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October 27, 2017 7:10 pm

City Councillor Won’t Pursue NDP Nomination in PG-Valemount

Thursday, January 26, 2017 @ 4:49 PM

Prince George, B.C. – He’s a municipal politician well known for his progressive politics in Prince George and he has no intentions of making a run provincially this May.

City councillor Murry Krause confirmed to 250News today he won’t seek the NDP nomination in Prince George-Valemount – the riding currently held by long-time Liberal MLA Shirley Bond.

Prince George city councillor Murry Krause

“It’s really flattering to hear my name come up and I have been asked before to run but I really enjoy working at the local government level,” he says.

“I’ve said to many people I enjoy seeing my constituents every day on the street. This is my home, this is where I want to be. I don’t want to be on flights all the time.”

Earlier today Krause announced that after over two decades with the Central Interior Health Society he was leaving the organization. It led some to speculate he may be interested in the job.

Krause is also president of the Union of B.C. Municipalities.

Meanwhile the Prince George-Valemount NDP constituency association hasn’t announced if anyone has expressed any interest in running for them yet.

In fact, incumbent MLA Shirley Bond is the only declared candidate in the riding.

B.C. voters go to the polls on May 9.


There is a God, he would be the last guy I would vote for! I find his ideas are waaaaay to social working for me and not enough for the working class people of this town. My own opinion, like it or lump it. 3,2,1 and I am gone!

For sure Lien..

    Geez, thought I would get serious flack, still might! LOL

      Not from me either. Social workers and defense lawyers……

It does not matter who the NDP select and run as a candidate, they can nominate a rock and I would still vote for it, because you can at least bring a rock to the Legislature in your pocket, and have it show up for work more than our current MLAs!

ht tp://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/bc-legislature-sits-36-of-579-days-is-this-responsible-government/article14245947/

The two Prince George ridings used to be “bellwether” ridings, meaning what ever local candidate PG voted for, his her party always formed government, but that no longer applies. In the last federal election PG was completely out-of-step with the rest of the country, voting for Conservative Candidates instead of Liberal.

It is going to be interesting to watch PG vote for Shirley and Mike on May 9th, only to have the NDP from government provincially. Imagine that, both MPs and both MLAs sitting as the Official Opposition, now that would be quite a trend.

There is no way the NDP have any chance of forming government. They have loser candidates through out the province and will probably win less seats then they did under Adrian “flip flop” Dix. Krause would jump at the nomination if he thought they had any chance. Horgan is a lame duck leader. He’s now fighting with Harry Lally for a southern riding nomination because Horgan wants some local Indian chief to run for NDP. They are a joke.

All that some have to offer is their opinions; yet when I say this BC Liberal Government are a bunch of “losers”, I supply the evidence and the facts that show they quite literally really are losers!

2007, BC Liberal Government vs B.C. Hospital Employees Union: LOST
2009, BC Liberal Government vs Coalition of Labour Unions: LOST
2012, BC Liberal Government vs Coalition of Labour Unions: LOST Appeal
2012, BC Liberal Government vs North Vancouver school board: LOST
2014, BC Liberal Government vs Tsilhqot’in First Nation: LOST
2014, BC Liberal Government vs Trial Lawyers Association of B.C.: LOST
2015, BC Liberal Government (Min. of Education) vs Francophone Parents in Vancouver: LOST
2015, BC Liberal Government vs Ivan Henry: LOST
2015, BC Liberal Government vs Mission Memorial Hospital health workers: LOST
2015, BC Liberal Government vs BC Court Judges: LOST
2015, BC Liberal Government tries to defend drunk-driving laws: LOSES
2016, BC Liberal Government vs BCTF: LOST

    Yup, when it comes to going to Provincial and Federal courts, the BC Liberals are consistent at losing. Hmmm… makes a person wonder how many Millions of dollars in legal fees has been wasted by this government. The court battle against the BCTF lasted 14 years, costing taxpayers millions, and in the end this Christy Clark Government loses… AGAIN.

    The above list of BC Liberal courtroom loses is a couple of months old, it requires an update, not to worry, I will get on it! I love my hobby!

    BH if the Liberals are losers what would that make the NDP? If there ever was a chance of forming government it was the last election, but they were wiped out by a bunch of losers? Typical NDP rational. Look at your dipper heroes they are the losers!

I like and respect Mr Krause. He has been a consistant Councillor through good and bad administrations in this City. I am sure part of his decision was based on being effective in his familiar arena as opposed to the relentless scrutiny when running Provincially.This voter is happy that he is staying where he is

BH, Murray’s not running? Hooray, that means that you are a shoe-in for the nomination!

Good luck going up against Shirley Bond! You’d be just another loser candidate as she’d kick your ass from here to Sunday!

BH, great idea….run a rock. Then you and the candidate would be equally intelligent, and equally dense.
Having said that, i would love to see you run for the dippers and watch you get your ass handed to you by Shirley.

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