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October 27, 2017 7:15 pm

Rally For Women’s Rights

Saturday, January 21, 2017 @ 10:36 AM

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Prince George, B.C. – Dozens of people have turned out for a rally in support of the the Women’s March on Washington in Canada Games Plaza this morning.

Organizer Zoe Meletis says it’s one of 600 marches taking place globally in response to newly inaugurated U.S. President Donald Trump.

“It’s to stand together for equality, equity and women’s rights. This is just to remind everybody that our rights are always at risk.”

UNBC president Dr. Daniel Weeks with wife Fay

Co-organizer Annie Booth says women’s rights should never be tsken for granted – even in Canada.

“The Americans have shown us that all our rights, privileges and freedoms are one election away from being gone.”

There’s also a few men in the crowd,  including UNBC president Dr. Daniel Weeks.

“I think everyone is here for a different reason really,” he says.

“I know people are here in protest of the presidential election in the U.S., quite frankly I don’t care about that.

“I’m really here because any day you can come out and support women’s rights and gender equity I think is a good day.”


While their cause may be noble women have the same rights as men in the USA and Canada. If they want to address women’s rights in another Country how about Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Pakistan, the list goes on.

    Get your head out of the con bubble and show some respect . If women had the same rights in canada and the USA there would not be millions around the world marching in the streets .

      So women don’t have the same rights or opportunities in the USA as men? Who was Trump running against? Thats right, a woman. How many Countries provide that opportunity for women? When was the last time a woman was stoned or jailed in the USA for talking to a man that was not her husband? Maybe you should get cable and see what goes on outside the USA and Canada, CBC doesn’t quite cut it.

      To powerful very smart women helped Trump to a resounding victory, ivanka and Kellyann.

      Agreed Ataloss; Donald Trump has been accused of at least 51 misogynistic statements against women, here are just six of those statements:

      1. That Fox News Megyn Kelly had blood coming out of her ‘wherever.’ After she moderated GOP debates and called him out on his use of words to label women as “fat pigs” and “dogs”.
      2. He described Republican presidential nomination candidate Carly Fiorina, during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine Trump stating; “Look at that face!” “Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!”
      3. Of Hilary Clinton; “… that she got “schlonged” by Obama in the 2008 campaign.
      4. On Hilary Clinton; “……and that *maybe* someone could just shoot her.”
      5. Donald Trump tweeted; “26,000 unreported sexual assults (sic) in the military-only 238 convictions. What did these geniuses expect when they put men & women together?
      6. That former CEO of Fox News Roger Ailes has helped the women who have accused him of sexual harassment.

      So, is anyone still wondering why concerned women and men are marching in the streets today worldwide?

      Peter North > When a 70 year old man can brag about grabbing a woman’s crotch in public and not be charged for sexual assault, there is a very fundamental right removed from that woman.

      When that person is now the President of the USA it is even worse, because the message to every male who has the tendency to act out in that fashion is clearly condoned.

      What part of that do you not understand Peter North. Who brought you up and taught you respect?

      We do not even have to start discussing any other aspect of equal rights of humans, whether male or female.

      I agree wholeheartedly with you gopg2015! In fact I recently posted an example how Donald Trump enabled an alleged sexual assault.

      “The incident occurred last month when local Republican von Keyserling encountered a 57 year-old woman in a hallway. A brief political argument ensued in which von Keyserling reportedly said “I love this new world, I no longer have to be POLITICALLY CORRECT.” When the woman tried to walk away, von Keyserling allegedly reached between her legs and pinched her groin, saying to the woman that “it would be your word against mine and no one will believe you.”

      ht tp://occupydemocrats.com/2017/01/15/republican-politician-just-grabbed-woman-pssy-gave-terrible-excuse/

      Disgusting and criminal behaviour needs to be punished, not rewarded!!!

      BH you still on about that? Guess the previous times he sexually assaulted staff he was enabled by Obama

      Wasn’t his first rodeo, but funny to see you get your news from occupy democrats

      slinky, are you still missing the point? He said; “I love this new world, I no longer have to be POLITICALLY CORRECT.” just before he grabbed her by her p**sy, his words AND actions model’s Trump’s, everyone seems to know this but you!

      No you are missing the point, he has done it before, didn’t need any enabling from Trump on those occasions when he pinched other women’s butts did he?

    Let’s see if that holds true after President _____ Grabber is in office for a while . . .

      Hey scary Hillary is married to a proven grabber, still is and demonacaly defended that presidential grabber.

      Digitus, take a deep breath, let it out slowly, there feel better?

      See…some of the things tRump says are not proper and get censored. This certainly isn’t your Breitbart site is it seamutt ?

      And if you’re going to live in the nineties…the truth should be out there by now for you to find. Put your little fingers to work and list everything the Clintons were convicted of.

      Did you mean to write President “Crotch Grabber”? ;-)

      Amusing statement gopg2015, but “crotch” is a gender neutral term, we all have crotches. No Donald Trump was very specific on the type of crotch he likes to grab! This is all a bit sick to discuss, but what is next that we can we expect from “The Donald”?

    Ataloss is right, Peter. On paper, sure, men and women have the same rights in North America, but the reality is quite different. If you’re a cable tv watcher, then surely you’ve heard the term “glass ceiling?” Maybe you think that’s just a figment of half the populations imagination?

    Trump has been pretty clear, as much as one can say that about a lunatic, they he is pro-life, will appoint pro-life judges to the supreme court and defund planned parenthood programs that offer abortions. Without the liberty to choose what happens with your own body, you have nothing.

      Glass ceiling comment. Well you just like to ignore female leaders a ceo’s all over there free worlg. Hey scary Hillary’s female adviser got beat by Trump’s female adviser, that must hurt.

      If it was a balanced and fair world Hillary would be in jail. What does it say about the character of Hillary who defends a serial sexual predictor. Hey folks seems like equal opportunity to me.

      Hey I also follow the rebel, rex Murphy that should make you comic book readers see red.

      Oh, I won’t get an answer, but I’ll ask anyway.

      seamutt, what is a serial sexual predictor ? Is that someone that predicts when a small handed person will grope his next victim ?

      Digitus, auto correct but as usual the only comeback you got.

      No, seamutt. The point is….you are a rube that cannot spell simple words of the English language. Typical tRump supporter.

      Bye the way, seamutt, do you live in Parkridge Heights, and have a Confederate flag on the front of your house ? Is that your place dude ?

      Yep, come knock on the door. Watch out for the dogs they like playing with snowflakes.

      If the dogs are smart like you, I’m sure a couple of phony items will have them baffled.

    The whole point of this thing is marching for women other than yourself. I march for future generations in my own country. I march for the women in the US whose health and reproductive rights are under threat. I march for the women in the world who aren’t free to pursue an education. I march for the women who are victims of violence directly linked to their gender. I march for my LGBTQ friends who most certainly are not yet considered equal.

      Totally agree! Your comment speaks for me!

      YES, for all these reasons!!!!

    Well said Peter North,,,,as a woman of some 50+ years,and a resident of Canada, I have never felt that my rights were ever in jeopardy because of my gender. I refuse to be cast as anything but equal.

      Identity statements do not carry much weight on this site willyj, you could be a man posting from the United States for all we know.

      Being Human,,,,All woman dont Lie.

      willyj, on a site like this you can be anyone you want to be, that is my point! Just the other day on a discussion thread about the Fentanyl overdose crisis, someone calling the overdose victims scum of the earth, claim to have two bothers who were drug addicts, which gave him the moral right to call them that.

      Did he/she really have two brothers who are both drug addicts? Who knows? But there are people who post to this site that have lost family members to drug addiction, and to those people, overdose victims are NOT scum of the earth.

      Some on this site believe me to be female, and refer to me as a female, others refer to me as male, so who is right, my answer is who cares?

      BH, since you are the king of copy and paste show me where I called my two brothers scum of the earth.

I think we should be clear on what rights the woman want. In the USA they were aborting babeys right up to term which means a lot of suffering on the babys body. What about the babys rights? The planned parenthood was selling baby parts in the USA. Like I said, lets be clear on the rights of woman. They have rights, but I’m not in favor of pain to a unborn babey.

    The planned parenthood was selling baby parts in the USA. ??? That was fake news put out before the election and has been traced to an altright fake news site . Shameful to see it repeated here in print .

    Aborting babies right up to full term is also a fallacy, as are most things that come out of Trump’s mouth.

    Most states have laws that place restrictions on abortions at some point in pregnancy — for example, many states ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, and others ban abortions after a fetus is viable (meaning it could survive outside the womb), which is often defined as either week 22 or week 24 of pregnancy.

    Even on the final day of pregnancy, and the pregnancy threatens the expectant mother health or life, the options of cesarean, or induced birth is usually followed to end the pregnancy.

    In these days of Internet and Google, ignorance is a choice.

    Nobody is aborting healthy babies at term. You can stop worrying so much.

All the hate lately is just disgusting.

    Don’t know if all the hate is really anything new and if the internet and social media just fan the flames more . I agree it does seem to be more intense lately . Fake news certainly isn’t helping .

    That’s convenient because the message of the women’s marches around the world is one of love. It has nothing to do with hate.

      It has nothing to do with hate? These marches have everything to do with hate… Hate for anyone that is pro life… That is the whole reason of the marches and the fake media propaganda against Trump. It has nothing to do with equality of rights.

      Trump won non-post secondary educated women by 30%, and that is why he is president today. The women who didn’t have economic equality voted for Trump.

The News Media has been saying Trump is anti-gay but has anyone actually listened to Hitlery say exactly what they are claiming Trump has? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jokYYm7W8Aw

It was televised last year. Like I said we need clearity on this stuff.

Dozens, wow. Anyone wearing those funky pink toques?

Let’s see we have three female premiers, numerous female heads of state around the world. Speaking of powerful women, love how easy it is for Rona to get dear leader shouting in question period.

Weeks is holding up a sign that reads, “Girls just wanna have fundamental rights”.

I’m curious, what fundamental rights are they being denied in this country?

    How about the fundamental right not to be grabbed by the pu**y!

      These are the fundamental rights (or as we in Canada call them, fundamental freedoms”.

      “freedom of conscience and religion;
      freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including
      freedom of the press and other media of communication;
      freedom of peaceful assembly; and
      freedom of association.”

      Being unwillingly grabbed is called assault and there’s already a law against that.

      Yup, just think of your Mother, Wife, Sister, Aunt, etc–being grabbed by a dirty old man. How would some of you fellas feel about that. Woman have been silently dealing with this “stuff” for decades. It’s not 1950 any more!!!

    axman….. see the sign??? They want FUN


    FUNdamental rights… As in the right to have sexual ‘FUN’ and not be responsible about it, as a right… A man saying yes to abortion because it makes women more ‘FUN’… Just what every dad warns his little girls about.


      So you completely missed the reference to the Cindy Lauper 1980’s hit song “Girls just just want to have fun”? Watch the video, there is nothing sexual about it.

      ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIb6AZdTr-A

      It is scary that we still have people around here that think like you do on abortion. So glad that one of the first things Justin Trudeau did as leader of the Liberals, was to declare the Federal Liberal Party as being PRO-CHOICE, to uphold a woman’s right to choose! This kept a lot of the religious right from joining the party as candidates.


      No Trudeau declared the liberal party to be intolerant. Intolerant of anyone that is prolife. He actually kicked members of the party to the curb for not sharing his views on what should be a moral choice of conscience in politics.

      So what are ‘FUN’ rights for women as it relates to women and the need for abortions? Please explain. Sometimes I think sick men like BH are behind the whole feminist movement… Makes it easier for them to take advantage of the women they proport to stand for.

      I sense your hatred building towards me Eagleone, and I am offended that you would call me a sick man! Most of us can engage in debate while still being civil.

      Then keep it civil. Stick to the facts and stop thinking you speak for everyone when you make outrageous claims that are blatantly biased with a vindictive slant on reality. Politics should be space of honour and respect and your contributions of late fall far short of respectful political discourse.

“The Americans have shown us that all our rights, priveleges (sic) and freedoms are one election away from being gone.”

We do have in Canada the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms which does not discriminate against gender, religion, race or ethnicity. Are the protesters aware of the fact that it was enshrined in our constitution close to four decades ago? This is ample protection for everybody!

We are all equal.

    We are all equal? Since when? We have the right to be treated equally under the law but we are not equal.

    “Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability. “

      Well, alright! Thanks for clarifying the point I made in respect to being equal. You are correct in saying that while we are equal under the law we may not have equal treatment. Still, we do have the law on our side when we are being discriminated against. Next time I will be more specific.

    As long as there is pay inequity , we are not equal .

      Where specifically are women in Canada paid less for the same work?

      It does not matter what country, women getting lower pay for the same job as men is likely a universal problem.

      ht tp://www.cnbc.com/2016/12/05/men-still-earn-more-than-women-with-the-same-jobs.html

      The women that voted on pey inequity voted for Trump over Clinton by 30%. Women without post secondary education went overwhelmingly for Trump, and their primary concern was economic equality.

      State your sources Eagleone, show us the evidence that supports your assertions.

      BH you know how to use google. Take off your blinders and do a general search. It’s common knowledge that Trump got 64% to Clintons 32% of the non college educated women voters.

      It would have been an even greater difference if not for the 97% of black non college educated voters voting for Clinton. And 74% of Hispanic women voting for Clinton.

      Trump also won the majority white communities by over 40%. He also won the mostly white communities by 20%, and the mostly non white communities by 10 points. Clinton only won in the mostly minority communities. Thus the democratic calls of racism because he won the white vote….

    In your dreams, reality is so much different.

What Ataloss is saying people, is Justin Treadeau is overpaid.

Interesting side note , there were two lottery winners in PG recently. One male the other female. Both stories were on 250news. The male won twice the amount of money and just got congrats in the comment section. The female immediately got all kinds of comments that she should get financial advice on what to do with the money. Could the assumption be that the commentators don’t think a women would be smart enough to handle that much money?

    I scratched my head at this photo caption, “UNBC president Dr. Daniel Weeks with wife Fay – photos 250News” I read left to right, it’s clearly a picture of “Fay” (no last name given) and Daniel Weeks. Why did he get star billing?

      The “important” person based on presumed title and position is the UNBC president.

      Unless his wife is the head of Emergency Services at the hospital or has some other “titular” reason to be named independently by her profession or other community status, she is the “wife” of the president of UNBC.

      Of course we could also turn that around by declaring the individuals as “Fay and her husband UNBC president Dr. Daniel Weeks” since she is depicted to the left and we generally read from left to right as well as view images from left to right.

      As far as “loving Trumps hate” goes, she seems to be an old hippie …. “love, love, love, all we need is love….”. In other words, there is good in everyone.

      Putting his name first because he is the presumed, “important” person is an unfortunate artifact of the patriarchal society we still live in. One would think that an article about women’s rights would highlight the women and not one man. In other words, women may have all the fundamental freedoms on paper, but we still have a long way to go to ensure those rights become part of our every day society.

      Some people may regard this a nit picking, but it’s the small steps that start a journey.

    Or you could be reading too much into it. A byproduct of an oversensitive society.

      A byproduct of an oversensitive society? Good grief that’s the same line as everyone being too politically correct. Great excuse for accepting racism, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia, etc.

      When Donald Trump make public statement that incorporate any of the above, his followers explain it away as “The Donald” not being politically correct, because being politically correct is being “oversensitive”!

      This is how The Donald gets to say things like; “Mexico, then send us their criminals and rapists”… oh well that’s just the Donald, not being PC again.

      Naw, the alpamale got headlined. Speaking of an oversensitive society.

      What’s a “alpamale” ?

      Hey Peeps, it’s replies like that that got Trump elected.

      You are right RS, those kind of statements Trump made were a real hit with the Nazi Party of America, the KKK, and surprisingly the evangelical christian right. As all three of these groups got behind The Donald and elevated him to power.

      Although, there were a few who did not like Hillary’s “establishment politics” and either didn’t vote, or held their noses, and voted for Trump. The political analysts will be going over the election results for months, if not years to figure out how someone like him got elected. One thing is for sure, racist, hate, and divisive, politics is a powerful thing when used effectively.

      It is in the USA …. what has come out is that the civil war of 1860 was fought for nothing since there is still an underlying hatred of the north by the south and hatred of urban communities and their lifestyles by the rural communities.

      There are lots of reasons Trump got elected gopg2015, this is just one of them:

      ht tps://www.bostonglobe.com/opinion/editorials/2016/10/14/how-religious-right-embraced-donald-trump-and-lost-its-moral-authority

      Yes Peeps, the racial divide widened under Obama’s watch. Make no mistake, folks like you, the sanctimonious smug alt-left and the MSM played a huge role in getting Trump in office. How does that make you feel?

      They don’t have to go over it for years BH. Trump got elected because he won the women vote by 30% for women without post secondary education that voted for economic equality. It’s as simple as that.

      If Clinton had won that segment of women, she would be president today… The segment of women not brainwashed by their local college ‘literature’ programming.

      Hey DI, who is your guess on RustyShackleford? NyteHawwk or Hart Guy? Have not seen their comments for on here for a few days.

      Oh what you want to denigrate someone else’s comment because they called you out. What a laugh.

      Cat got you tongue BH. I gave you the fact why Clinton lost. She lost because she was 30% behind Trump for the women that wanted economic equality and had no post secondary education. These women didn’t factor in for the Clinton campaign because they weren’t indoctoranated liberals so they didn’t count.

      The hypocracy is soo rich for the likes of BH.

Even the men are treated unequal in the world. Lol. Hillary Clinton organized this rally. Tweeted go girls go but tucked her tail ran back to NY instead of taking the Mic and showing some courage in Washington. I have a hard time respecting Hillary as a human and has nothing to do with gender. She’s still alttle raw and hurt she lost so drastically to a man that has never come up thro the political system. Hell even Obama was hurt he made it. Trump is not a well spoken person and very rough around edges. But he’s President of United States Of America. Like it or not that’s the way it is. Trump has no intention of taking woman rights away. He can’t because he does not have that much power. March on woman I support you in your cause to maintain woman’s right and its great for the economy. Planes,trains and busses are swamped. 👍Trump win even if he loses. Hahaha

    “Hillary Clinton organized this rally.” Oh c’mon…..state your source.

    “He can’t because he does not have that much power”

    Just watch him. We will all see how much power he has …. disruptive power, and it is world wide.

    I was reading the latest statistic that the US has military forces (US Special Operations Forces – SOF) deployed in 70% of the world’s nations.

    The 2015 figures are 147 countries of 195.

    On top of that it is an increase of 80% since 2010.

    All under Obama’s watch.

    Putin has some interesting points of view to discuss with Trump. Putin now has the upper hand. Did anyone notice he does not want to meet with Trump for several months? Nice snub!!!

      What a stretch Gus. Might as well say Trump is working with the Russians because he once ate caviar and therefor he is a threat to women’s ovaries. Same kind of garbage line of reasoning.

In my career, since retired, the women got paid the same amount but could not do the job description as laid out. The males had to compensate for this. I have always believed in woman’s equality, not rights be as that is the wrong wording So I will buck this trend and I don not agree!

Well, I read all the comments, agree with Peter North. More atrocities against women in other countries and way too much BS in media.

Too bad Lien and Grizz can’t spend some time in a Federal prison, they might come out with a different view on sexual assault and rape, which is what over 20 women are alleging of Donald Trump. No big deal, when a guy twice as big, and twice as strong, as you, wants to get intimate against your will… right?

    You keep ignoring the Billy and his apologist, why is that? Thought you were for equal rights? Oh wait.

      You, seamutt, turn into seamute when asked to supply some facts. Whats up doc ?

      What facts you want doc? You just keep ignoring them.

      Madonna speaking at the rally, now there is a joke. Her whole career and the industry she made her money out of is all about sex. Just can’t make this stuff up, so funny.

      seamutt, you are the lamest poster on this site. You dis women, you dis natives, you dis everything that is not flat earth small “c” conservative. maybe you should go to a store and buy a mirror. That thing staring back at you, I sincerely hope you realize that it is ugly. And, your small hands group is….well, just goofy.

      Digit, is that all you post is hate innuendo about anyone you don’t agree with. You must have had a really sad up brining that didn’t teach you about respecting the views of others and not presuming to speak for others.

      Between digit, BH, and haha one gets the sense a lunatic asylum somewhere has released the inmates.

      Eagleone…. are you going to throw a bible at me ? How is that Bush family assassination thing coming along ? Another purveyor of bogus news sites.

    Not a single allegation of inappropriate behaviour with women has stood the test of actual video evidence, independent third party corroboration, or court based judicial discovery in a court of law. It’s all talk with nothing to back it up and it’s all driven by leveraging politics of hate and smear for which you take pride in fomenting. It undermines everything else you have to say.

      I am not the one calling these twenty or so women liars, which seems to be what you are doing Eagleone.

      No you want to insinuate that they are liars, then you do that on your own BH.

      I am saying we talk about the burden of proof if someone is making allegations of a crime against an elected leader. If they have the burden of proof then fine, but to date that has not been the case or Trump would not be president today, the media would be all over it.

      You are using baseless allegations to play ugly politics of hate for the purpose of petty partisan propaganda. It shows the true you BH as the kind of vindictive soul that should never be allowed near power of any kind. I wouldn’t even trust you to walk my dog.

      Always twisting the narrative to make base political points on your red book check list. Bring up victims that you trump up, not for their interests, but rather to further your twisted logic.

      BH should seek help, moral help. Maybe take a course in ethics since you despise religion so much.

      Mmmkay, I think I will leave you alone now Eagleone, because I can see you are on the edge from a mental health perspective… take care.

      No your bs doesn’t baffle when confronted with facts or logic…

      Bh me thinks you just got a professional slap down and no comeback.

      You are talking about Clinton….right ?

Wow Madonna what a classless act. Just read her f bombing rant. Is this what the love movement is all about. Blowing up the white house, really. Women want equality well throw her in jail then. If a guy said that most likely would not be treated with princess gloves.

Any apologists for Madonna?

Here is an interesting read

htt ps://www.google.ca/amp/news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/rex-murphy-trump-delivered-a-plain-serious-and-monumental-promise-to-give-washington-back-to-the-people/amp

    Washington back to the people?????

    He must mean Washington State!!! That is a State which is well on its way to be one of the more democratic states of the union. Those States which espouse the same philosophy as Washington will fight the Federal trend that Trump is trying to set.

    It will be interesting to see how Trump will handle Boeing. He sure got off on the worn foot with them, but then again, that is Trump the best negotiator in the world. Nobody is better than him. And to show it, he does not pay the contractors if he does not like them or their work. To him, contracts are made to be torn up whether it is his business contract and now the country’s contracts with other nations.

    Just that uncertainty will hit the US$ value in a significant way. He owes money to the rest of the world. He needs to take it easy. Then again, maybe he is declaring bankruptcy and looking to pay 25 cents on the dollar.

    Make America Great Again …… the Great Con Artist.

      “worn” foot … LOL …… would you belive “wrong” foot?

      Uncertainty is not going to devalue the US dollar, one of his beliefs is the high US dollar affects their ability to trade. He tweeted the dollar is too high and guess what? The next day the dollar went down in value just like that with no other forces acting on it… he thought Boeing’s price for an AF1 plane is too high and inflated – and probably is, next day their stock price fell. He tweeted Ford should keep jobs in the US – and they cancelled their plans to build a plant in Mexico and announced an expansion in the US… Just imagine how much shite is about to hit the fan now that he actually has some White House power behind his tweets

Good thing there is no such thing as a rally for men’s rights.

    As a matter of fact I tried to get into a women’s conference when I was in the BC gov’t. Was not allowed and told to mine my own business. Tried to get a men’s conference going as there was reverse discrimination going on in the field I was invloved in, shot down in flames. So they can take their complaints and whine all they want. Seems to be a convenience issue here. I wonder how many of those protesters voted, probably only10 %. Overall only about 30-40% actually voted then all of a sudden everybody gets on the bandwagon! Sheep following sheep!

    There are several in the world, one is called the KKK …

    The Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE), Canada’s highest profile “men’s rights” group, has been barred from marching in Toronto’s Pride parade once and for all.


The gentleman holding the pink sign ‘Make America Think again’ got it right. These marches have nothing to do with demonstrating for women rights. They are a cry for help by a confused generation that is lost in the real world.

Our students are not taught to think. They are pampered in safe spaces instead of debating conflicting issues, taught political correctness in order not to offend and released into a world they cannot cope in. They are brainwashed.

A developing mental health crisis is sweeping through our universities.

    You nailed it. Critical thinking not allowed.

    Trump has sure upset a lot of sensibilities. Just gotta love how the msm has come unglued. Why are the left so full of malice?

      Critical thinking not allowed? Well, when it comes to recognizing Trump’s misogyny, you don’t even have to think critically, you can simply listen to what he says.

      Does this mean that Trump supporters are deaf? Or, do they simply lack the ability to interpret the most basic forms of communication?

      seamutt blamed Peter Mansbridge for Stephen Harper’s demise.

      Trump supporters realized that locker room talk when goaded into saying things that are said in locker rooms is different from actually sexually assaulting a real person. It’s disgusting, and morally reprehensible, but when weighted against voting for the disgusting stuff coming from the Clinton crime family it pales in comparison… It just reinforces the notion that Trump is a real threat to the elites and makes him that much more of a viable candidate to stand up to these people.

      “Locker room talk”, multiple professional and non-professional athletes stated publicly that what Donald Trump said on that bus was NOT the kind of talk that goes on in locker rooms!

      The guy who Donald Trump was talking to when he said the “grab them by the p**sy” comment to was fired from his job!

      ht tps://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/oct/17/billy-bush-fired-nbc-donald-trump-tape-groping-women-leaked

      Locker room talk my a$$.

      And so he should have been. Bush was using his time with Trump to goad him into incriminating remarks to use for political assassination at a later date. And it’s not like he was thrown out in the streets… Walking away with a $10 million dollar severance package (payout).

      Nobody condones that kind of talk, but the facts are no crime took place. It was all private conversation talk.

      So if you want to bring up Trumps private conversation, then how about Clinton and the DNc, Podesta emails that were true as reported by the CIA report and the actual crimes of manipulating the primary votes to chert Sanders out of his nomination and the sick pizza gate talk. You know the Clinton that tells bankers that she has a private position as well as public positions.

    What are you talking about? Most every generation currently alive has been attending these marches . . .

    These marches have a lot to do with the intent to overturn Roe v. Wade.

    Roe v. Wade, case decided in 1973 by the U.S. Supreme Court which legalized abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy. The decision, written by Justice Harry Blackmun and based on the residual right of privacy, struck down dozens of state antiabortion statutes.

    Also with Gay rights to marry.

    Pence is the guy that is even more scary than Trump in that regard. Pence is a diplomatic individual who knows his way around the political system in the USA.

    Trump is like a child when compared to Pence. On top of that his willingness to learn and understand does not exist.

    Remember, gays can be treated according to Pence. It is the fundamentalist religion in him.


      I think the power and influence of these marches, and others like them that are bound to come, will be realized in the 2018 mid-term elections, when people have to start worrying about THEIR seat being up for grabs.

      If this type of response by the general public keeps up, there are going to be allot of republicans bailing on Trump, simply to try and preserve their own existence. IMHO, Trump has a very short rope. If the republicans sense that they’ll lose the house and/or senate in 2018, then I think you’ll see them trying to control Trump from within. If that doesn’t work, the knives will be out very quickly.

      Wonder how much it’s costing Soros and the rest of the globalist cabal to organise all these marches and other protests?

      You are assuming that Trump doesn’t have successful appointments, war on terror, and draining the swamp.

      If he does what he says he is going to do neither the republicans or the democrats will be able to confront him electorally.

      You are assuming that Trump doesn’t have successful appointments, war on terror, and draining the swamp.


      Yes, I am absolutely assuming that will not happen.

    I noticed when I was in college that the literature classes were nothing more than anti men ultra feminist programming. Every single assignment is about just horrible examples of men in stories I would never want to even think about because it is so obviously programming of the mind the way they want graduates to view the world. The only right answers where those that approved of the programming, anything critical of the programming is simply not accepted.

    I seen no less than three girls have mental break downs over the content they were confronted with in this class. I know of other girls, some relatives that were diagnosed with ptsd type mental issues after taking liturature classes in college. They never had issues with men and came from loving families and just couldn’t believe their world view was upturned into such a hideous view of the world that it was just too much to take.

    It takes years to heal the damage of modern literature classes… If they ever heal. Why they can’t just teach the classics is more about indoctrination than it is actual learning about literature. My kids will take history classes rather than literature because I don’t need them damaging the minds of my kids.

      What was the book that Canadian Border Services prevented you from bringing into the country?

I have never felt as though women have unequal rights compared to men, not ever. In fact, I have often felt that women have it easier in westernized countries than men do. I think that maybe we are a bit spoiled living where we are, especially when hearing stories of how people live in other countries where the rights of women actually are unequal.

First full day and Trump has already broken the law. Earlier in the day he tweeted

“I am honered to serve you,the great Americian People,as your 45th President of the United States!”

honered! What a dolt.

He deleted the original tweet and posted it again with the correct spelling then deleted that one too.

Problem is deleting them is a violation of the Freedom of Information Act and the Presidential Records Act.

Later in the day caught blatantly lying in speech at CIA headquarters and in press conference with Sean Spicer.

Lock Him Up!

    Hahaha….tRump spells like seamutt…..hahaha…

    His phone probably autocorrects to “honer” – it happened in Feb last year as well.

    Geez, he blamed the media for low balling his inauguration turn out and falsely reporting that he removed the MLK bust from the Oval Office. This is serious stuff when the media is trying to delegitimization the president, act as gate keepers of the truth, but most importantly trying to foment divisions in society and racial strife with false reporting as fact.

    I think Trump will kick the press Corp out if the White House and move them to a new venue where the big msm outlets don’t have control over the small amount of seats available thus breaking up their monopoly on presidential coverage. His presidential news conferences and briefings will have hundreds of reporters in the future rather than the selected few dozens of the dishonest msm.

      In 1929, Hitler chose Josef Goebbels as his Minister of Propaganda. Goebbels developed extremely successful campaigns using simple slogans and images repeated over and again in order to win public support for the party. Control of the mass media was at the heart of Goebbels plan as he developed the cult of personality around Hitler.

      So we heard over and over again; “Make America Great Again” and “Crooked Hillary” simple slogans to win public support for himself. Now we have him obsessed with the media, does not like what they say, and he constantly attacks the media. Why?

      There you go again using innuendo to make linkages that don’t exist insulting the American voters with comparisons of hitler to Trump… And not only insulting the intelligence of the A,erican voter, but also disrespecting the victims of nazi German by making such an asinine equivocation.

      You need to read up on some history BH to realize how stupid and disrespectful your comment is.

      Why does he call the media dishonest? Maybe because they are. Everyone sees it especially with CNN, the NY Times and Washington Post. They have taken the position of their elite ownership and used the press to attack Trump with insinuating innuendo just as you have here.

      In the United States 95% of the MSM is owned by only 6 corporations and they represent the swamp Trump wants to drain. His objective is to bypass the gate keepers and communicate directly to the people. The media can still say what they want, but gone see the days of oligarchic media controlling the narrative for their fascist bankers. Trump will be expanding the White House press Corp nearl five times what it has been since Nixon so as to get more voices to the table to counter the oligarchic control of information.

      It has nothing to do and no parallel with Goebbles and hitler.

      BH in 2017 CNN had a program about what would happen if Trump were assassinated before the inauguration. Tantamount to treason, are they trying to enable someone?

      IF the MSM is not against the President Elect then they would have this type of program before every inauguration… but they don’t – what makes this election so different? Why are they so much into a witch hunt this time around?

      CNN and its like are the worst enablers – just watch their coverage of BLM during the Obama administration. Media’s purpose is to report the news, not report it for a second and then spend hours editorializing while people think they are still watching “news” not actually realizing they are watching “views” – there is a difference and it appears you are bitten by the “views” bug.

      PS Hillary is as crooked as the local river, there is no doubt about it. Hopefully for the US sake she is done trying to run the country.

    Yep Clinton is an expert on the records act.

    Yep Clinton is an expert on the records act.

    Digitus glad to see I am getting under your skin. Shows I am on target.

      You bet seamutt, you keep posting phony stuff and I will continue to make fun of you.

Interesting the media hasn’t said a word about that part of Trump’s Inaugural Address where he said of his supporters, “At the center of this movement is a crucial conviction, that a nation exists to serve its citizens.”

‘…THAT A NATION EXISTS TO SERVE ITS CIIZENS.’ What a profound idea. The very antithesis of, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Yet the President that uttered those latter words in his speech 57 years ago was a Democrat, and considered to be a great defender of ‘democracy’. Yet the philosophy behind those words was totalitarian, militaristic, and exactly the same as the one behind both fascism and communism. The individual only exists to serve the nation.

    “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”

    Have you ever hear of “participatory democracy”?

    Democracy without the participation of people is not democracy. It is a Monarchy, it is a dictatorship, etc.

    If one does not come out into the Agora to speak and suggest how things should work and who will do those “things” and actually volunteer to help the Nation be one, there is no democracy.

    “THAT A NATION EXISTS TO SERVE ITS CIIZENS.’ What a profound idea.”

    Think a bit, why don’t you?

    What is a Nation other than its people? A Nation does not belong to a President nor any of the other sources of governance. Trump may see it as his empire. Kennedy saw it as the people’s empire.

    His words are BS. He knows that is the sentiment of the “me” lifestyle of today and will garner the votes and approvals of those who know no different.

    Those of us who participate in the community through volunteering by trying to improve the community know differently.

      Well good for you, gopg2015. That’s the nice thing about ‘volunteering’. It’s up to the individual to decide what to do. Not some President, who decides for you. Like Kennedy, for instance. One of the absolute worst Presidents the USA was ever cursed with. He would surely have been a ‘one term wonder’ if he hadn’t been fortunate enough to have achieved a martyrdom akin to sainthood courtesy of an assassin’s bullet. Was there anything at all he touched that he didn’t screw up? Cuba, Viet Nam, Marilyn Monroe, etc., etc. Even meddled in Canada’s elections, and stuck us with Pearson, the guy who could never get a majority. And then there was brother Teddy, and the strange circumstances of a moonlight drive with poor Mary Jo. Wonder how much that cost clan Kennedy to keep him out of jail and still “doing for his country” as Massachussets Senator-for- life?

      A nation does exist to serve its citizens. That is why we have documents in our constitution like the Charter of Rights and regulations to protect our food, and labor, and banking, and economic trade… It’s why we have courts, and parliaments, and entitlements, and police that protect us.

      What is a nation that does not serve its citizens? A kingdom, a totalitarian regime, and a disrespect for the dignity of man.

      No gopg you are “assuming” – you are reacting on something that has not yet reared its head because you are reacting to the views of the msm and not your own brain. You can prepare for for a trade war but to start protests because of some tape and unsubstantiated claims is not democracy. He has as much right to expose the truth as anybody, perceptions are not fact.

      This infamous “tape” that had two guys butting chests – you hear worse in a school yard – the proof is in the pudding. When they got out of the bus did he grab her by the p****? No, because it was just that – “locker room” chest butting talk. Happens all the time EVERYWHERE including TV. Get a grip on reality

      This infamous “tape” that had two guys butting chests – you hear worse in a school yard


      Is this a formal acknowledgement that Trump, a 70 year old man, displays the mental attributes of a teen aged boy?

      Wasn’t 70 in the tape, ever been to a bar? Ever been to a man cave? Ever talk to other males on a road trip?

Just wondering how this protest would go over in a Muslim country? Or an LGBTQ march? Good thing we have great freedom here, eh?

    They would get whipped wearing a pink what ever over the required Burka.

Well one thing Trump with his main two advisors, female by the way, ivanka and Kellyanne,

Defeated his 16 competitors

Defeated the Republicans

Defeated the democrats

Defeated the DNC

Defeated the Clinton mafia, including Soros and company

Best of all defeated the elitist MSM.

It was a beautiful thing. Cannot argue that.

Also the democrates are now just a shadow of themselves. The shake up was a good thing similar to the turning over of a lake.

It’s going to be a ride with the pissed off media dogging him all the way. Yep popcorn futures looking good.

Also the democrates are now just a shadow of themselves. The shake up was a good thing similar to the turning over of a lake.


So in effect, it was the same as what Trudeau did in our last election (with the exception that you’d have to substitute Reformers for Democrats)?

    True NMG, the Conservatives did lose touch after a decade in power. The difference here is that the media won in its campaign to get Harper out. Now we have Trudeau who has so far proven to be more out of touch than Harper ever was. And the media is handling it all with kid gloves. Oh the hypocrisy.

democrates…Socrates….more spelling fun with seamutt.

Day two and it is getting downright Orwellian south of the border. I read that Kellyanne Conway said on Meet The Press this morning that Sean Spicer had presented and this is an actual quote “alternative facts” in his first press conference on Saturday evening. Alternative facts???? So now the alt-right has alt-facts???

What Spicer did present were statements that were easily shown to be false. Things like magnatometers on the mall held up hundreds of thousands of people where one call to the secret service proved there were no magnatometers there. Or trying to compare transit ridership numbers- full day for Trump vs till 11 am for Obama.Four of the five statements he made proven to be false or outright lies.

Why would he do this? The networks had wall to wall coverage Saturday on the protest marches that showed the numbers were far exceeded Trump’s inaguration day crowds the previous day. By holding a press conference that presented a bunch of easily disproved alt-facts the network coverage soon shifted to the new administration lying to the media.

Not a good sign when the leadership is willing to lie to the country to deflect coverage that did not show them in a very good light. They bumped the negative coverage this time but I don’t think it will be the last time people will take to the street in massive numbers.

Let us just get on with our lives, put Canada first and keep it there! May we respect each other and be thankful for our country and our more caring society! We can accomplish great things if we all concentrate on our own country and leave the problems of other countries to them to solve!

Maybe the altright will follow the lead of Putin who is moving to decriminalize family violence . It sounds unbelievable , but it’s true . Poor Russian women . How quickly we could lose our rights if we are not progressive and vigilant .

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