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October 27, 2017 7:32 pm

New Year Means New Rates

Monday, January 2, 2017 @ 7:00 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  2017  will be more expensive for  Prince George residents  as fees for a number of  services  are  up.


While  fees  have  increased  pretty much right across the board  ( with the exception of sewer and water) here are some that apply to most:

Service Was Now
Garbage  (annual fee)

Small container











Off Street Parking  

$4 per day

.75 per hour


$6 per day

$1 per hour













Dog Licence


Dangerous Dog (spayed/neutered)

Service Dogs





No Fee





No Fee

But Municipal user fee increases are not all that  the average Prince George resident  can  expect.

Residents can expect to see their ICBC rates up 4.9%,  B.C. Hydro  rates are  increasing 3.5%  and  depending  on  income and family  size, many will see an increase in their  Medical Service Plan rate.


Only thing missing are cat licenses, time for those who own cats to pay fees. They do the most damage to other people’s flower beds.

    Trap them and turn them over to the pound.

Couldn’t agree more Lien!! My flower bed = neighbor’s litter box.

    Not only that Codger, but the neighbor with the cat could care less. You would think that the least they could do would be to train their cats to use a litter box, rather that allow them to annoy other people.

      My neighbor bought me a electronic device to keep their cats out of my flower beds.. works great.. now if only the dogs owners would pick up their dogs crap around the neighborhood.

      Hey Pval, the funniest thing I’ve seen yet is dog owners dropping the little bags full of dog poop along the trails in the parks.
      You can’t help but laugh at the stupidity.

There is nothing to stop these various levels of Government from reducing costs, and thus eliminate the so called need to raise taxes and service rates.

Seems they have the ability to do only one thing, and that is to raise rates. We should have a compulsory course for City Administration on cost cutting initiatives, where they can learn there are alternatives to increasing rates.

Failure to pass this course with at least an 80% average would result in dismissal, and once the course is complete they would be expected to show some results, or look for work elsewhere.

    I’m sure you’re subject to the same performance levels where you work.

Funny thing–we NEVER got a renewal notice for our dog!???

    We just got our renewal last week and it reflected the increase

    Why do we need renewal notices? Another expense City Hall could do away with.

    We always get one, they want their money so I am quite surprised!

The city spent how much on that joke of a new website? 200k? We never got a final tally on that, or had updates on the project. The city never cuts costs, they just keep throwing it on the rest of us.

    Do you think the current web site is the new one? If you do, it isn’t.

    It was scheduled for summer of 2017 for around $140,000. I suspect that was only the cost of the consultant, not the time staff spent on it to provide the content and to test-drive it.

    It is easier to take handouts from the taxpayers rather than to gift the taxpayers with some lowering of taxes and user fees.

    I wish someone would compare the quality of service we are currently getting to the quality of service we were getting 10 years ago, 20 years ago, etc.

    The Fraser Institute really should be doing that. Instead they just keep on complaining and we all follow suite when we just look at cost without looking at quality of service.

    I mean, snow clearing is a good example. We still have unplowed streets downtown and snow piled up in the middle of the streets. We are lucky we have not gotten a few 10, 15, 20 cm snowfalls.

    Did they plow as little as possible in the last few weeks to spare snow funds so that they can put them into other projects? Is this how to save money by not maintaining a quality standard?

    Just an example of something that is readily visible.

Over $50 million in salaries for city employees has to come from somewhere. Every little bit helps!

    Don’the forget about the lucrative pensions as well.

      You right wing trash are just bitter that any worker can manage to have more than a future of dog food dinners in their retirement years. Yep, the only ones who should be able to have a decent retirement are business owners, CEOs and managers.

      @ Hahaha, why would you refer to Peter North as right wing trash?

      I suspect that he is indeed “right wing” but what would cause you to refer to him as “trash”?

      Those on the left of the political spectrum seem to hold themselves out as morally superior to those on the political right, and yet all too often those on the left use a lot of insulting and morally inferior terminology when describing those on the right!

      Hahaha, what’s the reason for that?

      BeingHuman, I had hoped for an answer from Hahaha but he hasn’t replied yet!

      Care to help him out?

      @Hart Guy

      Because I find a lot more of you people on the right wing more morally reprehensible and disgusting than people on the left. Although, to be fair, there are plenty of Left Wingers I find morally reprehensible and disgusting too.

      And, anyway, Hart Guy, why do you have a problem with someone being blunt and not politically correct? I thought that is what you rightists admire in Trump and want to see more of in Canada. So, just chalk it up to me having a Trump moment *tm*.

These increases in fees to city services were core review suggestions, so glad we paid over 300k to find this out.

Lets just hope that 37,500 households have the big containers… that way the increase it will cover van adrichrom salary for Ice watch 2016-17. would laugh but its not funny…

    Good one!

If 2016 is any indication as to money management from our city officials then brace yourselves for 2017. 40 grand for signs to welcome you downtown, but if you stay more then 3 hours lookout cause the 250+ grand parking system will get you. Oh and those dumb bike lanes that nobody uses. Drove down Ospika yesterday and signs, signs everywhere. How much? Who knows? All those signs are more of a safety hazard, good grief a person can spend more time reading signs then watching the road. Whose dumb idea was it to move the speed warning sign from Queensway southbound lane to north bound lane just past Patrica Blvd. Unbelievable doesn’t the stop lights at 5th, 4th., and stop sign at 1st. slow down traffic? Who’s bright idea to spend seed money to help kick start the Mariotte Hotel. Should have used some of that Northern Development money and mowed down the foundations that sat idle for about two years and taxed back the developer to recoup the money. After mowing down that foundation, move across the street and mow down the run down old police station (what an eye sore). Take those empty lots and put in a park or something, till someone is interested to develop down town.

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