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October 27, 2017 6:38 pm

RCMP Commissioner Paulson to Retire

Monday, March 6, 2017 @ 8:38 AM

Prince George, B.C.- RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson has announced he plans to retire  as of June 30th.

Paulson has been at the helm of  the RCMP  for  five and a half years,  and has served  in the RCMP for  39 years.

There is no word on who will  step into the  role  once Paulson  has vacated the post.

Just last week,  a  new Deputy Commissioner   was named  to  take Command  of “E” Division.  Deputy Commissioner  Brenda Butterworth – Carr    is now the top Cop  in British Columbia.




Well done, Bob. I recall your short time here. Best wishes.

Good riddance Bob. 👎

    Take it from your comment you’ve never met him.

I believe Bob Paulson cared and tried to make changes, for the better, with the RCMP. However, change comes slowly to an agency mired in a history and culture of misogyny and racism.

The the sexual harassment class action lawsuit of over 300 female RCMP officers against the RCMP is common knowledge. The numerous investigations and findings by international human rights agencies pointing out the discriminatory treatment of Aboriginal peoples at the hands of the RCMP is common knowledge.

Not dumping on our RCMP, but our law enforcement agency needs to be changed in a big way!

Paulson has made changes, but with over 18000, it takes time.He could have done it sooner, but way too many politicians in the way.

Any great leader of a large organization realizes his people are their biggest asset ! He spent too much time bragging he was going to take guns and badges in his first year. Too much negativity and not enough emphasis on the good work and good police officers! Rather than dealing with a recruiting problem of hiring the wrong people in some cases he has opened the floodgates to hiring anyone ! Kind of the same way Butterworth-Carr got in under the radar of being a Special Aboriginal constable and avoiding the full Depot agenda & training ! And has remained special ever since !

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