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October 27, 2017 6:55 pm

Cougars Set to Make CHL History

Monday, February 13, 2017 @ 6:50 AM

Andy Beesley, vice-president of business, Prince George Cougars – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – CN Centre is the place to be today if you’d like to help make a little Canadian Hockey League history.

Following the Cougars afternoon tilt (game time 2 p.m.) versus Spokane, fans will be invited onto the ice to demonstrate their artistic talents.

“We’re going to give everybody a paint brush and a little cup of ice paint and we’re going to invite them to draw all over the ice and essentially paint the entire ice surface,” says vice-president of business, Andy Beesley.

“Then overnight the arena staff are going to seal it all in and build new ice over top of it. Then on Tuesday night both  teams will play on that painted ice.”

He says the “outrageous and fun idea” had to be approved by league office but says they are on board.

“We’ve assured them we’re going to do things like cautiously protect the face-off dot circles and some of the blue lines and the red lines and the goal creases but we’re going to have a huge staff of volunteers out there helping people, showing them where they can and can’t paint.”

Beesley says those who participate will be given the opportunity to purchase tickets for Tuesday’s game at half price to see their work in action.

“So, it’s a really good deal we’re giving everybody and we have a feeling people are going to want to come and see what a painted ice surface looks like.”

He says the Spokane Chiefs have been notified of the promotion and thinks both teams will have some fun with it.

“Overall, I think the players are going to get a great deal of fun out of playing on something so unique.”

Based on how the promotion goes, he says they may do it again the future.


Looking forward to both of these games, and seeing how this all turns out. It’s great to see them trying some interesting ideas. Should be a lot of fun.

GO CATS GO!!!!!!!!!

Paint the visitors blue line about 4 feet thick, the cougars would have to periods of no off sides, haha

Oops, 2

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