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October 27, 2017 7:27 pm

Bond and Morris Open Campaign Office

Saturday, January 7, 2017 @ 1:30 PM

Prince George, B.C. – When it comes to election preparation, BC Liberals in Prince George have hit the ground running.

Prince George-Mackenzie MLA Mike Morris and neighbouring Prince George-Valemount MLA Shirley Bond have opened a joint campaign office on Westwood Drive (next to Carl’s Jr).p1070344-pix

“We want to make sure that we’re open and accessible to the public and I’m curious to hear the public’s thoughts on the upcoming election,” says Morris. “So, no better way than to let everybody know where we are and hopefully I’ll be down there most Saturday mornings in a couple of weeks right to the election.”

Both MLAs shared a campaign office on Victoria Street the last election though he acknowledges they’ve opened much earlier this time around.

“We always start at about this time as far as the campaign goes but this time we’ve got our office open probably six weeks or a couple months ahead of time which is a good thing. We’ve got a great spot here and I just want to hear what the folks have to say.”

Morris says the plan is to have the 7,600 plus square foot office open full-time daily within a few weeks but notes they’ve opted for a soft start for the time being.

Once the campaign gets rolling, he figures one issue will trump all in his riding.

“In our riding people just want to be assured that the jobs are out there. The softwood lumber issue has been a bone of contention and of course we’re a forestry community among other things,” says Morris.

“So, I think that’s top of mind for people and they probably want some reassurance that we’re doing things in the right direction.”

Morris adds he’s got an army of volunteers behind him.

“I’ve got a great campaign team. They’ve been with me since the last election and of course a lot of them are carry overs from Pat Bell,” he says.

“We’ve also got a great team of volunteers out there ready to hit the roads for us and knock on doors and telephone and do everything we need to do to identify who our voters are.”

Though he won the riding in 2013 by over 20 per cent of the vote, he’s not taking re-election for granted.

“I don’t want to be over confident but I do think I have a broad base of support in my riding and I try to make sure I listen to everybody within the riding. So hopefully that’s the case. We’ll see come election day.”

Is he surprised the New Democrats, who placed second in both ridings in 2013, don’t even have their candidates in place yet?

“You know there’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes too, so I don’t know what they’re doing. I’m a little surprised that we haven’t heard who might be up and running or the other parties but it’s still not unusual to hear.”

Election day in B.C. is set for May 9, 2017.



Time for photo hound Bond to move on!

Damn, I thought the headline meant they where opening a “Joint” Campaign office…

It being the other one is very depressing …

    Wrong type of “Liberals.” I don’t think these ones believe in that sort of behaviour. They’re Conservatives after all and one of them used to be a police officer, which doesn’t bode well for a liberal or progressive stance on the decriminalization of marijuana.

It’s time to make this province great again!

    Yea, get the Western Separatist party going. Anything better than that weak chinned NDP geek!

Sure didn’t take long for the bull flies to come out of the wood work and voice their opinion on this topic.

Opening their offices early??? hmmmm for what…

    To talk to people, his quote says it not sure how you missed that part but got the opening early part…

Maybe they can talk about the “Jobs Plan” that includes 100,000 jobs in the LNG resource stampede. Maybe they can talk about the LNG Prosperity Fund that is suppose to have Billions of dollars in it. Or maybe they can update us on how well they have been managing our forests and natural resources in BC?

www .vancouversun.com/business/Resource+development+remains+unknown+unmanaged+warns+Forest+Practices+Board/7993065/story.html

    I am sure they will talk to you. Office is open stop in for a chat

      Bh would have to crawl out of the basement for the chat.

The NDP will wait until the last minute so they can not have a nomination process and then have a candidate appointed from party head quarters that meets their identity politics quota. For the NDP identity politics quota is more important than having a candidate that reflects the riding when they feel the riding isn’t in play anyways. It’s why they haven’t won an election in nearly two decades.

    The NDP has a shot at winning if the “real” Liberals decide they can no longer support a overwhelmingly incompetent Conservative government. This happened in the last federal election as the results show.

    Conservative Todd Doherty: 19,688 votes, (36.6 per cent of ballots cast)
    Tracy Calogheros (Liberal): 16,921 votes (31.5 per cent)
    Trent Derrick (NDP): 13,879 votes (25.8 per cent)
    Richard Jaques (Green): 1,860 votes (3.5 per cent)

    No doubt about it, some reasonable centrist Liberals would have to vote NDP this time round, or we are looking at a total of 20 years of incompetent government for the province of BC. The Alberta election results shows us change can happen.

      How can you so consistently post the crap you do BH? You are clearly a paid NDP troll. No one else could be so daft as to think this province has forgot about the 90’s. The Liberals are a dream team relative to the progressive activist clowns that stock the NDP ranks. You can quote all the talking points and provide all the BS data that you are fed, But most people are not that stupid to buy it. (ataloss excluded). Clinton learned that the hard way. The NDP is just not an option so the strategy is demonize the Liberals. Guess what, relative to some of the other provinces, specifically Alberta and Ontario, we’ve been governed pretty well.

      So keep the spam coming BH, er I mean peeps.

      And your point is?

      All that shows to me is that in a traditionally federal conservative riding when one has a three way split the conservatives still came ahead. In fact, if one adds the green percentage to either the left wing or centrist party, the cons would still have won.

      Apply that to the provincial election where we only have left and a centrist leaning right wing party called by the misnomer “BCLiberals” only because of the history of its creation by the Howe street boys back-stabbing Gordon Wilson, and there is little chance of the NDP getting there act together to upset the incumbents in the two PG centred ridings.

      Something very unusual would have to happen such as what happened when Gordon Wilson managed to land 15 seats instead of the normal 0 seats because of a single come-back statement during a televised debate.

      correction …. 17 seats

I think big election issues will include highway infrastructure, school funding, $10 a day daycare, housing affordability, and provincial policy on oil and gas developments like petroleum by rail and refining in Canada verse crude exports.

Dear Liberal MLA’s .. re-instate the bus pas passes for the disabled community in the province utterly shameful that MLA’s get all their transportation costs paid for as well as a long list of other tax payer funded goodies a million a year for Christy’s photographer??? but no perhaps we could apply that 37,000 that the province is giving away to maybe that should be extended to all home owners in BC interest free for 5 years? nice

Highest child poverty in the country

Highest poverty amongst seniors

lowest per student funding in the country

last years Ms. Clark’s govt. credit card was clocked in at over


A freeze on bonuses and raises for elected officials and heads of

crown corporations. as well as all of our BC Hydro, medical rates and of course icbc…

    It is $100,000 for the photographer. The other $900,000 is for the makeup artist.

Change is good, regardless of which party you support. What I find amusing is that I have no idea who the NDP candidates are, don’t even know who the leader is! Good position to move into an up-coming election!!

I don’t mind Liberals, I don’t even mind some of the more traditional “progressive” Conservative, but in BC no one knows who or where they are. It’s as if a radical right wing group of voters has become “religiously” addicted to political power, and will take over any traditional political party to seize that power.

It happened first in BC, when the Conservatives / Social Credit took over and hijacked the BC Liberal Party, Gordon Campbell and his crew kicked Liberal Party Leader Gordon Wilson out and took over the Party.

Later the same thing happened with the Progressive Conservative Party at the federal level, when a radical power hungry ultra right wing faction under Stephen Harper took over the traditional Progressives, and just like the BC Liberal Party, the Federal Progressive Conservatives have never been the same since.

This new brand of political more extreme right wing politics, really does not care about traditional party lines, it’s win at all cost… seize and hold onto power, everything else comes second! I see this happening to a greater extent in US politics, does anyone know whether Trump is a Democrat or a Republican? The answer is who cares, as long as the extreme right can seize and hold onto power!

Good news Christy Clark is the best leader in all of Canada

If some of the people want to talk about the 90s as far as I can remember we were better off then than we are now. So tired of being lied too by Christy and her clowns.

    You obviously have no memory then oldman1. We were a have not province that had companies and families moving east in droves. Taxed to death at a top rate of 54%. Luxury vehicle taxes that kicked in at $33,000. etc,etc..
    Oh ya, things were way better. Where you high?

I remember the late 90s and early 2000s as my daughter and 2 friends had to go to Alberta for work—They all are still employed in Calgary.

    PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT #1: The BC Liberals claim that thousands of people left BC in the 1990s under the NDP government because there were no jobs. This is a Liberal fabrication, the opposite is true!

    CBC’s Reality Check team started digging deeper into the stats, all the way back to 1991 — the year the NDP took office — they found people were flooding into B.C. from other provinces. The trend continued for most of the NDP years in power. In fact so many Canadians came to B.C. during the NDP years, it more than compensated for a drain that began in 1997. During the NDP decade from 1991 to 2001 B.C. had a net gain of 126,000 people.

    According to Statistics Canada, that’s double number of people who moved to B.C. during the last decade of BC Liberal government. The figures show under the Liberals from 2001 to 2012, B.C. had a net gain of only 54,510 from other provinces.

    ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/reality-check-who-s-leaving-b-c-1.1369211

      BH the people that flooded in during the 90’s where looking for some NDP handouts. Welfare collectors looking for a socialist party handout. People that worked had to go to Alberta for work. You can have the 126000 people you claim moved here. They are welfare collecting, fentynal injecting, losers that followed the NDP.

      Hi Ryder, I’m sure you have a source or some stats to back up your claim. These handout chasers came in search of fentanyl, which wasn’t even being sold on the street at the time. How many more tall tales do you have for us?

Alberta NDP. Best thing about them is they most likely have saved BC from that horrid experience for at least another 20 years.

All I would like to know when is the one of these gov.going to fix our medical wait time to see a specialist and surgery wait time.

They, like every politician before, will spew lies, false truths, bastardized stats, budgets etc.. say whatever they think need to get votes… that’s it…promise anything for votes.. then they get in and do what ever they want..

I am not a big fan of Being Human, however he is right about people coming to BC when the NDP were in power. I am no fan of the NDP either, however I took the time a number of years ago to check out the number of people who left and came into the Province. More people came than left.

Its time to quit keeping the urban legend alive that business and people left BC when the NDP was elected, because this is simply not true and cannot be supported by facts in any way, shape, or form. People who continue to spout this misinformation must be residents of Babalonia.

Talk is cheap, however what we need in the next election is some action. The Liberals are all talk and no action. The NDP are no action and a little less talk.

We need to vote for anyone other than the Liberals or NDP, this will send a message to the politicians that we are sick and tired of less than stellar representation.

    I recall people coming to B.C. as well, but I thought it was welfare recipients flocking to higher income.

      I’d like to dig in to that further to discover why people came here in fact.

      People do not come “here” to Prince George. People come to BC, aka “Lotus Land” for much the same reason why people go to California in the USA – warm climate relative to the rest of Canada, relaxed living, left coast thinking, their friends moved here and loved it, the most diverse geography of any other single province in Canada – two huge mountain ranges, ocean, lakes, fast moving mountain rivers, cultural diversity, one of the most picturesque cities in the world where one can be in the snow on top of mountains with the city spread below and go sailing on the ocean the same day…….. to name just some of the perks for those who can afford it … and there are many from the rest of Canada who can as they approach their retirement years.

      “B.C. continues to grey faster than the rest of Canada, with seven of the 10 municipalities with the highest proportion of persons aged 65 and over located in this province.
      “And Qualicum Beach is still the hotspot for seniors, with nearly one out of every two people (47.2%) living in the Vancouver Island community – the highest share of all municipalities across Canada, according to latest Census data. Parksville (37.1 per cent) and Sidney (36.9 per cent) followed close behind, while Creston, Nanaimo and White Rock were also among the 10 in B.C.”


      In the period of 2015-2016 there were 27,648 people who moved from Alberta to BC. During the same period 17,574 moved from BC to Alberta, a difference of over 10,000 added to the BC population. The trend started in 2014-2015. During the three-year period of 2011-2014, the movement was the reverse. While the statistics do not show it, the most common reason was likely job opportunities, often resulting from higher pay offers in Alberta.

      Ht tp://www5.statcan.gc.ca/cansim/a26

dow7501- I remember the 90s quite well. Talk about being taxed to death is exactly what has happened in this province. I would not brag about this province because the way things are going it will only get worse. If you think finding a job in this province is so easy then why was a large percentage of BC’s population working in Alberta? People that are blaming the NDP for all the problems in Alberta now I would have to say are clueless.

    Maybe people aren’t blaming the NDP for all the problems in Alberta now, Oldman 1, but rather just for being so utterly clueless in how to deal with them.

      That begs the question of who came first, the people who were utterly clueless to mess up an economy run on oil and gas which should have covered a “rainy” day (actually that happened twice in the last two decades or so) or those who followed that “not such rocket scientists group” and don’t know how to clean it up after the fact.

      Yes, because if a left leaning government doesn’t adopt the same policies or method of governing as the right wing morons that preceded them then they are “clueless”. /s

      Two wrongs won’t make anything right. Ever consider that BOTH the ‘right-wing’ and the ‘left-wing’ might have it wrong? That maybe the REAL problem that always seems to dey solution lies elsewhere than either of them have ever been looking? That ‘problem’, to put it succinctly, is “Why can we collectively never FULLY pay FOR what we’ve done FROM what we’ve done? And if we CAN’T, and obviously we can’t or we wouldn’t collectively be in debt up to our eyeballs and beyond, then how in the Hell are we going to ever fully pay for it from what we’re DOING, or HAVE TO DO?”

      ‘dey’ should have read ‘defy’.

“If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.”

    We saw that in the US election.

      But Hillary lost.

      @ Socredible

      As if Donald Trump didn’t lie his way through his entire campaign. Hell, even he knows that Vlado helped put him in the White House. That is why he keeps pushing the idea of improving relations with that murdering thug P.O.S: as payback for Vlado’s help.

      They BOTH lied, Hahaha. Only the whoppers Hillary told were seen to be just that, because they’d been used too many times before with too much evidence they didn’t deliver the results expected by too many people.

Ralph Klein gave away one way bus tickets to all the alberta losers so they could come here and leech of the NDP system (go west young man). We should send all of those losers back to Ontario and Quebec.

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