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October 27, 2017 7:26 pm

Vandals Target Vehicles in College Heights

Monday, January 9, 2017 @ 9:43 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Police are seeking the public’s assistance in locating the culprits responsible for a string of vandalized vehicles over the weekend.policecarnew

RCMP Cpl. Craig Douglass says sometime between the evening of Friday and the following morning, several vehicles were vandalized in the College Heights area along St. Mark Crescent and Latrobe Crescent.

He says the damage included broken tail lights, head lights, smashed windows and dents.

Investigators are asking that those people with external video surveillance review the footage and contact police should they find anything suspicious.


The dregs of society, dregs being the worst and lowest of something, are at it again.

cut a green willow stick and whip em then drag them thru the salt pile.

    Awwww but it is not their fault ice, maybe they were potty trained too early, or their parents were alcoholics, maybe the system let them down, or a teacher failed them, or or or….

The damage that occurred would most likely indicate that these little SOB’s are experiencing their first experience in this field. Parents need to talk to their children and explain to them that life is not going to be easy for them if they continue on this path.

No neighborhood watch? You know folks going for a walk at midnite?
Yeah, the inconvenience…..

Lots of cameras around St Mark, they should find something. Little bitch scumbags. Fine the parents.

    Did your parents always know what you where upto? Liberal left society took any means of parenting.

      Seriously seamutt ? Any opportunity to go Breitbart eh ?

      Bannon, Levant and seamutt. Making an average IQ dangerous.

Probably when, if they grow up and later buy a car they will complain and wonder about the high cost of insurance.

We used to have a house full of these little low life scumbags in my neighbourhood. After having my vehicle broken into and vandalized for the third time I walked over to the house, banged on the door and let them know in no uncertain terms that the next time it happened would result in broken bones or worse for someone. I must have made an impression because it never ever happened again!
Here’s hoping someone gets lucky, catches the little bitches in the act, and gives them a little street justice! Perhaps then they will learn before it’s too late!

It could end up being the kids of one or two of the affluent “dregs of society” in that College Heights neighbourhood. Can I nominate Peter North for president of the Prince George Whiners Club?

    Why BH, you resigning?

      like the Pope BH has a lifetime appointment as president of the local whiners club.
      This will be a big bill for icbc cause taillight lenses can cost well over a hundred and headlight assembly as much as a thousand dollars and whatever it cost for bodywork and windshields.
      Send a bill to the parents if the pond scum are caught as the courts will do zip to them.

      That was quick……….And Funny!

As you can see some people like the scum bags and low life in our society and have no use for the good people. Scary to see this growing trend.

Once a bleeding heart…always a bleeding heart. And for your edification BH, it doesn’t matter how wealthy the families are or how poor they are…people that do this sort of thing are low life scum of the earth!

    Come on you sound like a junior. Grow up.

    It is a classic Neo-Nazi tactic, de-humanize them, call them low life scum of the earth, then when everyone is comfortable with the idea that these people are less than human, it makes extermination easier.

      Neo-nazi interesting term that liberal left progressive elites like to conjure up. BH must be edjumacated to the dogma.

      BH, our existing laws do not allow misfits to vandalize the property of others. You are way off base using extreme rhetoric like extermination. Are you actually defending with their behaviour? It sure looks like it. We had car stolen from the carport. It was recovered abandoned far from the city on a country road. ICBC tried to undo the damage, but the car was never the same again. We had driven it carefully and wanted to keep it for many more years. The scum that stole it ruined it. We take a very dim view of some scum destroying property that is not theirs, property that others worked for and paid for! I hope they throw the book at them if they catch them and give them a severe punishment.

      princegeorge states; “Are you actually defending with their behaviour? It sure looks like it.”

      Where does it state in any of my comments that I am defending their behavior? I am defending the fact that it was people (human beings) who did this, not “low life scum of the earth” or “dregs of society” or “little bitch scumbags”.

      These are probably a group of bored kids being egged on by peer pressure to do something illegal, Adrenalin gets going along with all that teenage testosterone, and bang it happens.

      This wasn’t the Vancouver riot that happened here, yet the response by some seems over-the-top. Let the RCMP do their job, track down and arrest these people (kids) and have the courts determine the punishment! But all this exaggerated outrage, could better be focused on the big picture, why isn’t anyone outraged by the high crime rate in PG? Ranked third highest in Canada for severe crimes… where is everyone’s outrage?

I live on St. Mark, so I am just a little surprised at this. Due to my old profession I am always on the lookout for people that don’t belong here! In the summer especially! Sounds like punk kids, if I see anything suspicious I will pass it on!

    Oops realized I read that wrong, thought you were saying you were in the oldest profession… had to reread that… carry on

Oh, oh, look what Peter just turned the Whiners Club into. Those vehicle vandals don’t stand a chance now!

ht tps://warriorwriters.files.wordpress.com/2016/05/screen-shot-2016-05-11-at-10-40-48-am.png?w=620

    Sorry BH, I can’t take credit for that, I think you managed that all on your own.

This society continually goes down hill in the parenting department. If we came together as Canada and focussed on min parenting standards for all Canadians we could get to being productive, relativly happy and our middle class could grow. Instead we blow our money on social programs that don’t apply to all and don’t really do any good in solving problems long term. We have to change our social view and look longer term for all Canadians. Bad parenting is usually multigenerational so its a hard habit to break. Of course their will always be sociopaths that fall outside the possibilities of sound parenting but we can at least affect the long term well being of the majority of Canadians.

Im not talking about advanced parenting stuff just the basics.

    So tell me how in this society just what parents can do?

      Easy. Restore their dutiful right to lay a good whippin’ on them when they need it.

    This is clearly a justice system issue, not a parenting issue. It has been for decades.

Most kids are not born bad, most. The justice system just makes the kind of bad worse.

Kids need sleep, good food, education someone who cares and be safe from abuse. Sounds simple but my guess from being a parent of teens 50% of thier piers are lacking at least one of those basic needs.

Sleep means parents need to ensure thier kids are in bed at a reasonable time most nights. I dont know how many parents I have talked to tell me thier kids are up gaming all night or till 1.

Even in “Good Families” kids are deprived these basic needs because thier parents are too ignorent to parent.

There are many good organizations that help teach some of the things parents are screwing up on. Cadets is one organization that teaches kids community, disipline and leadership. But again parents have to be with it enough to get thier kids involved in things that make the kids a better person than they are themselves.

I still say basic parenting is not common and the lack of it is the root of crap like this.

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