I believe the US still has a standing offer to Mexico for the purchase of Baja California. The Mexicans aren’t quite ready to part with it yet.

    Now suppose, and this may well be a wild supposition, Donald Trump comes to realise that he CAN’T “Make America Great Again” as it is. Not in the way his supporters are expecting him to. But there’s another way he might be able to do that. BUY CANADA.

    Suppose instead of a government to government deal, as was done with other countries that sold territory to the USA, Trump tried a government to Canadian citizen deal. A direct payment of US dollars for each one of us if we’d sell our ‘equity’ in Canada. Our private property wouldn’t be affected, just public assets, and afterwards we’d all become American citizens. Monetarily, quite well-to-do ones, if he paid what the country, everything held by us in the name of the Crown, was worth. Now how much do you suppose that might be?

    It might well be a lot less than what we’d expect. Why? Because we collectively are about as financially ignorant as those New York natives were who sold Manhattan Island for that string of beads. All Trump would have to do, with the mindset of most Canadians as it is, is tariff our exports to the USA out of their market. Causing unemployment to rapidly rise here. We’d sell out for a song under that scenario. Because we’re blind to what money really is.

      In a sense you just stumbled upon the Trump plan for China. No he doesn’t want to buy China, but he knows things are coming to a head with China and a hot war will have no winners.

      Instead he will import tarif them at 45% for currency manipulation causing manufactures to produce elsewhere in America and drying up the $400 billion dollar a year deficit. With the Chinese economy already highly leveraged using debt to float operations they will have to start laying off workers or go bankrupt. The last thing China wants is laid off workers upsetting the social order of monopoly state capitalism run by the communist party of China. It wouldn’t take much for that whole tollitarian state to collapse seeing as they have no property rights in China protected by the rule of law… As the communists fail in business they will try to take from others that which is not their to make up the shortfalls and social unrest will challenge their monopoly on power forcing China to concentrate its energy at home rather than risking war abroad.

    BH so you pick and choose your tolerance maybe you are human after all. Before your latest post I was going to suggest you remove the H from your BH. Oh wait maybe not you seem to lack tolerance.

    Did you ignore the Clinton mafia, how about Odumber hacking Merkle, did ya look the other way. Might be a surprise to you but everyone hacks everyone. Still no proof of Putin hacking the election, in fact Trump picked voters on the recounts done.

    One has gotta love how Trump is shacking up the establishment especially how he made main stream media impotent.

    Trump so far has out smarted, his party, DNC, Clinton mafia, time will tell whats next. As for being friendly with Putin, very smart as Putin is also very smart to stay in power this long. Gotta love how he played Odumber.

    Trump is keeping Russia close because Russia and the US have a common problem, China.

      Putin maintains power by murdering and or jailing his opposition and murdering anyone in the press that exposes his corruption . He even jailed the band Pussy Riot for singing of his corruption in a church . Maybe your hero Donny could have them sing at his Ball . He likes putting his little hands on Slavic women .

      Search . List of Putin critics that ended up dead . The businessweek article is chilling . You righties are worshipping a cold blooded murder . No wonder the neocons are eating each other . You are sick ,sick ,sick .

      Ataloss what are you babbling about, all I said is Putin is a smart man nothing else. Has to be surviving in his world. He played Odumber for 8 years.

      Still waiting.

      Putin is no saint, but he ended the Soviet Union with his last minute backing of Yeltsin when the communists had the Russian Duma under siege with tanks and the army. Putin used his power base in St Petersburg to stop the coup.

      Once Putin became president he inherited the most corrupt government on the planet full of zionist oligarchs that had been plundering the country since the bolshivik revolution that killed 60 million Russians in their war on Christianity. Then under the sway of western bankers and during the years of massive privatization of state assets to instant billionaires in the oligarchy his failure to save Russia was almost assured.

      Now days Russia has the largest middle class its ever had, the largest small business ownership, and rule of law that protects property rights. By all accounts from international bodies that oversee foreign elections their elections have been free and fair and people are not restricted as to what they can read on the internet.

      It could be a hell of a lot worse. Russia has had far worse and downright evil leaders int he past. Putin restored the Russian Orthodox church and actually protects Christians in his foreign policy unlike the globalist controlled west that sets groups like isis or the proxy Muslim army of the day on them.

      I don’t want to see him as an expansionist on the world scene, but as a ying to what we know is a thoroughly corrupt yang… keeping globalists NWO wet dreams in check is a good thing for world sovereign democracies.

Eagle one you think the communist government cares about unemployment , really ? You don’t know much about what’s going on there . Try following the money . And not trumps imaginary money . Here’s just one example of just how wrong you are . Foxxcom . You know those people that produce the chips in your iPhone . They are about to replace their workers with robots . As are many other manufacturers around the world . Singapore already has driverless taxis . Little hand Donny wants to play hardball with the Chinese ? Sadly for him , China , has the ball and Donny has the mitt .

    Still waiting.

    The communist government of China cares a great deal about unemployment there. They’re afflicted with that same fixation on the ‘job’ as being the be-all and end-all of everything that governments in the west are. Even more so, if that’s possible. But they’re up against it, too. Labor displacement through advancing technology and automation reduces costs (and, unfortunately, the incomes that are already only a PART of overall costs), the same there as it does here. even if they followed their communist ideology to the letter and eliminated all profit, and pricing all their manufactures to their own people strictly at financial cost they could never buy them all at that price.

    I don’t agree with your assessment Ataloss. My thoughts on this issue currently were influenced by the following article I read a few days ago on Epoch Times. I don’t know if its Russian, Chinese, or American for their perspective, but thought the article was well researched and laid out a compelling argument about Chinese unemployment conundrums backed up with the latest stats available.

    ht tp://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/2203073-stress-is-building-in-chinas-economy/

    If you have something you can cite with more up to date information and a compelling argument than I am more than willing to consider it for thought… but I don’t at all buy your argument above. You say modernity will leave them all unemployed and thus the communist Chinese government couldn’t care less about them in pursuit of the almighty dollar…. I don’t buy it. China is a totalitarian regime and their leaders will value stability over all else. Its a big country to manage and having mass unemployment would make it very much harder to do that maintaining control internally.

Search the Clinton body count. Or Obama funding terrorists.

Can anyone refute this, thought not.

ht tp://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/01/02/18-major-scandals-obama-presidency/

    Those are some of the more minor scandals. For example where’s that part on funding proxy wars with proxy forces like isis, and the war in Yemen, or the nazi wannabees in Ukraine.

    Just last week Obama approved the transfer of Manpads to the ‘Free Syrian Army’ in the Syrian civil war to show Putin who’s the boss.

    Think about this only weeks before leaving office, knowing full well Trump doesn’t want to remove Assad using proxy forces like the ‘Free Syrian Army’ (aka islamic terrorists)… Obama thinks giving them shoulder fired anti air missiles to shot down Russian plans after the civil war was lost will help bring peace to Syria before he leaves office… and what ever happens to those shoulder fired missiles after Trump takes office and cuts the whole Syria proxy war loose will be Trumps fault.

    Meanwhile expect these things to find their way into Europe for sure and shooting down European civilian airliners.

    That and the Trillion dollar give away to the globalist banksters at the start of his administration deep sixing the anti Wall Street protesters with a knife to the back classifies him as a traitor to his civilization IMO.

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