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October 27, 2017 7:22 pm

Friday Free For All – Jan. 13th, 2017

Friday, January 13, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

It is Friday the 13th,  but there is no bad luck here,  as it’s time for the Friday Free For All.

Speak up on issues that matter to you,   but obey the three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No bullying.


It sure takes a lot of borrowing and spending by Canadian households, businesses, and governments (all levels) to keep the economy growing.

Canadian annual gdp at the present time is approximately $2 trillion.


In the 1 year period from the end of September, 2015 to the end of September, 2016 the Canadian economy grew by approximately 1.5%. (ie: the size of the economy grew by approximately $30 billion.)


In this same 1 year time frame the total debt outstanding in Canada grew by $355 billion. For each $1.00 the economy grew in this 1 year period the total debt outstanding increased by $11.83.

Looking at just the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors in Canada. In the 1 year period from the end of September, 2015 to the end of September, 2016 the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors increased by $250 billion. For each $1.00 the economy grew in this 1 year period the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors increased by $8.33.


(Nov. 6, 2008)
The Queen spoke for the nation yesterday when she asked how the credit crunch could have taken so many economics experts by surprise.

She described the financial crisis as ‘awful’ and inquired that, since the meltdown was so massive, ‘Why did nobody notice it?’


    There are some things WE are not supposed to notice, Charles. Even the Queen can’t get an answer to some questions when she’s only one voice asking them.

Anybody hoping to sit in on any of the Liberal Party partisan meetings that make up Justin’s cross country tour?

Might be a good chance to ask him about his inability to follow the ethical guidelines that he himself set up!

Might be a good chance to ask him about his pay and play situation!

Might be a good chance to ask him about the need for secrecy over his family Christmas vacation on the private island owned by Aga Khan!

Might be a good chance to ask him about his decision to fly on a private helicopter, thereby clearly violating his own Open and Accountable Government rules!

Might be a good chance to ask him why MP Seamus O’Regan suddenly felt the need to contact the Ethics Commissioner immediately upon his return from the Bahamas!

Might be a good chance to ask him why he felt it was appropriate to bring along Liberal party members!

I’d be willing to bet big money that nobody will get to ask those questions! After all, the Cross Canada Tour is just another photo op love in for Justin!

Que the selfies!

    Surely I can’t be the only person who thinks that this “tour” is just another way for Justin to avoid being in the House for the tough questions that the Opposition members are just chomping at the bit to ask!

    I won’t even bother to post any links to these issues as clearly, there are far, far, far too many! Just google “Trudeau Vacation” or “Trudeau Ethics” and take your pick!

    Spoken by a true blue HARPER HAS BEEN!!!!!

      maplebud, for years we listened to lots of lefties whining about Harper! Perhaps you fit into that category!

      Don’t you think that it is fair for us righties to have the opportunity to whine about Justin now? For crying out loud, the idiot is certainly giving us lots to complain about!

    I remember how a certain Conservative defence minister used a military helicopter to go fly fishing!

      Ya lots of criticism over that PG, but hey one is not allowed to criticize your dear leader.

      How come dear leader always avoids the house?

      News to me that no one is “allowed” to criticize our PM! You are doing it all the time…did somebody threaten you with arrest?

    I’d be willing to bet big money that nobody will get to ask those questions!


    Looks like you would’ve lost big money because people have been asking those very questions.

talked with 2 American expats that moved here last spring for work both are here on work visas but both have already decided at they will apply for permanent residency here as they love PG lots to do around here and really enjoy the people in the region. Was a great talk and they really don’t understand why residents here hate the city. I personally like PG and can’t imagine living anywhere else but then again I am northern bred and born and this is my home. Too bad too many people are holding on to the history of PG instead of embracing the here and now

    Some residents do not like living here! Only trees can not move so perhaps those people may consider moving in order to find real happiness somewhere else? I know people who left Prince George to move to the much touted Okanagan only to return a couple of years later, finding life to be much better here!

    I like the city, there’s a lot of advantages to living here and a lot of great people. Just not fussy about the climate, I’d like a better growing season. Maybe if the climate starts warming again…..

There was much complaining on here over the past week about high crimes rates, either downtown (3rd and George) or in our city in general. Imaginative names such as; scum of the earth, lowlifes, etc. were used to describe the people / individuals who would perpetrate crimes of any kind; vandalizing cars in a neighbourhood, selling drugs, and the like. Yet these same whiners and complainers would vote for a BC Liberal government, which in itself, is partly to blame for the increase in crime and more criminals being on our streets.

Maybe crime rates are going up because this BC Liberal Government closed 24 of 68 courthouses so the Attorney General could meet budget targets , thereby putting excessive strain and overload on the remaining ones. Perhaps crime rates are going up because this massive reduction in the number of courthouses has now lengthened the trial wait times in some areas to years, which often results in the accused being released from all charges because of their right to a speedy trial is violated.

Perhaps crime rates are going up because the BC Liberals closed 10 jails across the province, creating dangerously overcrowded conditions in the remaining facilities, and increasing the likelihood many criminals will serve time in the community or receive suspended sentences because of that overcrowding.

Maybe we are seeing an increase in crime rates because this BC Liberal Government closed 85% of all legal aid offices in BC, and reduced legal aid workers/lawyers by 75%, thereby increasing work load and wait time in the judicial system… its possible right?

Perhaps the real laugh here is on those who would complain about crimes, and criminals, in our cities, yet blindly support a government that closed all those courthouses, jails, and legal aid offices in BC. Hope you have a good Friday, and weekend, everyone!

    Are you a paid NDP hack or just do it for fun?

      Stompin Tom; you actually asked a straight forward “honest” question of me. So here is my honest answer:

      NO I am not a paid NDP hack, and NO I am not doing this for fun! Ignorance and misinformation needs to be eradicated!!!

      The left has a reputation for being soft on crime, something to do with their idea that criminals are victims of society just acting out their frustrations out of desperation. Don’t expect those stats to get better if the NDP get into power.

      “Ignorance and misinformation needs to be eradicated!!!”

      So why spread it?

      “The left has a reputation for being soft on crime.”

      That is an interesting observation since the NDP has never enacted a criminal law at any time in its history so cannot have specified what penalties should be applied. Why? Because they have never won a federal election and only the federal government can enact criminal law. That means our current criminal system, including the penalties and the wrist slapping, light sentences you so decry, were put in place by both Tories and Liberals. The NDP had nothing to do with it, so why try to blame them? Take responsibility for the party you so brazenly tout and hold them responsible.

      Of course, you can expect whatever you choose to expect, but if the NDP get into power it is they who will decide what happens, not your biased expectations. They mean nothing.

      Thank you for your level headed, fact based, comment Ammonra, as you can see we do not get many of those on here.

      In the following article:

      ht tps://www.250news.com/2016/07/20/prince-george-climbs-up-in-crime-severity-index/

      Palopu’s comment, near the end of the discussion thread, asks how many jails have been built in BC over the last 20 years? The answer to his question of course is none! But he was on to something, and now he knows there have been 10 jails closed in BC under this BC Liberal government. Palopu also now knows how many court housed have been closed, and the massive cutbacks in legal aid offices and workers.

      Smart people know that these closures, and cutbacks, tax an already overloaded judicial system and criminal rehabilitation system. The blame for this must be assigned to the body that is responsible for those closures and lay-offs, namely the BC Liberal government!

      Posted by ammonra

      That is an interesting observation since the NDP has never enacted a criminal law at any time in its history so cannot have specified what penalties should be applied.
      The reputation does not come only from the actions of a government. One only need listen to the various incarnations of the left speak to know where they stand. Besides which, the NDP are not the only party on the left – the Liberals have enacted a criminal law.

      BH, the NDP closed most of the jails.

      State your sources Grizzly2, and I hope it is not from a Liberal politician.

    So you are telling me it is the Liberals’s fault? I presume the other parties can do better? NOT! It is the justice system on the whole being too soft. When I was in the Att-Gen. dept (since retired) the jail population and crime rates were high, did not matter which party was elected. Christy has my vote regardless of the crime rate. You can vote for the weak kneed NDP party all you want, crime will still be there!

      Same here. And, like you say, there was no difference who was in power. All I vividly recall, was having to walk a picket line when the NDP were in power, yet, they get the union vote?

    Think it was Harper that started shutting down facilities and the liberals had no choice but to carry out what was already started. Not that I’m defending the Liberals.. They created enough upheaval on their own.

    Legal aid was based on who knows who and most of the staff are emotional females who favor females who in this day and age are shouting equality and racking up the legal aid budget to the point there was not much budget left.

    Judges need to grow a pair and tel parents they need to work out hingd otherwise he will make a binding dcidion

      Provincial gov’t shut down a lot of the provincial jails and camps. All parties were involved in this process. Camps were shut down because the status of the inmates changed. Not enough minimal security inmates to warrant camps staying open. The violent crimes increased, revolving doors of justice were well oiled, as the crimes sentence were geared to parole, probation, promise to appear notices and on and on this lax system created more loopholes for the bottom feeding lawyers to hone their skills on plea bargaining. All in all it is still a joke, victims are often forgot about and it was the poor offenders who had their needs looked after. Sad state of affairs! Read the court docket in the paper and look at the names that keep reappearing time after time, such a beauty!

      Like the youth jail on the hill? 3 guards watching one inmate?

      Lien, there’s a lot of truth to what you’re saying re:violence in offences. As far as the bottom feeders, seems to me the reason they’re doing plea deals, it’s more cost effective than running a trial, besides having lazy defense and crown. Not all that way, but having met a couple thousand, there’s very few I have respect for.

    Harper shut down provincial facilities? Best check your info.

    THAT was a funny post!

    “Palopu’s comment, near the end of the discussion thread, asks how many jails have been built in BC over the last 20 years? The answer to his question of course is none!”

    ht tp://infotel.ca/newsitem/okanagan-correctional-centre-will-be-ready-to-house-inmates-this-january/it30130

Oh, oh, bad news, really bad news!

Public Service Announcement:

While shutting things down and locking things up for the night, I happened to glance at my indoor/outdoor thermometer and was shocked, shocked I say, to see that the temperature outside has shot up to -11 after being -18 to -20 all day!

-18 to -11 in only a few hours! Oh, the horror!


Now I won’t be able to get to sleep, what with my fear of what to expect when I get up later this morning! I hope that you are all still here in the morning! Fingers crossed that we all survive the night!


    my feelings exactly.
    The snow might melt and the rivers overflow their banks and we will all blow bubbles in our sleep.

Here is a great article on how the climate alarmists and politicians are trying to muzzle those who are skeptical about mans contribution towards climate change.


    Two thumbs up for that article, tells it like it is. Climate alarmists can’t support their claims with the facts so they want to silence critics.

    And then there are those that walk around with their head up their butt and think climate change is a joke. Wake up my friend.

      Nobody said the climate is not changing, it’s mans contribution that is in question. Your response is a typical alarmist response when someone questions or is skeptical about mans contribution to climate change.

      And then there are those who walk around crying that the sky is falling. Wake up and check the science.

      Retired O2, it would seem you didn’t actually go to the link and read the article. You should.

      Or you could listen to Professor John Christy, Alabama state climatologist speaking on science, politics and morality as they relate to climate change “action”.

      ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvO7bBuTRno

    Of course that story would come from a newspaper in Edmonton, Alberta… the heart of fossil fuel territory, and near ground zero to one of the most intensive carbon emitting projects on the planet!

      Once again your best response is an ad hominem. Don’t you get tired of letting us all know that you can’t find fault with anything the “deniers” say?

      You still have a poster of Jane Fonda on your wall from the 70’s BH? I preferred Farrah Fawcette myself.

Keep right except to pass. Turn your lights on. Wipe the snow off your hood, roof and windows. Learn how to signal. Don’t blow through a stop sign just to get in front of someone then start driving slower then they were. Don’t brake going up a hill. Learn how to merge. Learn how to yield. You are required to stop when there is a pedestrian in a crosswalk but not when that pedestrian is 3 lanes and a boulevard away. Parking is not as challenging as you make it out to be.

I’m cranked out. Have a good day and don’t feed the trolls.

    This should be posted EVERYWHERE. I see these issues everywhere in Calgary on a daily basis as a driver and a pedestrian.

    Drivers in Alberta are horrible. On a trip from Vancouver 10 days ago, I just left Kamloops and a driver from Alberta changed lanes to pass a transport truck and cut me off. The driver was less than 1/2 car length in front of me. No warning of her desire to pass the truck. I had to hit my brakes. I also had a tow truck hauling a wrecked semi right behind me. Had she waited 1 second before passing, there would have been a 4 vehicle accident.

    On average, BC drivers are more courteous than Alberta drivers. But improvements can be made.

    Drive safe everyone. Slow down in less than ideal driving conditions. Be courteous to the everyone around you and they will be courteous to you.

      I am a British Columbian living in Alberta.

    I note folks are still running the red on turn signals Cowart, Ferry, 97, on 16, Foothills and 15th. Would love to see some enforcement out there.

    I like the people who pull out in front of you on Foothills from Austin and Highland. They see you coming but pull out anyway then drive 10-20 kph under the speed limit riding their brakes all the way down the hill, when they hit the four lane and you can’t catch them. Just got to grin and bear it I guess.

      I think you should be able to “Get up under ’em, get ’em loose and put ’em into the wall”!

    I wish people wouldn’t make left turns a short distance before oncoming traffic in this weather when it may be icy and braking abruptly may lead to a skid.

Wow, it feels downright balmy out there this morning! Well, that is in comparison to the last few days. Nice. Be careful out there though, the streets may be a little slipperier today.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

    Wait until next week if it gets to the forecasted +6 on Wednesday. That will be ugly.

Hart Guy- Everything you commented on in your first post are petty crimes in comparison with the BC liberals.

Kevin Oleiry is going to drain the swamps and make Canada great again.
Oh, by the way, we shouldn’t be blameing the gov for crime.

    Kevin looked at Trump and said, If he can Win, I’m a shoe-in!

    Kevin O’Leary doesn’t speak French, from what I hear. Thus he can never be elected Prime Minister. Lester B. Pearson said that he would be the last unilingual prime minister, and he was right.

      He’s got a tutor, he’s learning.

      Not good enough. He has to be fluent.

To the Driver in the Yellow Taxi yesterday afternoon, Cowart Road at Hwy.16 has only
Two Lanes, so it is not okay for you in Order to make a right hand turn onto 16 West to drive on the Sidewalk. Sidewalks are for Walking not for Cars to drive on, next time ,just wait for the Green Light so the Car in Front of you can drive on and you can make your Right Hand Turn!

    Call the company, they will take action.

      no actually they don’t.

@livingonwater have you seen the Energy Observer . At inhabitant.com . It’s a solar , wind , hydrogen powered catamaran . A successor to the solar one that circum navigated the earth . Lots of tech from the solar impulse that flew around the world on solar and batteries . Leading edge stuff .

    The Energy Observer also has a Wikipedia page .

      Easy does it! Today is Friday 13 !

      Thanks for the info, I will go have a look.
      Asked earlier in the week for details on our solar power I was going to respond today.
      Where we bought property it was going to be over 40 thousand dollars to bring power lines in. Plus easing on another property and a wildlife reserve so we decided on solar power. Have spent about 12 thousand dollars with 6 panels, 8 batteries, controller and inverter. My guy manufactured a stand that moves with the sun. We run everything from a washing machine, deep freezer to my vacuum and microwave. We do use battery power for our alarm clock and radio but on dollar store batteries that cost very little. No, I can’t watch TV all day or leave the lights on all night but I do have the capability to run my hair dryer every morning. The one thing I do have to start the generator for is to split wood, oh poor me…Our generation is a Honda 3000 inverter that sucks back 5 gallons of gas maybe every 2 months. I am lacking for nothing in this modern world except a hydro and gas bill every month. Feel like we are also doing a little to make our world a little better for our grandkids.

      Wonder how long it’ll take the politicians to find a way to tax sunlight used to generate electricity?

      Well dear leader wants to tax the air we breath.

      Ataloss now it’s your turn, describe your system.

      Still waiting.

      I would discribe my system but it’s much more fun to watch you trying to be an annoying little Pratt with a child like intellect . You are not annoying at all , you’re a joke , peddling fake news . You should get your Intel from the onion and or Beaverton .

      I did have a slightly bigger laugh at the other guy demanding my ticker symbols . Wattsupwithdat ? I’m having another green day today . And what a week !

      Tell me about Trudeau planning to tax the air we breathe! Is there a shortage of oxygen and nitrogen?

Good on you for getting off the grid! I assume you are heating your home with wood

    Yes, we use wood. Getting warm a few times by cutting it, loading it and then splitting it. We also have a propane wall unit if want to go away for the weekend. As for the taxing of sunlight, in some sunshine states it is now illegal to have panels on the roof of the house. The money of the world doesn’t want us to be independent of electricity and fossil fuel because then they can’t control us.

      Could it be rather that it’s dangerous for fire fighters if they have to go up there?

    Now livingwater has an economic reason to be off the grid basically no other choice.

    Now cougs why is it a good thing to be off the grid? Are they really off the grid? All their solar related stuff was made on the grid. There transportation was made on the grid. Basically everything needed to survive was made on the grid. When a person says I live off the grid, well sorry if it wasn’t for the grid they wouldn’t be able to live off grid. Unless going for a caveman existance.

      It would be good in the sense there’s no ever escalating monthly Hydro bill to pay. Sunlight, in places where we’re ‘allowed’ to use it, is still free. No one has made the argument that because it shines on a solar panel and is converted into electricity that’s used by a household ‘individually’ this is going to cause global cooling that effects everyone ‘collectively’. Yet. It’s probably coming.

      But the equipment converting sunlight and it’s ongoing maintenance is not free. One can also say oil, gas, coal, water wind, tides are all free.

      No, the equipment is not free, no one is contending that it is. But in the cost comparison livingonwater gave it was cheaper to go solar than to hook up to BC Hydro. There is the additional saving in that he doesn’t pay for his electrical consumption. Eventually the components will need replacement, and he’ll have to pay for that. But a $ 40,000 up front connection to bring power in from Hydro won’t last forever either, and replacing that will likely be far more expensive in future than replacing a solar set-up with all the improvements bound to be made to them in the years ahead.

      On going maintenance on solar power system ? You really need to educate yourself . Thanks for the laugh .

      Yes lots of money to hook up because of their choice to live in a remote location. Do you expect Hydro, us to pay.

      Solar components cheaper in the years ahead? The cells are getting cheaper but not much more. Also the cells are only about 25% of the costs.

      With the description of there system I expect they run that generator more than they are admitting especially in the winter.

      Spell check keeps changing their to there for some reason.

      Ataloss your comment on solar maintenance just points out your lack of knowledge on the subject.

      Inform us about your unicorn system? With all the money you make off the stock market it should be one beck of a system.

      Too many Becks ? Freudian slip ? And yes I’m having a really up time in every facet of life . Life is good . The key to happiness is to be grateful . It’s a two fer . That’s how you win , always go for the two fer .

The provincial gaols or jails began shutting down in the 1970’s under the NDP led by Dave Barrett. Mr. Barrett is a whole story in itself. Rumour has it that he was once fired from Haney Correctional Institute and had a personal reason for closing it. It was said the he had an “order in counsel” passed to have severe damage done to the steel bars (roller bars) so that the cost of repair would be prohibited. The camps followed shortly after. The wisdom of the NDP was to turn the facility into a vocational school, however that was a miserable failure with a huge cost to the taxpayers. New jails were later constructed to “cater” to the incarcerated (at another huge cost to the taxpayers). Folks, you will continue to fund prisoner care no matter if it is in jails or the community. I,however, would feel more secure if the criminals were locked away in very secure facilities!

The Liberals were in power when the Terrace Community Correctional Center was shut down around 2003 and to me, that was one of the dumbest things they could do. Inmates all transferred to PGR. These were normally 6 months and under but they took some, depending on the individual, for longer periods. When they got out, sure, they got a bus ticket home, but a lot were enticed by the bright lights and stayed. Some families moved here as well to be closer to a loved one doing time. It would be sensible to open a center in Ft. St. John, and Terrace again get their time done locally, but will wait and see. And bug my MLA again.

Time for Action. Let’s ditch the Monarchy (canaexit) Let’s ditch the Centralized (east coast prevelant) Government. BC is bigger than every country in Europe. We have shipping(Rupert and van) mining, forestry, oil and gas, government infrastructure, etc etc. If people want local and provincial issues at the forefront let’s have our own Country! Let’s quit sending money to Ottawa to have local government ignored and underfunded. BC sends the most money to Ottawa and gets the least amount back. Where is our provincial backbone like Alberta and Quebec? Not to mention poorly managed government spending!! Does it really cost 200 million dollars to build that??
How come I (with little experience) could build govt infrastructure for half the price and twice the quality? Because I’m not corrupt and embezzling money!!
It’s ok for Britain to exit EU but we have to pay millions to have Prince George visit everywhere but “Prince George”? Come on! The Monarchy is Canada’s largest welfare recipient! Let’s take a page from India and gain our independence before UK steals all our national resources. The electoral system is defunct. Politicians are crooked. RCMP are full of corruption. Dont sit idle as our civil liberties are stripped from us. The charter of rights and freedoms isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Sieg Hiel PM Trudeau…your dad was a communist too! I say NEW country. NEW government system, LET’S MAKE BC GREAT AGAIN!!

    Well Trump turned the system on its head. Fidel was a murderous dictator from the start no one changed him. Why did 1/4 of Cuba’s population bail?

    “If people want local and provincial issues at the forefront let’s have our own Country!”

    I bet many people in Alberta are saying the same thing!

    As for the monarchy – it will probably go away all by itself. Canada does not need a foreign head of state any longer. Our constitution no longer resides in London. We would manage quite well if we were truly independent.

      We wouldn’t manage any better than we do right now. And quite probably a whole lot worse. As far as cost goes, it would be far more expensive to ditch the monarchy than it would ever be to keep it. All the laws would have to be re-written, everything depicting the Crown replaced, military insignia changed, the word “Royal” removed from everything governmental, and for what? Not only that but Disney would probably sue us big time for breach of contract. After all, they paid good money for marketing rights to the image of the ‘Royal’ Canadian Mounted Police. And what’s that worth when it’s no longer ‘Royal’? Keep the monarchy. If Trudeau’s too much to take we can always become the Dominion of British Columbia! That way we’d have a chance at being independent. As a ‘republic’ we’d last about as long as California or Texas did before Uncle Same gobbled us up.

All this arguing over a three headed dragon? Big picture people. LEFT or RIGHT head of the Dragon? Doesn’t matter. Slay the metaphorical dragon. Harper or Trudeau or Jean or NDP. SAME DRAGON. Change won’t happen one correction facility or lane hogger at a time. Division and confusion of Politics and Religion is the easiest way to control the uneducated masses!!
I’m talking about YOU people.
I don’t think I’m smart….I think you are not smart.
Big picture is God doesn’t exist and ALL government is corrupt. Even Fidel wanted to start a true democracy. He just realized that “democrats” would never let him succeed and had to change and adapt or perish. All politicians are payed puppets for big business. Jim Pattison owns Global news. You think he’s gonna put his political beliefs first? I would and he does!! The media controls your perception of government and big business controls the media. So who controls the government? BIG BUSINESS. So the next time you wonder why the current elected official is “breaking their promises” it’s because even if they were good people they get paid to do what big business tells them. Example: Steven Harper has more money in his personal bank account than every dollar he’s ever “made” working in his entire life. Even if he never spent a nickel of it! Why? Because he’s payed to do business with big business. Trudeau is no different.

    You were doing good for a while donkeypunch until you veered off into Harper’s bank account. How you would know his finances? You don’t. If your intention is to win people to your way of thinking, keep it real.

      Stephen Harper’s net worth is $5 Million dollars, it public knowledge!

      ht tp://www.therichest.com/celebnetworth/politician/minister/stephen-harper-net-worth/

      Bh at least Harper earned his money unlike dear leader who has no experiance earning money and what it takes. Same with his ol-man.

    Stephen Harper has lots of money because he invested wisely. Don’t think that’s possible? Ask Ataloss.

      Pretty easy to invest wisely when you know what company you are awarding the contract to. Probably the same company who’s subsidiary donated to your campaign! Come on Man!

      And your evidence for this is……?

      Right, you have none.

    I think he’s been donkey kicked. In the head. Or he’s high on something that’s not legal yet.

      Always good to go for personal attack when facts slam you in the face. Your old man old ways approach to pessimism makes me smile. Sure I went on a rant there. I’m not seriously planning a referendum! Isn’t Dief getting phased out of the money? It wouldn’t cost much to get rid of the queen. If you look closely some of the toonie and loonies are steel now and the nickel ones are being phased out. Just punch mickey mouse face on the coin instead of her face. That’ll keep Disney happy too! (See govt efficiency I was speaking of;-). My policy is to get mine while the getting is good and who cares about others or the environment or the future!(basically capitalism). Until Canadians start caring about Canada more than Trump/Clinton and the US election then we will never be free of the oppression of Ottawa and the Monarchy.
      Everything I wrote in the previous posts is easily proved truth. I’m not saying sasquatches exist. I’m saying Harper has more money than he should…dividends included. I’m saying Castro wanted true democracy. Not saying he accomplished it!
      Just do your research before balking at free thought.
      And yes I was pretty stoned when I wrote those posts😅. Also was pretty stoned in University! Doesn’t hinder my ability to be a free thinker unlike some closed minded dream crushers. 😀

A 12 year old girl from Georgia live streams her suicide and the video has over 1 million views? Seriously, what is wrong with people?

Rex Murphy: Cherish your suffering, Ontario; Premier Wynne’s green gods know of your sacrifice

It cannot have escaped the attention of many that Ontario is most unsettled these days. That its industries are anxious, its debt colossal, its citizens not in a pleasant mood. Ontario is in a lot of pain. But let me assure readers outside Ontario that it has not all been for nothing. There are rewards. They are subtle, intangible, but they are real. Let me explain.

ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/rex-murphy-cherish-your-suffering-ontario-premier-wynnes-green-gods-know-of-your-sacrifice

    Am I the only one who reads Rex Murphy in Rex Murphy’s voice?

      That’s the only way to do it!

      LOL, I do that too! Funny how that happens :)


Politics…ugh… well Harper was horrible PM and I was trying to give Trudeau time to show who he is..and he did.. not what I was hoping for.. the only true way to compare the two Pms is if Trudeau holds office as long as Harper…

Besides that..

Everyone have a safe weekend :-)

    My impression of Harper is that, while he had his faults, he was the best PM I can remember, and I can remember all the way back to Dief the Chief.

Dirtman, nice that you have such a clouded and confused memory of Stephen Harper, unfortunately your opinion that he was the best PM in your living memory does not jive with what the experts, and pollster have found.

In fact, Harper ranked near the bottom according to those experts and pollsters!

ht tp://www.macleans.ca/politics/ottawa/ranking-canadas-best-and-worst-prime-ministers/

    Bh experts and pollsters and media said crooked Hillary was a shoe-in.

      They also said the NDP were gonna win the last election……

      And Viola; we have the prefect reasons for remaining uninformed and ignorant; those reasons? I don’t trust tv, print, radio and Internet media because they sometimes get things wrong.

    Give us some more time with Trudeau. Their opinion of Harper will soon change for the better.

Experts and pollsters BH? Same class of clowns that predicted a Hillary win? If Maclean’s says so, then Dirtman must be wrong.

Tinkle , tinkle , little star . Putin put you where you are ; George Takai (sic) .

    Fake news fan hey?

    Still waiting?

    It’s just a little poem by the first human of Asian ancestry to fictionally go into deep space just to have a look around . It’s not fake , it’s fiction , science fiction .

Dear leader talked about phasing out the oil sands! Absolutely clueless comes to mind.

    If you are going to make things up . Why not make it more plausible . Like taking it from The periodic table of fictional minerals . You can find it on line . You could say he is going to replace the tarsands with a honkin big Bolonium reactor . If you’re going to go fantasy , go big !

      It is “Oilsands” not “Tarsands”. The land is cleaner around Ft Mac than ever before thanks to the Oil companies.

      Ataloss obviously you missed Justin’s comments where he did actually comment about phasing out the oil sands! Here’s a link to the HuffPost! You do read the HuffPost, don’t you?

      “Notley Claps Back At Trudeau’s Stance That Oilsands Will Be Phased Out”

      EDMONTON — Premier Rachel Notley says Alberta’s oilsands aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

      Notley posted a video message Friday after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was taken to task for talking about eventually phasing out the oilsands.

      ht tp://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2017/01/13/notley-trudeau-oilsands_n_14157910.html?utm_hp_ref=justin-trudeau

      You really need to be more up on your news there Ataloss

      ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/justin-trudeau-oilsands-phase-out-1.3934701

Wonder how long before Alberta this time says screw you Trudeau and goodbye.

Globalisation how it is a threat to our sovereignty and how defeated globalist will hit back in the US.

ht tp://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/01/12/virgil-trumps-nationalist-vision-vs-gospel-globalism/

Second installment on globalization

htt p://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2017/01/13/virgil-deep-state-strikes-back-permanent-campaign-donald-trump/

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