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October 27, 2017 7:04 pm

Mood of Optimism at Natural Resources Forum

Thursday, February 2, 2017 @ 5:50 AM

Prince George, B.C. – There is an upbeat mood at the 14th annual Natural Resources forum underway in Prince George.

Despite the fact the “Trump effect”  has dominated most  forum discussions,   there are more  exhibitors taking part in the trade show portion of the  forum than there were last year.   The 600 people attending the  Premier’s lunch on Wednesday was  double the number served last year.

“There is a greater air of optimism in the room  than previously” says MLA Mike Morris  although he’s not  able to pin point  why the mood is more upbeat this year than last . “Everyone comes to the podium with a good message, everyone is eager about their own resource sector and I think that passes itself on to the audience.”

B.C. has a diversified economy, and   over the past year has  consistently lead the nation in job growth “We’re suffering a little bit  in rural B.C. because of the commodity prices” says MLA Morris “But I think  most  believe they (commodity prices) have bottomed out  so there is no way to go but up,  so I think that’s also a part of the  increased optimism.”

The thread woven through  the presentations is all about the future,  from  anticipated increase in demand for LNG to the development of  bio-fuel from the pulp process,  the  diversity of  natural resources  is paving the  way to  a strong economy.

But the  lack of a Softwood Lumber Agreement is a concern.  Premier Christy Clark  told the  crowded luncheon yesterday that  Donald Trump is  a businessman and that he  understands the best way to kick start the U.S.  economy  is to get housing  construction  going.   Minister of Forests Steve Thomson echoes that comment “U.S. President trump wants to build  the U.S. economy,  We think  our lumber industry is an important part of building that economy.  They want  affordable housing,   they need our lumber as part of their economic development  so we think there is a path forward to a new  (SLA) agreement.  The  challenge  right now is to find that process of engagement as there  are new people in the  administration in the U.S. who are  just getting themselves settled.  We are heading back to Ottawa next week to meet with the federal team to look at the strategy.”



“We’re suffering a little bit in rural B.C. because of the commodity prices” says MLA Morris “But I think most believe they (commodity prices) have bottomed out so there is no way to go but up, so I think that’s also a part of the increased optimism.”

NO KIDDING!!! Thanks for admitting the obvious Sherlock, outside the lower mainland, things are so bad for the rest of BC, it cannot get worse! Every 4 years the province is sold the fantasy dreams of the BC Liberal Party, and then reality kicks in. We all remember the Trillion Dollar Prosperity Fund and the tens of thousands of LNG jobs. One big Liberal “snow job” is what we got!

They even had the gall to insert their LNG fantasy into the Throne Speech, and had their Director of Engagement and Liaison; Pamela Martin peddle it to us!

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