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October 27, 2017 7:22 pm

Why Trudeau Chose Freeland for Foreign Affairs

Friday, January 13, 2017 @ 5:43 AM



I think its an outrage the recent appointment of a Somali refugee to be our Minister of Citizenship and Immigration.

I think it was done purely to buy immigrant votes; please globalists patrons like George Soros and his Open Societies plan (meeting in secret meetings); but mostly as a crass partisan move to send a challenge to Trump that he doesn’t accept Trumps agenda. Its like he is a child trying to goad Trump into the ring sure that there is no way he can lose with his selfie stardom and artful use of lefty fear politics to shut Trump down.

The problem is Trudeau’s policy, in addition to provoking an unneeded sour grapes with the new Trump administration looking to build border walls and implement extreme vetting from high risk countries to violent islamization… it is also insulting to Canadians that hold the value of ones citizenship is the most important aspect of the federal government… having the top spot for molding our next generation of immigrants and future citizens being raised in a third world failed state that has been involved in a brutal tribal conflict between competing jihadi groups… a failed state that had no vetting process to ensure our new Minister of Immigration is not compromised by his own actions in that civil war as a young man… or under the condition where he could be blackmailed (a Somali art) by threats to his family, friends, clan, or compromising information on his past.

It is just irresponsible on Trudeau’s part to cleanse his cabinet of experience and to replace that with people that weren’t even raised in Canada much less born in Canada. I think it is very important that any cabinet position should only go to born in Canada Canadians if for no other reason then for their first loyalty to country, and full vetting for any time in their past.

What a contrast to America. Say what one wants about their democracy, but having the elected members of the Senate vetting for approval the cabinet picks of Trump is a far more democratic process than a partisan MP that belongs to the largest party having the right to pick his entire cabinet and not have any hearings on the matter to justify the pick, or vet the pick for their thoughts on how they will shape policy while in office.

In America one must be born American to serve in the cabinet positions and through hearings one only gets the limo driver and pension for life if one passes a rigorous process. In Canada Trudeau just appoints and then goes on a partisan speaking tour of vetted crowds and questions; while avoiding Parliament altogether.

I think it is vitally important who shapes the next generation of Canadians.

If we had a hearing on the appointment of MP Hussen Minister of Immigration it would be nice to know what his views are on immigration from Islamic war zones? Does his early life living in a Somali war zone shape his views and bias for who will be getting the immigration quota’s? Will the Muslim quota’s be increased substantially now that our new immigration minister is a Muslim? Will he be showing favoritism towards Somali immigrants? Will this be at the expense of family quota’s and temporary foreign workers that have worked here for years and hope to become permanent residents.

My wife’s aunt lives in Minneapolis and she was recently visiting for Christmas. She would often say if she could she would move to Canada, because her country has been destroyed by the racial violence.

In Minneapolis they started having massive Somali immigration about five years ago… nearly a 100,000 since then. Now she says everyone is afraid to leave their houses because of all the Somali violence in the city. The new Somali migrants hate the Americans and take it out on their neighbors, they congregate into closed communities and propagate hate speech, and more recently have flash mobs at shopping centers where they beat and rob all the shoppers. Its turned into a total nightmare.

Most immigrants integrate just fine. Immigrants from places like Europe, Japan, China, Philippines, India, and even Pakistan integrate just fine… mostly because they have strong central governments that ensure a good vetting process.

Places like Somalia though only get through the refugee camps by breaking some laws; and when they get to their final destination they don’t blend into the existing society; they tend to go to war with it.

Appointing a former Somali refugee as our Minister of Immigration says that we intend to increase that type of new immigrant at precisely a time when Trump is saying the Americans will be tightening their border to keep precisely this type of immigrant out. It will be a red flag for the incoming administration and they will not be willing to give Canada any breaks with this development.

So pissing on Trumps shoes will do nothing to solve our issues like the softwood lumber tariffs that could cripple our local economies… even if it strokes Trudeau’s ego. Chomping at the bit to open up NAFTA under these conditions is pure juvenile dysfunction at the highest office.

Say our new Immigration and Citizenship Minister Hussen ups the quota to 150,000 Muslims a year from the war zones of East Africa, Central Saharan Africa, and the Middle East war zones… most will be relegated to lower income jobs that don’t inspire loyalty and upward mobility and even more will not find employment at all due to language and cultural barriers… this then will mean an additional cost for the rest of the Canadian citizens in health care, education, policing, infrastructure, mental health access, and possibly incarceration or added crime on Canadians.

Trudeau and George Soros have teamed up with a new immigration program aimed at bringing Europe’s immigrants to Canada. It involves the Canadian government, The UN Commission on Immigrants, and George Soros Open Societies (advocates open borders). This new program allows for any foreign entity or government to sponsor new immigrants to Canada… basically a dumping ground for the immigrants other countries don’t want, its cheaper to pay their first year of costs in Canada than deport or house them in refugee camps.

At the end of the day after the first year… all these immigrants are our equals. They have just as much right as you or I to government programs and benefits. They have the same rights to health care, education, welfare, to choose our future governments, and to own guns and expect a right to privacy and free speech.

If our government so chooses to bring in new Canadians that do not conform to Canadian norms in the name of diversity… then what happens when we have to implement new regulations to govern those that abuse the system, those that abuse new rights, and those that are just welfare shopping for entitlements… what happens is that it waters down the rights and entitlements for all the rest of Canadians that paid their dues and contributed to building this country in the long term. It undermines entitlements like social security if our immigration policy is simply a policy for bleeding hearts to hand out citizenship to every hapless people the world over.

I just wish we had a vetting process for appointments to the Federal Cabinet here in Canada and that all appointments to such top positions are going to people that were raised and immersed in Canada and Canadian values as their genus and foundation as a person.

Appointing a clear outsider and expecting to have social unity in the future is problematic.

Time Will Tell

    Eagleone is right that immigrants from Somalia have proved to be difficult to assimilate in Western countries and that we should be wary of accepting large numbers of immigrants from Somalia. At the same time, we should recognize that some immigrants from countries like Somalia whose values are so different from ours want to immigrate precisely because their personal values are like ours and unlike those of their native country. An example is Ayaan Hirsi Ali, now a famous critic of Islam and activist for freedom of speech and against female genital mutilation, who was born in Somalia.

Nice post Eagleone.

Dear Mr. Trudeau,

Do you want Canada to elect Kevin O’Leary, because this is how you get Kevin O’Leary elected.

Honestly, I like Trudeau, he’s a modern guy that doesn’t think and act like one of the good ole’boys. But its time to start thinking about all of Canada, not just the special interest groups that shrill the loudest and bang the drums the loudest. The people that make Canada a global leader in all ways will not tolerate it for long.

“In America one must be born American to serve in the cabinet positions …”

Afraid that’s not so, Eagle. It is to be President or Vice President, but not to serve in cabinet positions. Case in point, Henry Kissinger was Secretary of State, and he was born in Germany. In the line of succession to the Presidency if something we’re to happen to the President and Vice President, he would normally have been number four, after the Speaker of the House of Representatives. In his case, if something like that occurred had occurred and the Speaker was eliminated, too, he would have been by-passed as ineligible, and the head of the next Secretariat beneath State in order of precedence would get the top job.

So much better if they’d stayed in the Empire and evolved into a constitutional monarchy like we did! We can have Governors-General born in China, Haiti, or anywhere else, and it doesn’t make a whit of difference. The whole Trudeau government is just a feel-good front group for Finance anyways, from pretty boy on down.

Another example of a US cabinet member who was not born American is Madeline Albright, Secretary of State under Clinton. She was born to Czech parents in Czechoslovakia and immigrated to the US when she was 11.

    There you go, there’s probably a lot of other examples. As for the State Governors, the former ‘Gubernator’ of California, was born in Austria. There were people in the States in both his case, and Kissinger’s, who were calling for a Constitutional Amendment to eliminate the requirement for a President to be born in the USA so either could have run for president. That hasn’t happened yet. It may, someday, since without that a ‘naturalised’ US citizen is still sort of a second-class citizen, and not really compatible with the concept that “all are created equal” Americans put so much stock in.

Excellent post eagleone

Trudeau should be reading the following.

Trudeau the clock is ticking.


    I just read this article. I could endorse that view 100%. Great find thanks for sharing.

Whoops forgot a space in the address

htt p://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/01/12/virgil-trumps-nationalist-vision-vs-gospel-globalism/

The idea that “people that weren’t even raised in Canada much less born in Canada” are second class Canadians is atavistic and downright deplorable.

    I agree. Though there are some obvious exceptions. When a person becomes a Canadian citizen and takes the Oath of Allegiance to the Crown, we expect them to not be obtaining what they’re getting under false pretences.

    When it’s shown clearly that they have violated that Oath, they obviously no longer have any intention of being Canadian citizens, so it should not be incumbent on this country keeping them here.

    So if you had people from some war torn land come here as refugees, become Canadian citizens, and then engage in actions that might result in essentially making war on this country, they’ve broken the contract they made when they were granted citizenship. And they should be deported.

      Making war on this country usuaĺly means another country declaring and conducting war on us. Acts of terrorism from within the country? We already have laws and courts that deal with that!

      What I do not appreciate is when immigrants start fighting with each other here about things happening in their country of origin!

      Once they have taken the oath of allegiance to their new country and have become Canadian citizens I expect them to behave accordingly. They no longer have refugee status.

      The appointee which is the subject of the cartoon is eminently qualified to hold the post for several reasons, those being intelligent, experienced and multilingual.

    OH You are ignoring the issues in Sweden, Germany, Denmark, France, England, Italy to name a few.

    oh deplorable, well that is how Trump got elected, the deplorables rose up against the globalist elites. Our dear leader I am sure is worried but I am not so sure he is bright enough to be worried.

      It amazes me that someone who is so anti Canadian culture and so pro American culture can even stand to live up here anymore. Regardless of our political leader at the time, Canadians are a more tolerant people than our American neighbours, most would agree with that statement I think. I wonder if you self gratify yourself at night staring at a picture of “The Donald” as well.

      Bent anti Canadian culture just what are you on about? Must be a strain being a fake elitist. Poor Bent can only come back with locker room insults.

Once again Eagleone sits in judgement over everything and everyone! He immediately doubles down to make this cartoon story about “race” and spews his foreign race, religion, and culture bashing rhetoric views!

At any rate, about the cartoon, while most will get the reference to Merly Streep, for those that don’t, here is a video of her golden globe speech that sent an immature, thin skinned, Donald Trump into such a hissy fit!

ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxyGmyEby40

Oh by the way Eagleone, I hope you don’t mind me sharing the video, Merly Streep does such a wonderful job accurately describing your hero Donald Trump.

You don’t even get the cartoon BH. Wake up you are in your own world man.

Yes Merle Streep is a never Trump protester that introduced Hillery at the DNC convention. She thinks she speaks for everyone in Hollywood and by the Golden Globes putting her out front they showcased their hate for the new president.

The cartoon suggests that the appointment of Freeland was in the same political vien. Probably because she just signed one of the most pro globalist free trade deals ever signed hoping to drag the US along under her model. Trump wants nothing to do with free trade and thinks the EU is a failure. Thus appointing someone that is against the direction Trump wants to go is akin to appointing Merle Streep to be the face of Canada with the new administration.

This view may hold some water, but I would and did argue that the appointment of Hussen as the immigration minister meets this threshold much more so. It’s not racist or anti religion to point this out, just a bit of realism, which is something BH knows nothing about in his world of bolshivik correctism. The view I hold is pro Canadian always and when I see a threat to my country by an ill informed decision by our elected leaders I will speak up.

Nice “old stock Canadian” view you have there Eagleone, and by “old stock Canadian” I mean white, male, over at least 60 years old… that describes quite a few Conservatives on here, I would imagine.

It looks to me like you are subscribing to the Kellie Leitch’s “Canadian Values” when you say the views I hold is pro-Canadian always. So what are “Canadian values” and who gets to decide what they are? You? Kellie Leitch? the Conservative Party of Canada?

Is a Muslim woman wearing a niqab expressing “Canadian values”? Is she being or acting Canadian? Fine line between defining what is Canadian and what isn’t! So what in your opinion constitutes a threat to our country, if not a Muslim woman wearing a niqab?

Stop taking in generalities and start being more specific… catch the drift?

I just finished watched a kick ass movie, thoroughly enjoyed it, but it’s getting late and I see you have not responded to my last post Eagleone. When you state; “…the views I hold is pro-Canadian always…” define those “Canadian views”, share with the rest of us your definition of “Canadian values”. No…?

Then allow me to express my Canadian views and values: My Canada is a nation, a country, that is open, tolerant, and accepting, of all people, regardless of their ethnicity, culture, religion, beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, or whatever else you, and your ilk, might be afraid of Eagleone.

I trust my government will protect us by way of stringent regulations and procedures designed to thoroughly screen and vet all persons who would apply for immigration, or refugee status, to Canada. I believe all immigrants and refugees have the right to be themselves when becoming Canadian Citizens. This means they have the right to practice their own cultural norms, which forms an important part of their identity, and allows them freedom to practice their religion, even if that religion happens not to be a “your” religion!

I believe we should all uphold our country’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as it is our duty as Canadians to do so… and you Eagleone?

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