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October 27, 2017 6:57 pm

Canada Post Cancels Mail Delivery Due to Heavy Snowfall

Friday, February 10, 2017 @ 12:22 PM

Today’s snowfall has not only disrupted mail delivery, but has also led to treacherous road conditions. Here’s 97 North across from Spruceland Shopping Centre this morning – photos 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Today’s inclement weather has prompted Canada Post to cancel mail delivery service today.

Local Canadian Union of Postal Workers president Tami Brushey says the cancellation is due to “health and safety reasons” brought on by today’s heavy snowfall.

She says the decision was made easier by the fact “it was a light mail day” because trucks were unable to get into Prince George with out of town mail overnight.

Brushey says if the weather clears up and the roads are clear service will continue Monday (Canada Post is a federal service and thus do not get a holiday on Family Day in B.C.).

Heavy snow has also prompted a reminder from the Prince George RCMP not to drive “unless you have to.”

This car has been stranded since early this morning on Ospika Boulevard

“We received a significant amount of snow overnight and throughout the day today so obviously please don’t drive unless you have to,” says Cpl. Craig Douglass.

“If you must drive, drive slower and cautiously and to the conditions of the road and be prepared to take a little longer to get where you need to go.”

It would also be best to avoid highway driving unless necessary, as conditions are treacherous.

Highway 1 for example is closed from Yale to Jackass Mountain due to an avalanche risk.

Avalanche risk has also closed the Icefields Parkway between Athabasca Falls, south of Jasper and the Saskatchewan River Crossing.

Prince George received 15 to 20 centimeters of snow overnight, and as we reported earlier today, are expecting another 5 to 10 centimeters by this afternoon.


What is it? Neither sleet, rain nor snow shall stop the mail? Apparently they didn’t have unions back when that was their credo.

    Get bent!

      He is. That was funny, LOL

    I think that motto was from the US Postal Service, a far far far more efficient postal service than what we “enjoy” here in Canada!

      Maybe is was from the days of the Pony Express.

    We are mothers and fathers. And sons and daughters. Who every day go about our lives with duty, honor and pride. And neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, nor the winds of change, nor a nation challenged, will stay us from the swift completion of our appointed rounds. Ever.

    this is the US postal credo

    Check the Urban dictionary for the meaning of “Get Bent”.

Oh, I think dark of night is in there too somewhere.

What on earth will I do without my Dominos or Northland flyer?

    Yup, if it’s not the bills it’s junk mail.

I thought the “Dark of night ” thing was for Green Lantern ?

Looks like some mighty fine drivin’ right there..

Good Call! Not a whole lot coming in the mail anyway nowdays that most of us absolutely need on a day like today. I cleared the driveway of 8″ of snow by 10:00 this morning, there is an additional 4″ that has fallen since. With the incident near FSJ yesterday and the terrible conditions out there right now, no-one needs to be on the roads unless absolutely neccessay. Stay home and stay safe everyone!

Don’t worry everyone. I’m sure all mail staff will still be fully compensated.

No matter what the profession, our letter carriers are just like any other working stiff. They working to get paid; to buy food for their tables to feed their children, to buy clothes for themselves and their families, to pay for rent or mortgage to keep a roof over their families’s heads. These are who these people are, and I will not judge them because of the work they do!!!

    Every other working stiff is doing their job despite the weather…

    Ummm… you forgot commercial fishermen, who stop fishing a wait out severe storms, or airline pilots and helicopter pilots who get grounded because of bad weather, or what about professional sports players like golfers who stop playing (working) because of rain delays, or baseball players, etc. etc. etc.

    Besides making yourself look bad slinky, what other reason would you have to take exception to my above comment?

Safety first..good call.

It’s bad out there..ambulance was stuck on my street earlier.

    Aw crap, lazy bunch, little snow and they run and hide, LOL
    Missed my buddy postie today.

All roads south to the lower mainland have been closed for two days now with the odd open break, no mail to deliver

What!! I refer to the Canada Post dog teams all the time!! As a joke.
Yup, when the ambulance gets stuck–there is a problem.

Glad that the 12yr old Citizen carrier was and able to deliver.

Child labour pulls through!!

    Don’t let Being Human find out! The poor 12 year old kid might have come down with some permanent disability in the sweatshop conditions that attend a paper delivery on such a day. Frostbite, or something. Bad as being burned by battery acid. Should’ve been in school. If it was open. It’s all Christy Clark’s fault. Whether school’s open or closed. John Horgan will save us, and lift all our children out of the Victorian poverty that causes a youngster to deliver papers to help support his family on such a horrible day. One that’s clearly a result of not Carbon Taxing us enough.

      Your comment is an ugly comment socredible. Every now and then your mask slips and we get to see who you really are!

      Truth hurts, blogs can be so mean

      Carbon tax, yesssss, Horgan’s answer is raise it hard and fast and make it so more people can get a refund, now that is the answer we were looking for.

      Just pointing out the ironies, Being Human.

      Not only ironic, but funny!

    I remember many, many years ago, delivering the Star Weekly every Saturday morning and then getting an Edmonton Journal delivery route that had to be done every day after school and on weekends!

    Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, rain or snow or wind or heat, it didn’t matter, the papers always got delivered! Dad always said “you took on the responsibility to do this route, now go and do what you said you would do!”

    Looking back, I sometimes grumbled, I complained about the cold or the rain or the fact that my friends were playing while I was delivering papers, but when it came time to collect from my customers each week, I sure appreciated the rewards of my efforts!

    My, how times have changed!

      Yes. And you walked, barefoot, seven miles to school, up hill, with a fifty pound pack and snow up to your a**. After school you brought back firewood from the woodlot and toted water from the river.

      Heavy British accent, but this Montey Python video picks up where Hart Guy’s comment leaves off… and yet at the same time supports Hahaha’s comments… too funny!!!

      ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xe1a1wHxTyo

      A kid packing around hundreds of dollars while delivering papers and collecting, no visa or bank cards just cold hard cash – don’t accept worthless American money. Yet very few were robbed, try doing that today. I delivered and people who skipped were still your responsibility so you had to pick up their tab back in the day. Memories, but had a job and a healthy bank account at 14…

The roads are fine. It’s the drivers that are treacherous.

How will we live without our Andres and Northland Dodge sales flyers that litter our mailboxes every week?

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