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October 27, 2017 7:08 pm

Three-Vehicle Crash on Chief Lake Rd – Update

Monday, January 30, 2017 @ 12:12 PM

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Prince George, B.C. – The traffic situation has improved some on Chief Lake Road.

Earlier this morning there was a three-vehicle crash – involving a chip truck – at Chief Lake Road and Inglewood Road. It happened sometime after 11 and closed traffic in both directions.

However that has now changed and single lane alternating traffic is moving things along a little quicker.

There were minor injuries.


Just my observation but it looks like the SUV smoked the back of the chip truck. Got to pay attention folks, put the phone down and look past the hood of your vehicle.

    It would be interesting to know how this one happened. I can’t see the car putting the truck in the ditch… The truck wouldn’t even feel the car hitting it…..

    Truck looks more like a fast brake jack knifed the truck. On ice that happens in a fast brake because the tractor brakes will engage a split second before the trailer brakes, just enough to have the trailer push the tractor into a jack knife situation. Under normal braking the trailer brakes apply a little harder and holds the unit straight, but a sudden hard brake on ice throws that all out the window.

    I seen a Lomak do this two weeks ago out west. A moose steeped out in front, he braked hard the trailer pushed the truck jack knife, and the a box even jack knifed to the b box with the tractor sandwiched between the trailers facing the direction it was just coming from. Amazingly it was still on the road at the Dagal road three lane.

    So that would explain I think the trucks precarious position, but why the sudden stop… Maybe for an accident already on the road? I don’t know, just guessing.

    Moral of the story is hard brakes on ice don’t turn out well for tractor trailer units.

Whether a cell phone was the case in this situation or not, I am fed up that this message is not getting through to people. You talking or texting or even reading what was sent is putting my life and my children’s’ life at risk. “WHAT GIVES YOU THAT RIGHT?”.
I now honk at them till they put it down. We should be allowed to hit them with orange paintballs to identify them to all that they are a hazard on our roads, that at this time of year have enough hazards of their own.

    Djegun, where did you read that a cell phone was involved? Do you know something that we don’t? It was icy this morning. Still, from this article, we can’t tell what happened. Please don’t assume. Or, if you know something, I hope you’ve shared your information with the police.

      Peter North told him.

      Well Said.

I’m surprised I don’t see a lot more accidents involving Excel trucks.

They work at night.

Axman, then you have not experienced Lomax drivers.

Where would chip trucks be coming from or going to that they would be on Chief Lake Rd.?

    Its not actually a chip truck, its a live floor, they go into the bush and pick up fiber from chippers on various bush sites.

You did not read my statement. I said whether it was or not. Your right I should not assume. I kind of ranted from Peter North’s comment above.
I drive a lot in and around Prince George, it would not surprise me. I know it was icy this morning, I drove to conditions and looked past my hood.

All rong. the car crosy the center line and hit the front drivers of the truck. IF YOU DONT KNOW SHUT UP.

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