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October 27, 2017 6:33 pm

Daylight Saving Time Begins Sunday

Saturday, March 11, 2017 @ 8:32 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Sunday marks the start of Daylight Saving Time in Canada, which means we will lose one hour.

Officially, as standard time is about to reach 2:00 A M Sunday your clocks are turned ahead one hour to 3:00 A M daylight time.

Sunrise and sunset will be about an hour later than the previous day and the switch to daylight time means there will be more light in the evening.

So, a reminder to set your timepieces ahead one hour before heading off to bed tonight.

ICBC cautions that losing an hour of sleep may have an impact on your alertness and reaction time when driving and is urging drivers get some extra rest this weekend to prepare for the time shift and the drive to work Monday morning.

The insurance corporation has a few tips to help drivers adjust to the time change:

-Plan to go to bed early Saturday night and go to bed at your regular time Sunday to be ready for the Monday commute.

-Be aware of how your body adapts to the time change and how that may affect your ability to concentrate and avoid hazards.

-The time shift may mean that you’re driving home in brighter conditions, so have a pair of sunglasses in your vehicle.

-After several weeks of early sunrises and winter weather, expect darker morning commutes.  To help with visibility clean your vehicle’s headlights and make sure they are working properly.

-Watch for more cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians on the roads as weather improves and be sure to share the road.

As well, avoid distractions while driving and remember that police forces across the province are conducting a Distracted Driving and Seatbelt Use blitz throughout the month of March.


Ugh. There is no good reason to change clocks. I see Alberta has a bill before the legislature to stop DST.Hopefully BC follows suit!

Good, seems Alta. is setting the course to get rid of this inane procedure! Hope they pass it, maybe then BC will get on board with it. Northern part of BC does just fine without the clock change! Let’s get with it!

    Hate to break your righty heart but it is an NDP MP bringing this forward …..just sayin’….

Thank goodness ICBC gave me a warning about how that 1 hour may be dangerous. What would we do without these warnings we get? How would we function? Do they laugh behind the scenes when putting out warnings to the public?

    ICBC gets paid big bonuses for brainless bulletins such as this. Just like saying there is a snow warning and people should watch out for slippery roads! Although there are dumb drivers out there, I would think that most are smart wnough to know to drive slower! Never ceases to amaze me! Every clock change ICBC has to justify their existence! LOL

It’s like banging ones head against the wall . It feels so good when one stops . There are enough study’s that point to all the dangers associated with this stupidity . From increased heart attacks to traffic deaths to the financial costs involved . What are the economic gains for doing this ? Who gains from it ? It might have been a good in agrarian times but those times are long gone .

    Well said! Agrarian times, I like it!

      Don’t go blaming the farmers here – Saskatchewan doesn’t participate in DST. My teenaged self could have assured you – it doesn’t matter if it is 2am or 3am, both suck when your dad wakes you up to bale hay!

let us just leave it where we are saving daylight and call it a day.

This would be an easy win if the BC Libs made the elimination of this nonsense a part of their platform.

    Damn straight, they are getting my vote anyways but this would cement it! Wish I knew somebody in Victoria that has clout!

      Money equals clout in Victoria .

So what’s the big deal? There is shift work, changing time zones. What about variable hours of sleep from weekdays to weekends and back again. Icbc must have stats on Monday accidents coming off a weekend compared to the rest of the week.

I suggest we move it ahead half hour and l just leave it there,everyone should be happy.

    Then we would all be newfies

      Bring on the Screech and the Cod Tongues!

You know, I was just thinking, that is also weird, if the government, ICBC are sooooo concerned with the citizens of BC when the time changes…… simple solution: CHANGE IT! Instead of beaking and showing concern do something! All those MLAs and not one puts some kind of motion forth?????

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