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October 27, 2017 6:58 pm

Unemployment Up In P.G. Last Month

Friday, February 10, 2017 @ 8:42 AM

Prince George, B.C.- The unemployment rate in prince George  was 8.1 %  last month, up from 6.4% recorded in January of  last year,  but Stats Canada  says it’s nothing to be concerned about.

“The difference is not statistically significant”  says Stats Canada Labour Force Analyst Vincent Ferrao   who says the workforce  in Prince George  grew by  200 people  to 46,700  last month  compared to 46,500 in January of 2016.

For the Cariboo Region,  unemployment rate   is sitting at 8.8%  compared to  7.9%  from the same month a  year ago.  Again, Ferrao says the  change is not statistically significant.

Once again B.C.  leads the nation when it comes to  job growth.   The  unemployment rate  was sitting at 5.6% last month,  down from  6.6%   in January of last year.  Ferrao  says  B.C.  has grown by 82,000  jobs  over the year,   that’s a 3.5%  job growth rate,  the  highest in the country.

As for the National scene,   the  unemployment rate is sitting at 6.8%  for January,  down   slightly from the 7.2% recorded  in  January of 2016.  Job growth  was pegged at 1.5%


problem is we lost 200 high paying jobs, coast doing fine.

The coast is doing just fine . Specially in the high tech field . PG could be doing just fine in the same field . That is if PG had a level playing field with the coast . Seems only Andrew Weaver and the Green Party know how to make that happen . The other parties and city council , not so much .

Bang on Millman55! I posted a list of BC Northern and Central Interior communities, and the amounts their population declined, according to the 2016 Canada Census. As I said when I posted those figures; “People are leaving BC, with the exception of the lower mainland, and unemployment is rising”

Now here is the kicker; people are leaving, and unemployment is up, in BC (outside the lower mainland) and all of this is happening while the BC Liberal Government is still in power! Just wanted to state this for the record before the NDP gets elected in 3 months. Why? because a usual, Liberal supporters will try to blame the rising unemployment and people leaving most of BC on the NDP in 4 years plus 3 months!

Hows that for planning ahead?

    Yes, I can hear them now; “Why is it that as soon as the NDP gets elected, people leave BC in droves, and unemployment rates go up?” Sound familiar? Well it’s time BC Liberal supporters faced up to reality, all of this is happening BEFORE the next election!

      ? says above the workforce in PG grew by 200 to 46,700. That kind of looks like an increase not a decrease doesn’t it?

      And the population of PG increased by the census… did it not?

      Why don’t you tell that to the rest of the “region” slinky?

      Vanderhoof: 2016: 4,439 2011: 4,480 Population decline: -41
      Fort St. James: 2016: 1,598 2011: 1,691 Population decline: -93
      Fraser Lake: 2016: 988 2011: 1,167 Population decline: -179
      Burns Lake: 2016: 1,779 2011: 2,029 Population decline: -250
      Houston: 2016: 2,993 2011: 3,147 Population decline: -154
      Quesnel: 2016: 9,879 2011: 10,007 Population decline: -128
      Williams Lake: 2016: 18,277 2011: 18,490 Population decline: -213
      Chetwynd: 2016: 2,503 2011: 2,635 Population decline: -132
      Valemount: 2016: 1,020 2011: 1,021 Population decline: -1

    “People are leaving BC, with the exception of the lower mainland, and unemployment is rising”


    Unless you followed where the people were going, you have no idea if they left BC. Maybe they moved to a different place in BC. I suspect allot of the population decline in the smaller northern communities is linked to the population increase in PG.

This is excellent news. Great to hear. Guess it’s another 4 years with the same government.

    Like I said; cognitive dissonance… only the willfully blind would call an increase in the unemployment rate for PG “excellent news”!

Has the NDP announced candidates in the Prince George area? I must have missed it.

    No, haven’t found anyone yet.

BH this is your big chance to show the whole province how smart you are. You have all the answers. NDP candidate if there ever was one! Ask your mom if your allowed out of the basement

    Ah, Ryder, regardless of what mom says, unless Being Human is completely an originally female, transgendered, aboriginal, early 20’s, with a visible disability the Party says he won’t qualify as the NDP candidate here. They’ve got to meet their Proportional Representative quota based on demographics, don’t you know?

      That must explain why he spends his energy on here-Not qualified. We are doomed if NDP come anywhere near power. If it would not hurt the province so badly it would make for great entertainment though!

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