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October 27, 2017 6:55 pm

Happy Family Day!

Monday, February 13, 2017 @ 6:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. -This is the fifth “Family Day ” holiday in B.C.   and there are some events planned in Prince George to  keep you busy.

  • The Ice Oval Society is  offering a free public skate from  1 to 3  this afternoon.  There will be  free skating, free hot chocolate, mascots and music.   The forecast is calling for warmer weather on the way, so this may be one of the last opportunities   this season  to skate on the oval.
  • Prince George Cougars  have an afternoon game (2 p.m.) and are inviting  fans  to head to ice level after the game to  paint the ice.  ( see other story)
  • Engage Sport North TRY-IT: Curling at the Prince George  Golf and Curling Club from noon till 2.  Bring along clean  running shoes if  you plan to  take part.
  • At the Ness Lake Bible Camp,  there will be  tobogganing, ice skating as well as plenty of indoor fun,  it’s a free event from 9 a.m till 4:40…but  you should  call ahead  to  register.
  • Otway Nordic  centre on  Otway   from 11:30 till 1:30  there will be  marshmallow roasting, hot chocolate, hot dogs  (  for a donation) plus a family snowshoe nature tour  at a cost of $10 per family
  • The Spruce City Wildlife Association is hosting a free family ice-fishing event at Ferguson Lake.  There will be some rods and tackle  available if you don’t already have  the right gear,  but   those  over  16 MUST have a valid BC Freshwater Fishing License.
  • Exploration Place is open from 9 am to 5  at 7 this evening  there will be a free lecture on “The Chemistry of Love”   there will be a cash bar.



“a free lecture on “The Chemistry of Love” …… there will be a cash bar”

So is alcohol the key chemistry of love? ;-)

    It’s worked for thousands of years. :)

Beer, the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems ‘Homer J Simpson’..

    Scotch works too! LOL

I’m all for this holiday. I really question why the date was not coordinated with the rest of the country.

    So the Ferries would not be too busy with “out of town quest”.
    So our Lovely Ski Hills would not be too busy with “out of town quest”.
    So our Highways would not be too busy with — you quest it.
    Bc Holiday for British Columbians only.
    OH plus-it was our Lady Premier that choose this Date.
    Care On Careing On.

    Simply look it up, only 5 provinces have family day and not the rest of Canada

    Apparently before it was implemented, the majority of folks polled wanted it offset to decrease lineups.
    It’s in the Vancouver Sun:
    “B.C.’s Family Day has been in place since 2013 after public consultations that favoured the earlier weekend for better skiing conditions and reduced traffic over the border into the U.S., which celebrates President’s Day the following week.”
    So, perhaps for the lower mainlanders?

    I seen the NDP and the Greens want to move it a week later to coincide with Presidents Day. If you want to be Americans, move to Toronto.

      Actually it is to coincide with the same holiday in Alberta. Thanks for coming though.

Another useless holiday that costs us business owners.

    Haven’t you heard? All work no play makes Jack a dull boy!

    ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5xZAYpgIr8


sergio.. useless holiday.. really… you think having a holiday to spend with your family is useless.. you only see it as a cost.. i feel sorry for you and your “family”

I suggest you move your business to say italy… where everyone starts with 6 weeks holidays..( i hear you cringing at the thought) and take a nice break in the afternoon.. it may make you appreciate your workers more…if you even appreciate them now…which i highly doubt..

Or pay your employees overtime to keep your business open/running.. etc.. or are you to cheap….lol

    Obituary tomorrow….sergiomomesso died from a stress attack.

I own my own business. More holidays with pay make it more and more difficult to make a go of it. On top of that, staff make appointments to see the Dr.’s, Dentists, Bankers, Lawyers during working hours. So, more lost time. They take time off to volunteer at their kids daycare, take their kids to the dentist, take Gramma to get her hair done, pick up mom and dad from the airport and numerous other excuses. Plus, they phone in sick.

In case you are wondering, we pay for it all. We also give our staff a paid break between Christmas and New Years. On top of their holidays. And, we pay overtime if they can be bothered to come into work early or stay late.

The business owners do not qualify for EI, or sick days, or Canada Pension, or numerous other perks our staff enjoy. We come in on Saturdays to take out the recycling, the laundry, replenish the office supplies etc. But, nobody even notices that. Nobody knows how many missed paycheques we struggled through, or the only holidays we went on were work related. I could go on for another 30 minutes sharing the challenges of business ownership. But, if you have never owned a business, you have no clue.

    Let me guess, you own a cold beer and whine store?

      Let me guess Eye Spy, you’d be the customer that would bitch and whine about the price of BYOB’S beer and wine! ;-)

    It sure sucks that your slaves have personal lives hey?

    But you drive the latest luxury autos and motorcycles, live in the new homes, travel to warm climates in winter etc. Seen it with many a former whiny employer.

      You’ve seen it with many a former whiny employer?

      Really! Many a former whiny employer?

      I have found that when someone complains that they have had many whiny employers, there is a strong probability that not all of the employers are whiny! In fact, upon closer examination, it usually turns out that there weren’t MANY whiny employers, rather it is usually just a case of ONE SINGLE WHINY EMPLOYEE!

      But that couldn’t be you Dumbfounded, now could it?

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