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October 27, 2017 7:13 pm

Geoscience BC Survey Yields Promising Results for West-Central BC

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 @ 10:50 AM

Vancouver, B.C. – A new survey conducted by Geoscience BC has indicated the potential for copper, silver and molybdenum deposits in the west-central areas of British Columbia.

The results were released this morning at the Association for Mineral Exploration Roundup conference in Vancouver.

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“In 2016, three magnetometer-equipped Cessna aircraft flew over a 24,000-square kilometre region in west-central B.C., recording local magnetic variations caused by magnetic minerals in the upper region of the earth’s crust,” reads a statement released by the non-profit organization. “These magnetic signatures were mapped and provided data for explorers to analyze and focus their exploration efforts.”

President and CEO Robin Archdekin notes the survey is the largest its ever conducted.

“The area has well-established infrastructure including reliable road networks, a rail line, accessible hydro, and a skilled workforce, all helping to make this region a cost-effective area to explore and ultimately develop a mine.”




If one was to look up a list of mines in the subject area, you would see that we have been mining there for many, many, years.

Seems to me that Geoscience BC issued a report on the oil and gas potential of the Nechako Basin in 2012. Just before the 2013 election. Now we get his report just prior to the 2017 election. Hmmmm.

As a matter of interest Geoscience of BC is funded by the BC Government.

Perhaps we could get an update on the progress of the oil and gas business in the Nechako Basin.

    Astute observation Palopu.

    With the price of Molly tanked, Endako Mine closed, why did they even mention it? What is the point of this article, other than point us to what may, or may not be, a potentially prosperous future 15 to 20 years from now? *scratches head*

    The Nechako Basin is largely unknown and relatively isolated. Why drill in it when there’s plenty of gas and oil in the Northeast? (Not to mention the already existing infrastructure.)
    The Nechako Basin is likely decades away at least from any meaningful activity.

    I agree, and I have to go with Palopu on this one, Geoscience BC is spreading BC Liberal pixie dust on us, just prior to an election.

Hmmm No Pipeline to transport product.

Hmmm No Tankers Allowed on North Coast of BC.

Hmmm Will spend money else where.

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