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October 27, 2017 6:38 pm

Bill C-211 Moves Forward

Monday, March 6, 2017 @ 9:09 AM

Prince George, B.C.- Cariboo- Prince George M.P Todd Doherty’s Bill C-211  was up for debate in the House of Commons this morning,   and the debate  drew passionate  response.

The  Bill  calls  for  a national framework  to  provide  supports  for  veterans  and  first responders  who are  battling  Post  Traumatic Stress disorder “This bill  sends a message that this is not a battle you have to fight by yourself” said  M.P. Doherty.

“This is not any single party’s issue”   said  M.P Jim Eglinski   rather,  he said it  is an opportunity for all M.Ps  to  “stand together”  to  support those who have served  Canadians.

“Freedom is not free,  there is a cost to freedom , and that cost is a human cost” said M.P. Doherty “This  bill sends a message to our  silent sentinels that this is not a battle you have to fight by yourself, it’s up to all of us, Federal, Provincial Territorial   legislators to come up with a plan to ensure  that no one is left behind.”

The  Bill has  received support for  Third reading which calls for it to be  sent to the Standing Committee on Health for review .



I hope this bill passes if it is made into a law so much the better for the military and first responders that they get the help needed for PTSD as it is sorely lacking right now

    Long past due!!! These folks need help and assistance. Financial, medical, personal assistance!!!

Right on Dearth, needed this 10 years ago or more.

Has been needed since the discovery of ptsd.. let’s hope it passes..

Thank you to the BC NDP for championing this for our province, and to Todd Doherty for doing the same at the federal level. PTSD treatment for our first responders and military veterans is much needed!

    Peeps you are truly the master of using any story to further your own agenda. Bravo!

      I was absolutely astounded to see Peeps make a complimentary comment towards Todd Doherty, our very own local Prince George Conservative MP!

      Peeps takes “butt-kissing” to a whole new level!

      Really, you guys are unbelievedly snide.

    HG: We all know that peeps doesn’t give a flying fig about Doherty. He/she just wanted to plug his/her favorite political party.

You guys do remember that it was Dougherty’s party that removed coverage for military members struggling with PTSD in the first place right?

    Could not find anything about the removal PTSD disability coverage from military members, but I must admit, the Conservative government’s track record for providing timely mental health assessment and services for our veterans is not good.

    “The federal auditor general says some of Canada’s battle-scarred veterans are waiting up to eight months before finding out whether they are eligible for mental health disability benefits.”

    ht tp://www.macleans.ca/news/canada/battle-scarred-veterans-should-not-have-to-fight-red-tape-ag/

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