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October 27, 2017 6:36 pm

Doherty’s PTSD Bill Clears Another Hurdle

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 @ 3:48 PM

Ottawa, ON – A rare showing of all-party support in the House of Commons today.

Bill C-211 – a private member’s bill brought forward by Cariboo-Prince George MP Todd Doherty calling for a national framework on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – received overwhelming support at third reading.

284 MPs voted in favour of the bill with none opposed. It now goes to the Standing Committee on Health for review. The national framework on PTSD would aid veterans, armed forces members and first responders.

“Today is a good day,” said Doherty afterwards. “It feels incredible and I’m incredibly proud of all the work the team has put into this. But the bill would not have happened if veterans, first responders and military hadn’t had the courage to come forward to break the silence and the stigma surrounding this issue.”

Moving forward he added things could move quickly considering the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs is studying suicide right now with respect to veterans and that the Public Safety Committee has already recommended a national framework on PTSD.

That being said Doherty is still open to revisions to the bill: “We recognize too that during the debate that there are some revisions that should be made. We want to strengthen the bill to make sure the terminology is clear but that it encompasses all of those in the public safety field.”


Very good news and it really looks good on the House of Commons.

Well done, MR. Doherty! You will be remembered for this.

CORRECTIONS, paramedics, ER nurses, just curious there Toddy if there is inclusion????

According to BH he shouldn’t be introducing this bill as he is not the Health Critic for the Conservatives and this is not “his job”

I for one commend Doherty and Zimmer for their work in the house, rock on!

    HA,Ha! That was funny!

    I’m glad to see that you agree with BH, then, since a couple of days ago he wrote,”Thank you to the BC NDP for championing this for our province, and to Todd Doherty for doing the same at the federal level. PTSD treatment for our first responders and military veterans is much needed!”

    ht tp://www.250news.com/2017/03/06/bill-c-211-moves-forward/

    The trouble with people who make nasty comments based on their political prejudices, slinky, is that they so often make fools of themselves by getting it so absolutely wrong.

      You obviously missed the comments yesterday when she wrote “We want Bob Zimmer to do his job, and his job is not being an international global affairs critic!”

      ht tp://www.250news.com/2017/03/08/zimmer-concerned-about-situation-in-ethiopia/

      Who has the political prejudices?

Lien, BC Corrections, paramedics, and ER nurses are provincial employees and covered by WorkSafeBC. You are barking up the wrong tree! Doherty is seeking help for federal employees that previously had no support such as the military & RCMP. You may want to direct your sarcasm to the local provincial MLAs rather than the federal MP.

    It will flow in to the provinces now that it’s federal, you know?
    He’s not being sarcastic.

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