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October 27, 2017 6:48 pm

New Condo Complex Cleared for 7th Avenue

Monday, February 20, 2017 @ 7:31 PM

Conceptual drawing of new project – image courtesy City of Prince George.

Prince George, B.C. –  The project calls for  a 3 storey 9 unit building to be constructed on 7th Avenue, but some neighbours in the  historic Crescents neighbourhood are not impressed.

The project  would have nine parking stalls underground, and  four more, plus a loading dock  in the rear of the building with  parking access  from the  alleyway.

Lighting in the alley  and parking  along 7th  are a concern for neighbours  although the City says  visitor permits for parking  on the street  are being  developed.

Area residents also  expressed concern over drainage,  noting  the snow removal from the alleyway is not  great and the recent freeze and rapid thaw  has  created serious  water issues in  the alley.  The developer says there is an opportunity for  an improved  storm water  system.

“I take comfort in the engineering firm  doing some work on the  drainage, and  Administration following up,  so I will be supporting this ” said Councillor Brian Skakun.

“The drains are a bit of an issue” said Councillor Susan  Scott,  but added  she  looked forward  to this development in her neighbourhood.

Mayor Lyn Hall  also spoke in favour of the project saying  it meets the  goals for densification in this part of the City.


This is why the city refused to allow the zoning change for the old Odeon Theatre, now the neighbourhood doesn’t want it?

    I suppose the difference could be housing (quiet) or nightclub (not so quiet)

The crescents is a historical area so I’ll be watching to see what kind of building they’ll be putting in.

Looked at the rendering. God, it looks like a hospital or institution. Have some class people, at lease make is craftsman-like so it fits in with the neighbourhood.

    You want shiplap siding, chimneys and a TV antenna ?

      The designer (actually an engineering firm, not an architectural firm) had too many materials salespeople come to the office the week he was putting together the exterior finishing. He could not say no to at least two of them.

      Reminds me of the new building on Victoria in the Gateway. Very industrial looking.

      As they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

      This beholder sees no beauty … only fadism.

      I just counted …. with the concrete showing on the ground floor, I count at least 6 different materials on the exterior …….

      perhaps he kept the same materials onm all four faces …. or he might have Mesa modern stucco on the back to give it that hacienda look while sunning on the backyard patios with Mexican tiles. LOL

    Totally agree. I think more density in housing is a great idea, especially close to downtown, but this is a really unattractive drawing. This will look like a dated eyesore in 20 years. Or immediately. Should be styled to suit the heritage nature of the area.

Who is developer?

    With a building looking like that, she likely wants to remain anonymous.

    Kelowna has design guidelines for its historic area in the southwest of its old residential area.

    This City was looking at it with its Heritage Commission, but instead decided on putting up interpretive signs to commemorate buildings which had been burned or torn down.

“I take comfort in the engineering firm doing some work on the drainage, and Administration following up, so I will be supporting this ”

Let’s hope it isn’t the same local engineering firm who was grossly overpaid and botched the Boundary Road project. Nothing but problems with run off pouring onto the road flooding or causing ice build up.

Whiners! What a bunch of NIMBY. Half the homes in the crescents are rental dumps with no maintenance eye sores. This is exactly what we need in PG to help further revitalize the downtown. Workingstiff you keep watching im sure they care about that

Does it have an elevator or will the occupants have to pack all their furniture up the steps like all those boxes along Ferry Ave?

I like the look. I also like the look of the building on Victoria. That’s what you’re seeing in big cities everywhere.

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