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October 27, 2017 6:39 pm

Sunshine Vitamin May Have Other Benefits

Sunday, March 5, 2017 @ 11:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  Vitamin D may prove to  offer a positive boost  to your brain.

Research by Dr.  Jacqueline Pettersen  at UNBC,  looked  at the  impact  high and low doses of Vitamin D had on  healthy adults.

Her study found those taking high Vitamin D doses (4000 IU/day) performed significantly better on tasks of nonverbal (visual) memory, compared to both pre-treatment and the low dose (400 IU/ per day) group. Dr. Pettersen also found the benefits were even more pronounced among those with lower levels of Vitamin D to begin with.

““This is one of the first studies to demonstrate a positive effect of vitamin D supplementation on brain function in healthy adults,” says Dr. Pettersen, a cognitive/behavioural neurologist with the Northern Medical Program. “While there has been good evidence that Vitamin D improves memory in animal models, research to date has been limited with respect to humans.”

Vitamin D, also known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, is not produced in the body but must be either synthesized in the skin in response to the sun’s UVB rays, or  through diet. However, there are few good food sources of vitamin D, and at northern latitudes, like Prince George, there are also not enough UVB rays to help make Vitamin D during several months of the year. Unless you take a supplement during the winter (and possibly the summer as well if you take cover from the sun), you are likely to be insufficient.

“These results have implications for public health,” notes Pettersen. “For people living in Northern B.C., and other regions which experience extended winter, the findings suggest that they should be supplementing with Vitamin D during the cold weather months, and also taking a dose that is higher than the current recommended daily amount.”

Dr. Pettersen  says  it is still  not known  if  taking  high doses for long periods   should be recommended as there are other factors  that should be considered.


You know it’s been a good couple of days on this discussion board, when the pro-LibCon crowd resorts to being grammar police.

Take your Vitamin-D, Being Human, it’ll improve your brain function. Maybe. Just don’t precede it with Vitamin-N and then follow up with a dose of Vitamin-P. That’s can lead to an addiction often fatal for most British Columbians.

    That was awesome!! Funniest & most original post in memory. Good on Socredible!!!

    Don’t forget Vitamin D is also good for those who live in Mom’s basement and don’t get much sunlight..

Hey Been Human, what actually does your statement have to do with this poat? Man, talk about a disjointed statement! Anyways I have been taking 2000 vitamin D everyday. Haven’t been sick, had a cold, flu, etc. for so long I cannot remember the last time. Is it this vitamin, naturopath says it’s good? Together with my other vitamins I hit the gym on a regular basis and do justice with the free weights! So I will continue with this dosage.

Back in the 30’s 40’s 50’s people used cod liver oil to get their Vitamin D. At the time it was common knowledge to do this.

To remove political/corporate/union coruption take half the ridings in bc with vitamin G . A dose of vitamin G was delivered to elections bc and the RCMP today as they are supposed to be the surgeons to remove this disease we suffer . Will they investigate ? Or is it too close to the election to ask , $12,000,000 , really ?

    I use 1000 vitamin D . I believe it helps . So that makes it a double dose, D/belief .

    That is fresh news Ataloss, wonder if 250news will provide coverage on this, its a pretty big news event!

    The governing Liberal Party in British Columbia is under investigation for its fundraising practices by Elections B.C., after The Globe and Mail revealed lobbyists are illegally funneling money to the party – routinely – on behalf of corporate and special interests.

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    All I can say is; its about fricken time!!!

Guess I will start taking vitamin D. May be I’ll get smarter and you guys will love me even more.

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