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October 27, 2017 6:47 pm

NUGSS Restructures Board of Directors

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 @ 3:16 PM

A big turnout for NUGSS extraordinary general meeting Wednesday – photos 250News

Prince George, B.C. – After announcing it was over $100,000 in the red last October, The Northern Undergraduate Student Society at UNBC is now on more stable financial footing.

“Things have turned around. Obviously, we still have significant challenges facing us ahead,” says president Arctica Cunningham. “And we still have to be very, very careful as we move forward trying to amend our financial situation but we’re definitely in a more stable position than we were in October.”

As 250News reported at that time (see previous story here), an audit revealed that the Society was awash in red ink due to a series of unsuccessful events that lost money.

Among other things, the Society owed the City of Prince George over $100,000 for their U-Pass program and the pub on campus they run – The Thirsty Moose – was bleeding funds.

Since that time, Cunningham says they’ve paid back the City of Prince George with support from UNBC.

NUGSS Board of Directors

“We were really happy to be able to meet that obligation and we have a really good agreement with UNBC on how to manage that and pay that back for the support they gave us.”

And to recoup the money they’ve been losing at the Thirsty Moose Pub (she says it’s lost money every year since it opened six years ago, including $40,000 last year) they announced today at an extraordinary meeting a referendum to increase the NUGSS Society fee by $6.50 to around $42 a year (for students on UNBC’s Prince George campus only).

She says the referendum will take place over two days, March 20 and March 21, and will coincide with student elections.

Cunningham says the alternative was to consider leasing options to remove the liability from the Society or to close the pub for good.

At today’s meeting NUGSS members also voted to reduce the composition of their Board of Directors from 11 members to eight, as well as removing the hierarchical division of having an “executive committee” and “associate directors.”

“The purpose is to reduce honouraria spending and increase the efficiency of the Board by having a smaller body,” says Josh Skarbo, NUGSS vice president, social. “By relying on our staff, and better utilizing student volunteers, it reduces pressure on Board members, allowing for the reduction in positions.”

The Board estimates the change will save about $15,000 a year. A controversial motion to create a five-student oversight board tasked with ensuring the Board’s efficient use of funds failed to receive the required support.

So, will all the changes be enough to keep the Society from losing money?

“That’s a difficult question to answer because there’s obviously still cash flow issues for the Society,” says Cunningham. “We’re still day-to-day reevaluating what’s happening. But we are definitely in a better position than where we were in October.”


How does a University Pub, or any Pub for that matter lose money?

    I was wondering the same thing. That pub should be a cash cow!

      They were getting hosed on their food costs for one thing. They have a different supplier now.

Hmmm… my guess would be sky-rocketing tuition fee increases have left most students so cash strapped they can no longer afford the pub’s prices. I would buy my beer or wine directly from the government liquor store, and bring it back to my residence, for a nice get-togeather… way cheaper!

Anyone else have a better theory?

Pubs are not the cash cows they used to be.
Pumphouse Pub
Alfredo’s Pub
Tabor Arms Pub
First Litre Pub
Bonnet Hill Pub
Steamers Pub
Coaches Corner Pub
Shooter’s (Downtown) Pub

Did I miss any?

Thankfully the College Heights Pub has been resurrected as Don Cherry’s

    Sgt. O’Flaherty’s

    And you didn’t even mention night clubs…

    Don Cherry’s is getting a lot of bad reviews.

Why arent university students up in arms about such a big increase to the fees? Oh well. Just mom and dads money or scholarship money or maybe loan money. Then we can hear how the government screws them over on their loan terms and tuition prices. All to keep a pub open.

Among other things, the Society owed the City of Prince George over $100,000 for their U-Pass program and the pub on campus they run – The Thirsty Moose

Looking at the above, had no idea the City was involved with the Pub

Another fund raising idea they could consider is having a garage sale of all the stuff students leave behind when they move out of the residences. Just a thought… Heard some good stuff are left behind..

    I think you misread the article. The money owed to the City was just for the U-Pass program. The Pub was losing money but the City was not involved in it.

Not a shocker…the pub has the worst service in town..An hour to prep a salad for lunch?? And their event organization (especially the bombed backyard bbq) showcases grandiose ideas paired with poor decision making.

Lets face it the pub was not managed properly bills unpaid and drinks free for many it was a joke around the place along with untrained staff that were committed to making the pub a success.

Thought these people are supposed to be the bright stars of tomorrow? Guess they are getting a hard lesson, participation ribbons just don’t cut it in the real world.

    Alt-Left liberal thinker up on the hill today, future business leaders tomorrow. I hear that Bombardier is hiring!

    Yes, but there is still hope for these kids that they don’t live on 250 News posting “alternative facts” from conspiracy theory websites like a seamutt. Half of them might be able to help you adjust the headlight on an ugly Jeep Patriot. ;-D

      seamutt….refute, refute…..no ?

      Refute What?

In the end, they’re still over $100,000 in debt are they not? They just owe it to the University and not the City. How long until that loan is forgiven?

Let a private enterpriser run the pub. Employ students as servers and cooks but run it like a business.

    But then a good part of the money goes to the person or company running it. The idea behind having NUGSS running it is that it doesn’t have to operate at a profit, just break even, and any profits go to the organization.

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