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October 27, 2017 7:22 pm

School District to Receive $1.26 Million for New Teachers

Thursday, January 12, 2017 @ 4:18 PM

Prince George, B.C. – $1.26 million.school board

That’s the portion of the $50 million in provincial funding set aside for the hiring of extra teachers and classroom supports the Prince George School District will receive.

The provincial dollars were announced last week and made available following the BCTF’s Supreme Court victory over the provincial government in November in their battle over class size and composition.

Money will be disbursed by district and in collaboration with their teachers’ union.

Meetings began this week between the Prince George School District and the Prince George and District Teachers’ Association and both parties agree they were “positive” in nature.

“We had an opportunity to sit and to listen to each other,” says superintendent Marilyn Marquis-Forster. “It was a good opportunity for us to hear from our teachers’ union as to where they see the priorities for supplementing supports to students in classrooms.”

So well that she expects an agreement will be in place on how to use the funds “pretty quickly.”

“And once we’ve got that done, we’ll be able to look forward to posting and a hiring process. Of course, it depends on the availability of people to meet these new positions but we’re hopeful that students will feel the impact fairly soon.”

PGDTA president Richard Giroday declined to provide the details of the union’s proposal just yet but is hopeful it will lead to as many as two dozen hire’s.

(At an average rate of pay of $90,000 per year, including benefits.Of course that would be pro rated considering the school year is nearly half over).

“In the big scheme of things, we’re looking at probably between 20-25 full time teaching positions.”

Of course, Giroday adds, this is but a first step to even more hires in time for the start of school next September.

“This is not a complete restoration by far. The conversations and discussions are ongoing at the provincial table (for a final agreement) to determine what the full restoration of that collective agreement language will be,” he says.

“Hopefully they’ll be done before the provincial budget comes down on Feb. 21 so the money for the full restoration is in the budget and ready for Sept.1.”

*Editors note: The $90,000 average salary includes the benefits that go along with each position. For example: medical, life insurance, extended health and dental.*


20 teachers for a year!

Average rate of pay is 90,000 ??? that is a lot…and we are still graduating almost illiterate and no common sense students..

    Not too shabby for 9 months of work.

I’m confused. My math works out to 14 full time positions at an average of $90K per year.

    The money is for roughly half a school year as stated in the article.

As posted on here a couple years ago. AIC $80.00/hr

Where does the average of $90,000 a year come from?
If you look at the Salary Grid for our district. Teachers are maxed out at $85,417 and that is with a Master’s and 10 years experience.

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