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October 27, 2017 7:04 pm

Merger Injects ICBA with Energy

Thursday, February 2, 2017 @ 5:50 AM

Prince George, B.C.- The Independent  Contractors and Businesses Association  has merged  with the Fort St. John based Energy Services of BC, the largest oil and gas industry association in the province.Over the course of  2017,  Energy Services BC members will  become ICBA members.  “The reason behind it is really uniting our voices and working together in one organization, and  giving the issues that are really important to the northeast  a lot more attentional provincially” says Regional ICBA Vice President Mike Davis.

In addition to  having their  concerns heard , Davis says the merger  will also  provide other services to  those in the oil and gas sector “there are training  opportunities, health and benefit plans and HR support.”

The transition is expected to  carry on throughout  2017.  The Executive Director of  Energy Services of BC, Art Jarvis,   will be staying on  in Fort St. John so the local connection will still be there.  “This is going to be a very powerful partnership” says Jarvis.  Two of  the  ESBC  Board members will be transitioning  on to the ICBA Board as well.

The ICBA has been supporting “getting projects to yes” and Davis says the acquisition of ESBC will  help in  that mission,  but it isn’t all about getting  projects to yes “It’s about helping businesses in the northeast , it’s about  providing training opportunities for businesses in the northeast,   the portfolio that  we (ICBA) offer is very diverse,  and  one piece of that is advocacy for responsible resource development.  We think that by uniting voices,   it’s very strategic  to when we go   to advocate.”

The transition is expected to be  completed  by 2018.





When you get Stephen Harper, an ex-oil salesman and Prime Minister saying “there is no long term future in fossil fuels”, you have to wonder about ICBA’s move to merge with that industry.

Besides, isn’t ICBA’s role similar to the Chamber of Commerce’s role and mandate? Seems to me this is all just another layer of business bureaucracy on top of regional and provincial C of C’s.

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