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October 27, 2017 6:47 pm

Parents ‘Mixed’ on Changes to Student Reporting

Thursday, February 23, 2017 @ 5:45 AM

Parents and ministry staff discuss changes to student reporting at PGSS last night – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – The Ministry of Education held an open house at Prince George Secondary School last night to hear from parents regarding changes to student reporting which launched in September for kids in kindergarten to grade 9 classrooms.

Prince George District Parent Advisory Council president Gillian Burnett said she was “very excited” the ministry brought their provincial tour to town though she said parent reaction to student reporting has been “mixed” so far.

“Some people still don’t have a full grasp and understanding of what exactly has transpired,” she said. “So, you’re getting some really mixed responses to it. There are some very hostile people that can’t understand what the change involves and there are also those that are like, it’s about time.”

(In accordance with the new policy, the ministry says “boards must provide parents with a minimum of five reports describing students’ school progress. Reporting to parents should be timely and responsive throughout the year.”)

Burnett also said it would be great if more teachers made better use of technology in relaying information to parents.

“Technology is the vehicle that’s going to allow us to get the kind of progress that we want in a timely manner. Fresh Grade, any electronic app that allows you to get that up to date, timely information.”

Ministry spokesperson Gordon Li said the feedback they’ve received has been “very positive” and reinvigorating for teachers.

But he also acknowledged the change in reporting has been a big change for some.

“We used to do things using a very industrial model where you had these checked boxes and we’d move on. But what we’re understanding is there’s critical skills we haven’t assessed in the past, things like how do you work together as a team? How do you communicate in more than one way in a digital setting?” said Li.

“There are a number of things people are pointing out that are critical things that students need to have.”

If you missed last night’s session not to worry. You can provide your feedback by hitting this link and filling out your thoughts. The deadline to participate is Feb. 28 by 4 p.m.

The ministry will post the results online in June.


So, one parent was for it and another was against it, and that is how they got mixed reactions? Looks like a resounding success this open house at PGSS.

Were there more then 6 people there?

For a President to refer to parents as “hostile”, what else is she calling parents behind closed doors… guess she just shot herself in her foot..or put her big foot in her mouth

    “Hostile people” simply means “people who don’t agree with me”.

This will be like everything else. Everyone will have an opinion because they have kids in the system yet they won’t get off their a$$es for an hour in one evening to find out what is changing. I think the hostile comment is a little strange although I think that there always is an element of perceived hostility with Parent’s advisory Councils because the happy parents don’t volunteer for this kind of thing. The parents on PAC’s are normally motivated because they aren’t happy with what is going on in their kid’s school and they feel the need to be involved. Not all parents in PACs are hostile but I’m sure some are. I would be interested in knowing how many people show. I don’t know why this couldn’t be done as a revolving presentation at parent/teacher nights. Would make more sense.

Well. I say kudos to the parents that volunteer. I think the above comments about those parents are uncalled for and rather disappointing. Schools need those volunteers and if you have any idea you would realize that. As for hostile parents…..I will assume you guys are “happy” useless parents.
Hostile means they were clearly losing their sh%& about it.
All of the parents on my kids PAC are there to help the school and raise money for them since we are all so underfunded. None seem to be hostile or angry or upset with the way our school is run. It is usually the parents that don’t put a lick of time in on the PAC that are “hostile” to the teachers and staff.

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