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October 27, 2017 6:43 pm

Source of Blast Identified

Monday, February 27, 2017 @ 10:47 PM

Prince George , B.C. –  The  noise that   was loud enough to rattle  windows  of homes on the North Side of Nechako River has been identified.

The noise ,  which  occurred around 8:30 this evening,   resulted in  numerous calls to  emergency  services in Prince George.

Although  emergency teams  searched for  an hour and a half along Otway Road,  they were not able to pinpoint  the  source of the noise,  or anything unusual.

Around  10:00  pm,  police received,   and have confirmed information that the  sound was indeed  an  explosion that was  a controlled  quarry blast off Otway Road.




one would think the company who did this would have let the police know before hand so they would be aware of it.
unless of course they weren’t suppose to be blasting

    I think they had, but it was not deseminated to everyone.

How controlled is a blast pattern in the dark?

So the fire department, police and ambulance crews spent an hour trying to locate the problem? A bit of a waste of taxpayer dollars, wouldn’t you say? What repercussions are there for the company involved? We need some answers.

    Were extra emergency personal called in to search? If not there was not one more cent spent in this case than was already going to be sent. Police, fire, ambulance are all shift workers and were getting paid whether they were on this job or any other.

I hope work safe is or gets involved.. sounds suspicious,

no warnings ? Isn’t that step 1 in the bomb guys hand book?

    You mean the same WorkSafe BC that screwed up investigations into both sawmill explosions? My opinion is; those Keystone Kops would not be able to sort out their own underwear drawers.

Definitely needs to be looked into. We live right across and it sounded like a huge thunder clap or an explosion.
This proves even more that the city should never have allowed Industry to take over along the river valley.

    Dont you mean the city should not have allowed residential homes in an industrial area? That area was industrial LONG before it was residential. The North Nechako Road is is the old Takla Forest Road.

So you can detonate TNT near city limits without letting the RCMP or Firehall know? What a load.

It’s a quarry. How do you people think they extract the rock? Fairy dust?

    Sure it’s a rock quarry but 8:40 pm is a little late for blasting imo

      From the CBC:

      Darryl Crichton, whose crew was doing the blast work, told CBC News they were scheduled to finish the work earlier in the day but experienced delays.

      “Once you start a blast pattern you cannot leave it unattended, you have to complete it. So sometimes it takes a little bit longer to do.”

One simple phonecall…….

It was nuts. How can you blast at night like that and not let someone know.

Has been to quiet on here good to see everyone is still paying attention lol

on the assumption it was legit and reported to RCMP, then hopefully this is a lesson learned for all involved.

crew: start your work earlier when the daylight hours are so short.

RCMP: make sure dispatch / 911 is aware of this kind of stuff so they don’t send resources out needlessly and so that operators can inform the public what is happening when they call in.

it was quite disconcerting to hear such a loud noise, especially at that time of night.

good thing it didn’t give anyone a heart attack, as there were resources needlessly tied up on wild goose chase.

In hindsight, 911, police and fire should have been alerted to the blast, even if it was delayed. Would not prevent calls to 911, but emergency services here would have known not to respond right away.
In foresight, much ado about nothing.

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