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October 27, 2017 7:08 pm

More Canada 150 Events

Monday, January 30, 2017 @ 12:37 PM

Mayor Lyn Hall (at left) joins members of Prince George Community Foundation at announcement – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C.- A partnership  between the City and the Prince George Community Foundation and the  Community Foundation of Canada  means more support for a number of events  scheduled to  celebrate Canada’s 150th  birthday.With $25 thousand dollars from the  Community Foundation of Canada,   and a further $25 thousand  from the City of Prince George,  the Prince George Community Foundation will be allotting dollars to  eight projects designed to mark the special anniversary of Confederation.

Projects to receive funding  are:

Let’s Volunteer! 150  for 150 Challenge.   a project to motivate and inspire  people to volunteer as well as renew volunteerism as a core  Canadian value ( underway now  through to January 30th of 2018)

First Nations Gallery:   Exploration Place and the Lheidli T’enneh are partnering  on an exhibit focusing on Lheidli T’enneh  history, culture and territory (underway now through to June 24th)

And…”  Two Rivers Art Gallery  is presenting a 10 week exhibition featuring works by BC artists around the theme of the 150th  anniversary of Confederation. ( underway now to April 2nd)

Canada 150 Snow and Ice Sculpture Celebration:   Part of the  Downtown Winter Carnival  ( February 12th)

Parades of Patriotism:  Huble Homestead  will present  an exhibit exploring   historical celebrations  of  Confederation (Feb. 15th – October 9th)

Adult Summer Reading Club:  Prince George Library  has created an Adult Summer Reading Club  that will examine 6 books that  explore what it means to be Canadian (April 1 – August 18th)

Prince George Young Canadian Music Festival:  a three day event  involving local  youth,  music instructors and  performers, culminating with  a major Canadian musical work  created  for  the 150th Anniversary  (October 20-22nd)

Canadian Climbing and Mountain Culture Festival: a two week  festival to celebrate mountain climbing heritage, Canadian art, music culture and food  (Nov.. 1 – 15th)




How about celebration of different culture, and accepting people of all color, race, sexual orientation, and religion.

Oh right, we do that every day, it is Canada.

I hope that the vigilante’s in Quebec, gets fully prosecuted to the full extent of the law, times two. Let them rot in gaol. Make an example of them. This is a country of mixed nationalities, we don’t find it acceptable for anyone to believe that you have more rights than your neighbor does.

Funny how fast they found the suspects.

    That’s funny, ‘make them an example!’ Will never happen with our rubber toothed justice system, we need capital punishment and it needs to be used for cases like this, THEN you are making an example!

      While my emotions would agree. One needs to look at the countries with capital piunishment. Are their crime and murder rates lower? Is it an actual deterent? I think not. It might feel like justice, but is it effective?

    There was only one attacker, and it sounds like he had some pretty extreme views. I’m sure more will come out in the days ahead, but based on what is being reported, he was anti-immigrant, anti-feminist, and known by people in Quebec and at Laval University for his far right wing views.

    I haven’t seen any talk of underlying mental health issues, but one has to wonder if anyone is able to do something like this without being impacted by them to some degree.

    Just a tragic episode.

This is a tragedy but where is the Muslim outrage against predominantly Muslim countries that persecute Christians and gays?.

    I don’t understand your comment.

    For starters, have you talked to any Muslims in your community and asked them their views on the things that are happening in the world? I have. Generally speaking, their thoughts and opinions are really no different than the other people I talk to on the subject.

    Secondly, what is “Muslim outrage” and why do you seem to be suggesting that in the absence of them showing it, that the targeted murder of Muslims in Canada should be somehow discounted?

    Is it not basic enough to simply recognize that a group of fellow Canadians were targeted and murdered because of their faith and that we should be united against that type of behaviour regardless of what else is going on in dark corners of the globe? This is about what happened in Quebec City and how we respond to it. It’s not a foreign policy or global affairs discussion.

      Ya but the liberal left progressive politicians, media and left special interest groups will milk these murders to expand their agenda on the backs of the dead.

You guys trying to get the comments blocked for yet another story?

Others have been kick off this site for less!

    Is that what happened to People#1? Wondered what happened to good ol’ “Peeps”!

      Peeps or JGalt, take your pick. :)

      And Sssssophie Sssssage. ssssssssspeaks with forked tongue:D

Perfect . We get to celebrate BC being in canada in for 150 years in 2023 . A two fer .

How some Canada 150 sidewalks. Can put a nice little Canada 150 logo on it plus they will last a lot longer than any of the items listed in the article.

    make that ….How about some

Lol someone would steal the emblems right out of the concrete/asphalt .

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