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October 27, 2017 7:15 pm

Training Exercises Mirror Real Life Combat Scenarios

Saturday, January 21, 2017 @ 4:15 PM

Local reservists with Rocky Mountain Rangers B Company. Photos and video – 250News

Prince George, B.C. – 250News was granted the chance to tag along while local reservists Rocky Mountain Rangers B Company conducted a training session on some private land just east of the city this weekend.

The session – which started last night at 9 p.m. and wrapped up mid-afternoon today – is a chance for the soldiers to put what they’ve been learning into practice.

“This is acting as a validation of infantry skills for these guys,” says Commanding Officer Captain Michael Oviatt.

He says they train overnight – or in the worst conditions possible – so that if they’re called up to the regular force the learning curve isn’t too steep.

The 20-man unit demonstrated their work by replicating an ambush using blank rounds (see video below).

“And you can see it really didn’t go well for these guys (two men simulated injuries). So, if I see someone doing something that in real life might get them injured or killed, then we simulate a casualty.”

Capt. Oviatt has extensive military experience. In fact, he was deployed to Afghanistan in 2009 where he served a nine-month tour of duty. He uses that experience to help sharpen his units’ skills.

Soldiers on patrol

“When we go back to the classroom we’re going to take out the white board and go through what happened here and how we can improve it and what went well for the next time.”


Good work, brings back memories.

    Seamut, branch of the services were you in. Bet you never left the canteen.

      should be “what brach”

      You really are a low life, no class what so ever!

      Retired, you cynical sense of humor shows through and nothing wrong with that, you came through some tough times that we can’t imagine and I thank you for that.
      Dad and Father-in-law both served at Baldy Hughes, that’s where I first met Cal Washington, good memories.

      My last Father-in-Law served in the joint Canadian/American FSF, still had nightmares in his 80’s.

    So what branch were you in, seamutt? I doubt it would be classified info.

    You could always ask retired02 what branch he was in. You know, keep a more civilized conversation going. :-)

      By all rights the first comment was civilized and then became condescending like a pack of wolves.

What brach? LOL
This is awesome coverage, thank you RCR and 250.
Gladf they can get out to train.

    Gladf? ….. LOL

      OOPS! Dyslexia kick’in in,or is it Astigmatic? LOL
      Nope, drunk fingers…….

Try should be “what branch”

Maybe he was nothing more than a glorified taxi driver for the brass in Korea….or was that you?


From left to right – Retired02, Peternorth, Grizzly2 and Skidmark

Regardless of which branch or whether he left the canteen or not he still enlisted. What did you do Retread 02? Go put your head back in that cow patty.

    “What did you do Retread 02?”

    Go read my posts at 250news.com/2015/11/11/prince-george-remembers

    It provides some details and might give a bit of background of why retired02 posts as he does.

    I happen to have known him personally while he lived in PG.

    No matter how he may appear to you in writing and what he may have faced in Korea, he deserves to be respected for having been in Korea, the last firefight actions the Canadians faced of that magnitude.

    At his age he might “cop an attitude”. Live with it and for those of you who might have been in an active war zone as he was, learn to give some respect to “brothers in arms”.

      Funny your about face – now telling people to “live with it” because you “know” someone. Hypocrisy at its finest. You can put down and make fun of someone if you don’t “know” them personally?

      So you are saying he should be treated with kid gloves well then maybe he should be seeking help. Maybe he is getting help but that gives him no right to constantly belittle Prince George and the people in it.

      If he is suffering from ptsd he should or someone should contact the local legion if not already done. They have great programs.

      Me 5 years Royal Canadian Navy, stoker.

      Guess I must hit a nerve on my comments, have acquired quite a following. Truth hurts I guess.

      I read your comment, you have to fight in a “war” to be a veteran? Serving in the Country’s military no longer qualifies one to be a Veteran?

      Slinky you have no clue on what you are talking about. Tell that to those who have been injured died in training accidents and skirmishes all over the world.

      Hey slinky did you or would you ever sign on the dotted line? Those that do have no idea what tommorrow will bring. Don’t worry there are some willing to jump the wall to protect your ass hiding under the covers.

      Oops sorry Slinky I miss read your post about what qualifies a veteran My apologies.

      I meant I read gopg’s comment on the other thread he posted. It was stated there are only 3 veterans left in the legion. But I beg to differ, anyone who serves in ANY capacity is a veteran whether you fought in the great wars or not.

Seems to me that one of the most common sources of “elder abuse” is from other elders.

Bunch of crotchety old men fighting shadows by attacking each other. Fine state of affairs the internet has provided us with in this kind of “social media”.

As far as the video goes ….. I assume they have no winter camouflage uniforms because of cost?

In a real ground fight, would troops be advancing with full packs?

A curious mind wants to know from someone on here who might be able to give an answer to two serious questions.

    Most ground fights do not happen in the Arctic. Full packs build endurance, weighted packs and vests are used.

      Where do you think Trump’s Russkie pals are going to challenge Canada’s sovereignty the most in the future?

    So gopg why don’t you just march down to their headquarters and ask satisfying you curious mind.

    Simple hey.

    gopg2015:-“As far as the video goes ….. I assume they have no winter camouflage uniforms because of cost?”
    That’s probably true. Our military is a very ‘low budget’ operation these days. Maybe a low priority one, too, now that another Trudeau is in office. In any case, it seems to be a shame that we don’t support those young men and women who have volunteered to be in either the regular forces or the reserves by ensuring they have proper equipment for the job they may be called on to do. Green CAD Pak uniforms stand out pretty prominently in a predominately white and grey winter countryside. Like the red coats of old in the landscape of dry sage coloured South Africa. The Boers picked them off with no difficulty whatsoever.

I find it quite amazing of some of the trivial comments on this post. If you enlisted and served, awesome! If you didn’t, just shut up about it and not talk crap! Simple! To me this is a good example of serving! 3, 2, 1 and I am gone.

    Good ‘un!

    Agree, I make a simple comment then quite the reaction.

    It isn’t about if you enlisted and served. Somehow if you enlisted and served but didn’t fight in some skirmish that became tagged as a war you are somehow less worthy. I for one am proud of everyone who stands up and enlists to serve their country whether part time as a volunteer or full time whether they see action or not, I thank each and every one of them for their service to our country.

    Thank you B Company

      Generally only about 1/3 of military ever see “action” even the US military. Mostly made up of support services. Some on this site suposidly would consider those unworthy of wearing the uniform.

      Yes thank you B company. From the Navy, Ready Aye Ready.

    So now people are only supposed to be allowed to comment on military matters if they have served in the military. Right. :rolleyes:

Thanks, gopg2015:-“

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