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Friday Free For All – Mar. 10, 2017

Friday, March 10, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

It’s time for you  to speak your mind.  

It’s  time for the Friday Free For All.

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Six times, John Horgan and the NDP introduced bills to take big money out of BC politics, and six times the BC Liberals chose to keep this broken system that favours their well-connected friends. Now the governing BC Liberal Party is under investigation by Elections BC for its fundraising practices after The Globe and Mail revealed lobbyists are illegally funneling money to the party – routinely – on behalf of corporate and special interests.

“Free from (political donation) restraints, the governing Liberals in B.C. raised much more money than any other provincial party in power last year – an astonishing $12-million. That is two-thirds of what the federal Liberals collected from supporters across the country and double the amount raised by the Liberals in Ontario, which has a much bigger economy than B.C.”

“The Globe investigation in B.C. also found some lobbyists violating one of the few rules the province has: that donors cannot be reimbursed by clients or companies for their political contributions. Doing so means they are giving on behalf of other entities and leaving the public in the dark about the source of the money because the contribution is listed in public records as coming from the lobbyist not the company or person that covered the cost.”

“The rules in B.C. making it illegal to donate on behalf of others make it very clear the money must come from the contributor’s own pocket. Yet when one lobbyist “booked a [fundraiser] table in his own name. They had told me that – the client – just bill it back to us. But at the end of the month when I sent my invoice, I got an immediate phone call saying you can’t claim this,” the lobbyist said.

“We don’t mind you claiming the money [the client said], we just don’t want to see B.C. Liberal fundraiser on your invoice. Just bill us for more hours,” he explained. “At that point I realized – I had been totally corrupted.” Read many more stories like this one in the following Globe and Mail “investigative” news report.

ht tp://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/investigations/wild-west-bc-lobbyists-breaking-one-of-provinces-few-political-donationrules/article34207677/

    “but remember to keep your comments brief”

      Been Human will always have negative comments for the Liberal party, this is what he does! And once again I said that Hoagie will be no different from any other party politics and he will do no different except beak off! Basically all the same. Go Christy, kick some rear end in the upcoming election!

      Hey Lien, does it remind you of a kid in for the first time, can’t get his own way? LOL

    I must admit, that was probably one of my longest comments on this site, but I weighted it’s importance, and decided to post it without shaving it down in length.

    I guaranteed, this story has legs, and could very well sink the SS Christy Clark Government’s boat before the election. The confidential investigative stories contained in the Globe and Mail’s report, that I linked to, are all examples of “illegal” fund raising activities that benefits the BC Liberal Party. The maximum penalty, if found guilty, is one year in jail and steep fines. Say this isn’t so Christy, say this isn’t so!

      Your boy Horgan is going to have to come up with something better than that, BH. The whole history of the BC Liberal Party way back to when it was in government before the WAC Bennett era is riddled with corruption. They still got elected. Because people viewed their opponents as being worse. They were reduced to what they still are, a big city financial clique dominated group all the while WAC Bennett was in office. Then they re-invented themselves as latter day, so-called Socreds when Bill Bennett and Vander Zalm were Premiers. Now they’ve gone ‘honest’ again, at least as far as their moniker is concerned, and they’re back to being BC Liberals. But the SAME clique runs the show as always, and their whole existence depends on their opposition being perceived as worse, not necessarily in regards to corruption, but in having any kind of sensible clue about how to run the Province. And Horgan, so far, hasn’t failed to disappoint.

    Don’t give peeps too hard of a time, givemore. He/she stayed up late just to make sure they got the first post.

    Maybe I’m missing something but I understood the Globe investigation found that some LOBBYISTS were violating the province’s rules. It wasn’t the government or the province that was violating the rules. I’m not sure how the government is responsible for what the lobbyist did once they returned to their office (rebilling to clients) or how the government would have any way of knowing.

      Perhaps you missed these parts of the Globe and Mail article I linked to;

      “As a result of The Globe’s inquiries, Mr. Jiles said he contacted the Liberal Party, which has asked him to return all tax receipts he received for donations made in his name. He also said he has asked the party to correct the public record to reflect who the real donors were.”

      “They all swim in the same circles,” said Martyn Brown, who learned how politics works as chief of staff to former Liberal premier Gordon Campbell. Mr. Brown is now a columnist who has criticized the party’s fundraising system.”

      Get it? This is the BC Liberal Party’s fund raising system, if much of that system is found to be corrupt and illegal, then who is to blame? So many questions, can hardly wait for Election BC’s investigation results.

      As this is an active investigation, comments are closed, so it says on today’s headline story!

      Alas, it appears that BH is going to make this contribution issue (which is in the hands of RCMP investigators!) the subject of the predictable BH endless political fear and loathing mongering until midnight tonight.

    your going to wear out your copy and paste feature on your computer. Have you ever had an original idea?

So as I was headed to work tonight and stuck at the 10th and bypass lights for 2 light changes I noticed a woman on her cell phone talking merrily away while her young children were running around the light pole waiting to cross she paid no mind to her kids while she chatted away on her phone as they chased each other oblivious to the speeding hunks of metal all around them.

The light changed and she finally told her kids to follow her but paid no mind while crossing as she chatted as they darted in front beside and behind her I am happy that the drivers were all attentive for a change as well and did their best to watch out for the kids

It’s people like these I just want to grab and slap them silly for endangering their children

    I have seen the same thing, at it scares the hell out of me. You would think that people would know better.

    Cannot understand this mental obsession with being on the phone or texting, especially when 99.9% of the talking or texting is just useless banter.

      ‘Kids these days’! Something we all say when we get old.

    No kidding, just like some stupid b**** in Edmonton that left her 8 month old baby in a car for almost an hour in -20 C. Cops were called and broke the window to save the crying baby. Man it is hard to write this and “keep it clean” at the same time. You need a license to catch a fish but anyone can reproduce..

Does anyone know what is going on with the Citizen??? They are moving to a new location so the employees can work closer together that has very limited parking for employees or customers. Seems like there may be more to this.

    Companies don’t advertise in newspapers all that much any more so their revenue is way down. And with modern technology they just don’t need anywhere near that much space to print a paper these days, so they sold the building to Kopar and are moving to smaller premises.

    Didn’t Washington Post just buy the paper? Cutting costs is usually the order of the day when a new owner steps in. The days of a “daily planet” towering overhead are over. With the new interest in vinyl maybe there will be a rebound for paper?

      Heh! Considering how much of the Washington Post they reprint, you might think so. But no, I think it’s just a matter of Neil liking their somewhat extreme political stance.

Citizen has been downsizing due to lack of sales so they decided to move everyone under one roof… Their paper is thin now..

Yesterday my post got deleted… Seen that story bout the Dannish diplomats so thought I’d comment… Got as far as mmmm dannish… and clicked send… Not sure what 250 thought of it but they deleted it.. Was gonna write that I was surprised to hear how advanced in our thinking we are in the West compared to them

    Maybe it’s because they didn’t want to insult our third closest neighbour by one of our hayseeds spelling their country’s name wrong , repeatedly . Sorry Danmark you are really Danish . The English made us spell it Denmark . Don’t worry about English . Totally fake language . Made up of German/Danish/French . Total ripoff . Even their capital is named for a roman God .

I see the Vancouver Parks Board has voted to end the keeping of whales and dolphins in captivity as soon as possible. I’m glad they decided to act now to end this cruel practise.

    No kidding! These folks have letters behind their names, claim all is in the name of science. They can’t seem to see outside the box. Hate to see these beautiful creatures in captivity. They just keep killing them.

    It’s a business like any other. They are there to make money. People will lose their jobs because of it and those invested in it will lose money because of it. Hopefully there is a huge outcry when more and more robots take more and more jobs away from people that relied upon them to support their families.

If you are looking for something to do this evening, please go watch the Spruce Kings game. The last two games that they have played against Wenachee have been the best hockey that they have played this year. The Wenachee team is small, fast and very talented. The bigger Kings have, for the most part, been matching the speed, and have been wearing them down by using the body on the smaller Wild players.

    Awesome game the other night, will definitely be going tonight! Do or die!

      Awesome game right now, Kings are ahead 2-0 at the end of the first

I say we do away with day light savings time and have 7AM at sunrise every day of the year give or take a half hour. Adjust it accordingly once a month. The modern accounting for time is flawed when it comes to the natural rythm of the human body.

Summer time it would be day light until 2AM, and in winter not much different than it is.

    Are you seiously saying we should adjust our clocks once a month? Lol.

I see the Eastern media is finally starting to cover the softwood lumber issue. Some guy named barnaby pine was interviewed in what looked like the Hart area of PG this week on This Hour Has 22Minutes. Funny stuff if you haven’t seen it…

This was composed and sent to me by my 82 year old friend from Calgary

To all refugees, terrorists, criminals and those displeased US citizens with the Trump regime, we welcome you all to Canada. No passport, history, identification required as your predecessors have left a trail in the snow easy to follow. Forget about getting wet in the Rio Grande, come to Canada. Canada’s generosity and their giveaway of funds is unlimited. Their leadership has created a far better welcoming committee than elsewhere in the world with medical care, cosy warm beds and excellent Manitoba beef. No doubt a government official will be available, supported by border patrol officials and our Canadian police force, to respond to any questions you may have on future unlimited funding, all gifted by generous Canadian taxpayers.
On arrival you will be provided with cell phones and suitable communications whereby you may convey the easy route to friends, family members, fellow terrorists around the world. What is so unique about this crossing is, no Canadians are welcome to this point of entree.
Those born and raised in Canada attempting to cross at this point of entree will be turned back at gun point or marched off to jail. You must qualify as a refugee, wanted criminal, terrorist or simply nervous as a resident of the USA under the Trump regime. So dress warm, we’ll leave a light on for you.

    I’m sure it’s not quite that welcoming, but you make a good point. Imagine showing up at the border, no i.d., and telling them, hey, seriously, I’m a Canadian citizen, trust me. Probably find yourself in detention until you can prove it – not likely be put up in the local Travelodge.

    Hey, Zimmer might be there to assist, instead of touring our northern first nations and lobbying Justin to clean up the water and build some roads.

Canada the land of milk and honey, what happens when we don’t provide the milk and honey?? What about our safety?

I’m told this is a top selling book on Amazon.

Reasons To Vote For Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide Paperback – Feb 8 2017

by Michael J. Knowles (Author)

4.7 out of 5 stars
13 customer reviews

CDN$ 13.48

“The most exhaustively researched and coherently argued Democrat Party apologia to date, “Reasons To Vote For Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide” is a political treatise sure to stand the test of time. A must-have addition to any political observer’s coffee table. “Thorough” –Ben Shapiro, nationally syndicated columnist and New York Times bestselling author”

ht tps://www.amazon.ca/Reasons-Vote-Democrats-Comprehensive-Guide/dp/1543024971/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1489165947&sr=1-1&keywords=Reasons+to+Vote+for+Democrats%3A

The 266-page book, a must read and which you will finish before you put it down because it’s………..blank


Kauai is one of the most beautiful places on earth . Go to YouTube , search , Kauai tesla . Watch the 56 second video . They will no longer be burning 1.6 million gallons of diesel per year for the rest of their history . Tesla et al are going to put the kochs et al in the shade .

    So when the Kochs et al are all in the shade, America’s economy (along with their CO2 emissions) has all been transferred to “developing” countries, where will the massive subsidies come from to pay for those wonderful Teslas?

      You need to look at the list of EVs that garner a subsity from BC gov. Tesla is not on it . As long as the dealerships in bc don’t get the subsity money they won’t be on the list . The dealerships association is one of the largest CONtributors to the BCs liberal party . The EV subsity is for the dealerships . Tesla sells directly to its customers cutting out the dealerships ( middlemen) . So until we get a government that isn’t a pay for play , this won’t change . The teslas bought by the all electric taxi company in Kelowna got Zero in subsities . Teslas built for export get nothing in subsities from US governments , period . So much for your strawman .

      What strawman?

      Tesla is massively subsidized by the US taxpayer. When they started selling their first cars, they were priced at $125,000. Then Obama et al started subsidizing them and the price dropped to $75,000. They have different models now and I don’t know the prices but I believe they’re lower yet.

      The subsidies come from the fossil fueled economy of the USA. So when the Kochs et al are all in the shade, as you suggest will happen, what happens to the fossil fuel economy? It crashes. So then where will those subsidies come from? And better yet, where will the demand for Tesla products come from?

      Clear enough for you?

    Have you seen this, Ataloss? All that taxpayer money spent by Tesla might well be all for nothing.

    ht tp://engr.utexas.edu/news/8203-goodenough-batteries

    “A team of engineers led by 94-year-old John Goodenough, professor in the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin and co-inventor of the lithium-ion battery, has developed the first all-solid-state battery cells that could lead to safer, faster-charging, longer-lasting rechargeable batteries for handheld mobile devices, electric cars and stationary energy storage.”

      Elon has made a statement for years . Bring me a better battery and I’ll make a deal and retool to accommodate the new better chemistry . He says he knows it’s coming and is exited to be part of it . Seen any progress in ICE car efficiency . No ? I didn’t think so . Next time you watch an auto ad . Listen hard . They spend multi billions per year to tell you nothing . Tesla spends nothing on ads . Those billions the fossil burners spend to tell you nothing is added to the price of every unit .

      Tesla spends billions of taxpayer money and it’s all for naught. No problem, lots more cash where that come from.

      It’s real easy top spend other people’s money.

    This is an isolated area that had high energy costs to begin with. Be interesting to know what subsidies where applied as Musk is a subsidy farmer. Oh the conventional generators are still there for required back up.

    Ataloss how come you never tell us about your solar system? One would think you would be yelling from your solar panel covered rooftop how great it is instead of being selfish and secretive. Oh wait is that a unicorn in your yard?

    Here is some information on solar, true costs coming home to roast and the energy disaster in Germany.

    ht tps://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/

    Kauai is by no means alone . One in ten of us humans live on islands or 650 million of us . If you read about the deal you will see there is absoluty no subsities involved . It’s strictly a business deal . Elon has said this business model will product ten times the profits his auto sector will one 13 cent per kWh at a time .

      Come on Ataloss tell us about your system, why so quiet?

      There are lots of places where that kind of energy generation makes sense, but it won’t replace fossil fuels. That will be something yet to come, and eventually it will. In the meantime, fossil fuels are a major blessing for humanity.

    Oh, Christ! Here we go again!

Its painful watching what is going on south of the border.. I cant believe what the government is getting away with.. I think it would be funny if it wasnt going to impact the globe.

He will start a war…and use nukes…

    Oh give your head a shake! Pay attention to what he’s doing, not the shrieking hysteria of his detractors.

      Pay attention to what? Like stating he wants to expand the nuclear program? Increase the budget to the armed forces? He’s a nut job that needs to lose his job.

      He spewing bigger lies to hide from his previous ones.. NO evidence of wiretapping..none..he read about it on brietbart (s). A garbage site.. he is doing everything he was slamming Hillary about..but now it’s fine ?

      Said Obama released over 100 from Guantanamo…he released 9.. bush released over 100. There are so many examples…well basically every time he opens his mouth…

      Come on P Val, there is evidence of a warrant to survail Trump. Your on your computer all the time. Do some looking into it instead of parroting the MSM narrative. I know Trump’s win was hard for you but don’t let that blind you to reality.

      So spending to restore the greatly deplete defense programs is going to start a war? More likely giving Iran carte blanche to develop nuclear weapons and delivery systems would start a war…oh wait, that was Obama.


      The US spends more on defense than the next 7 major powers on this planet combined and you spout that America military is depleted. You don’t just drink the kool-aid; you guzzle it.

      4 billion dollars for a single destroyer, armed with ammo that costs 986000 dollars a shot and you have the gall to claim the US war machine is underfunded. Pathetic.

    Starting a war, do you mean the one Odumber and scary Hillary did on Libya? A country that was of no threat but just wanting to unite Africa and start a new currency. Hey the Establishment was going to have nothing of that. Now we have Isis, thanks a lot.

    Trump so far is doing what he promised during the election, imagine that, though medical reform is a mine field. Whereas our dear leader has backtracked on about everything he promised during the election. What a guy.

      No the one against China or North Korea.. obamas scandal free presidency really bothers lots of people..lol. Trump is running on scandal…

      Pval so you get to pick wars. Are you saying N Korea is no threat.

      No scandals, really have you not been paying attention

      ht tp://thefederalist.com/2017/01/17/stop-pretending-the-obama-administration-was-scandal-free/

      ht tp://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/01/02/18-major-scandals-obama-presidency/

      Don’t like Breitbart then refute them.

      Seamutt, no I said North Korea is a threat..a major one..their leader is nuts like trump.

      How is Trump nuts, just doing what he promised? You have to stop watching SNL for your news. He is watching out for his country and so far so good.

      N. Korea is getting more dangerous by the day and now China says they will go to first strike to defend that cesspool.

      No-one dares tell the dear leader of N. Korea how funny his haircut looks.

    Man, well done! Pretty well covered everything

    The losers have a lot of money and they’re trying to oust him, don’t you get it?

“In other words, Greenpeace is admitting that it relies on “non-verifiable statements of subjective opinion,” and because its claims are not meant to be factual, the group believes it cannot be held legally responsible for what it says.”

Greenpease admits it lies and is using that as a defense, I am gobsmacked.

ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/03/03/dr-patrick-moore-was-right-greenpeace-is-full-of-sh.t/

    We always knew that’s what they do. Hard to believe they would use that as a defense when their smears most definitely were intended to be taken as factual.

wonder how Mark Emery and his missus enjoyed their new dwelling last couple of nights?

Our PM ran on a platform last election of a 10 billion deficit. It is now approaching 30 billion. He recently announced Canada would contribute 650 million to women’s health and reproductive education, just not in Canada. This is funded with borrowed money on our part. This brings the total amount he has pledged to the UN and foreign NGO’s to over 5 billion. Canadians should be outraged at this. We just went further into debt to support non Canadian causes. Now these may be good causes, some aren’t. We are in no position to be doing this when we have significant issues needing funding here at home. The PM’s progressive causes have blinded any sense of reality Zoolander may have had.

The PM’s supporters will say that Harper added way more to our national debt, but fail to acknowledge that occurred during the worst recession/meltdown since the 1930’s. Trudeau is doing it in a mildly robust economy. Whats going to happen when the next recession occurs.

Trudeau is saddling Canadians with generational debt. The sad part this was totally predictable. Tax and spend is in his DNA. This country’s irrational hate for Harper will cost us for generations.

    And Harper ran on a platform of “no deficits ever!, not taxing income trusts, small government, and fiscal conservatism.”
    All BS. Largest debt, fueling of a nationwide housing bubble( through lax lending standards), one of the largest governments in Canadian history, a Canadian bank bailout( but we won’t call it that), and 6 of 9 budgets in deficit(the last budget was balanced via the contingency fund???). Not a Trudeau fan, but the Harper apologists sure have a selective memory.

      BS govsux, the US had the lax lending standards not us. Did you read my comment about the biggest financial crises since the great depression? He was in a minority position with the opposition screaming for higher spending or the Libs and bloc would bring them down. I don’t have a selective memory of the 2008 global collapse. I lived it daily. As for not taxing trusts, when Telus, BCE and encanna were in the process of converting into income trusts, it became apparent something needed to be done. You can’t have your countries corporations paying no corporate tax. It was definitely painful. Were I worked our assets under management dropped by 90 million that day but it was the right thing to do.

    Dear leader is using our money to build his ego on the world stage. Hey fresh water to isolated native communities would not be noticed on the world stage so is ignored by dear leader.

      Wow, good point. Seems the Trudeau agenda is friendly to pretty much anyone who actually isn’t a citizen of this country. Welcoming the world’s refugees trying to escape the the United States of all places, lots of money for third world, meanwhile in Canada, legitimate immigrants wait in line, and First Nations start to wish they were in Africa so Trudeau would pay them attention.

      What did the isolated native communities drink before taxpayers showed up on the scene?

      He Dumb, you wanna drink mercury in your water? Try Pinchi Lake.

      Hey Grizz, what does mercury in drinking water have to do with my comment? The subject wasn’t mercury contaminated water. Nobody drinks Pinchi water.

      Such concern a tightie rightie like you has for First Nation issues now that it is a Liberal government in power. Your Con pal Harper didn’t do anything for those communities when he was in power, but suddenly now you and your alt right Kamerades are concerned about Native issues.

      Your fake crocodile tears for the plight of First Nations in this country are farcical.

      Are we talking about the same Conservatives under Harper, who called First Nations enemies of Canada, and economic terrorists?

      Just wondering.

This just in ! ElectionsBC has handed the BCliberal pay for play donation scam to the RCMP . The are going to be epic numbers of birds sing like canaries. Well done Andrew J. Weaver the dragon slayer .

    Perhaps you mean dragon fly slayer.

      Not at all . I wonder who alerted the NYT and G&M . You can bet it wasn’t anyone from the libs, cons or ndp . I figure it was some one with clean hand and the know how to pull it off with facts .

    Sadly the RCMP move slower than the election cycle . Let’s hope they do their job leaving politics aside .

Agreed Ataloss! According to the Globe and Mail investigative report, which I linked to at the start of this Friday Free For All, the RCMP is already aware of at least one of these contraventions in law.

“One lobbyist and Liberal-Party supporter who donated less than $300 last year said he never buys fundraising tickets for his clients. Mike Geoghegan said that is because he got called out by a journalist for doing it several years ago, when the law prohibiting that practice first came into effect.”

The RCMP let him off with a warning.

“I was a little gobsmacked when I got the phone call [from police],” said Mr. Geoghegan, who has been a lobbyist in B.C. for two decades. “Ever since that day, I have made a point of saying: You should attend events – but you have to purchase the tickets in your name.”

That was several years ago, just imagine what the RCMP will find now when they investigate what seems to be, according to the Global and Mail, a common practice for donating to the BC Liberal Party. One would hope this RCMP investigation will be completed before the May 9th election date. Welcome to the wild, wild, west of BC politics everyone… YEEHAW!!!

    Agree . The NDP also has this stain on their hands . I wonder who is feeding BCs Conservative party . How can they continue being the gong show they are . Some one has deep enough pockets to keep it going . They don’t even need a leader . This topic sure has silenced our righties . Too much filth for even them ?

    You typing before you think? Donators are at risk not government, LMAO!

      Since elected Christy put 50K in her pocket from those donors per year . What’s the total so far ? I’m afraid they are the ones who filled the fund . Best government money can buy . Have you heard the stamped of Natgas shipping money going out the door ? I wonder why ? Have you seen the graphs at the tyee ? Maybe there’s nothing to see. What a gong show .

    Tonight’s news said that donations to both the BC Liberals AND the BC NDP are being investigated by the RCMP. Perhaps it would be wise not to throw stones when one is living in a glass house, BH.

      If the NDP gets even a little bit of dirt on themselves from this investigation, then guaranteed we will find the BC Liberals buried under that dirt!

      Besides we all know the NDP has been taking the high road trying to get the BC Liberals to wean themselves off the corporate and big business donation teat. The NDP made six attempts at introducing legislation to take corporate and union money out of political donations, yet all six times the BC Liberal refused.

      Oh, the irony! I hope these Liberals wear the result of this RCMP investigation well, because they insisted on keeping a campaign donation system that was so easy to corrupt.

Speaking of politics interesting what happened to HYPG. So sad it went political then censorship.

Thanks to the Globe and Mail’s excellent investigative reporting, we now know lobbyists have admitted to using their own names to donate on behalf of corporate clients. It’s a way of hiding the true source of money in politics, and it’s illegal.

So let’s talk about lobbyist’s clients, who would they be? Hmmm… we know from publically available donation records; the Christy Clark Liberals took $771,168 in corporate money from Kinder Morgan and its project backers before approving the Trans Mountain pipeline and tanker expansion. So the question needs to be asked; has this group of companies contributed additional money to the BC Liberal Party campaign fund though lobbyist and consultant “straw donors”? “If” they have, how much additional money was it? I sure wouldn’t mind knowing who the corporate and company clients are for all these registered lobbyists and consulting firms and individuals.

Remember; the amount of money that was donated to the BC Liberal Party is a massive $12 million dollars, that is “twice” the amount Ontario Liberals managed to solicit, and “two thirds” the amount the Liberal Party of Canada received “nationally”. Hooo…weee, I can hardly wait for the results of this RCMP investigation, inquiring minds want to know!!!

    Peeps, I just saw Andrew Weaver on this eventing’s CTV News, stating and I quote:

    “Some of the names in the Globe and Mail article were donors to the BC NDP as well as the BC Liberals, so I would hope that all parties are investigated”

    Peeps, you’ve commented about the Liberals numerous times and yet I don’t think that you mentioned your NDP, not even once! Why is that?

    The RCMP will conduct it’s investigation, let’s see what that reveals!

    In case you missed my question Peeps, why have you not mentioned the NDP yet?? Curious minds want to know, although most of us already know!

    By the way, how much does the NDP pay you to do nothing all day but google and post on this site? What did you say that you did for a living? Oh right, you didn’t, haha!

      If the NDP gets even a little bit of dirt on themselves from this investigation, then guaranteed we will find the BC Liberals buried under that dirt!

      Besides, we all know the NDP has been taking the high road trying to get the BC Liberals to wean themselves off the corporate and big business donation teat. The BC NDP made six attempts at introducing legislation to take corporate and union money out of political donations, yet all six times the BC Liberals refused.

      Oh, the irony! I hope these BC Liberals wear the results of this RCMP investigation well, because they insisted on keeping a campaign donation system that was so easy to corrupt.

      If one try’s hard enough , one can justify anything . If you want to go clean , go Green . Not even a hint of dirty money . Just people’s money , from people with ethics who care deeply about governance . Try it . It’s sharp as a razor at a tenth the cost . It where Christy gets her ideas . Other than filling her pockets , that is .

The BC Liberals should make it part of their platform to end moving the clocks for Daylight Savings Time once and for all. The NDP probably wouldn’t win a seat anywhere if they did!

For a very long time, I have been stating that our public sector defined benefit pension plans are overly generous and unaffordable and that they should not be taxpayer subsidized.

More and more we are reading about massive underfunded public sector pension liabilities. This should matter to everyone that is not a public sector employee and it should matter the most to those of us who are funding our own retirement savings through RRSPs, TFSAs, non-registered savings and business assets.

The underfunded public sector pension liability is a disaster waiting to happen! If these plans are unable to meet their obligations, it is highly unlikely that our levels of government will reduce the benefits being paid, rather they will simply raise taxes to make those of us without gold-plated pension plans pay more to prop up gold-plated pensions for public sector workers! This is wrong on so many levels!

I have no issue with public sector workers having a pension plan if and it’s a very big IF, if their plan is funded by their own contributions.

The following link talks about the situation in Illinois, a situation that is likely to spread! In Illinois, one member who paid into the fund for 30 years began retirement with a $3,500 check. After the fund blew up, that monthly stipend plunged to $1,170. That’s not likely to happen here in Canada, as our different levels of government will undoubtedly hit us up to cover any pension shortfalls! If you don’t have a public sector pension plan, then you better hang on to your wallets because there are certain to be more and more attacks on it!

ht tp://moneytalks.net/article-and-commentary/todays-best-money-making-ideas/personal-finance/19308-illinois-passes-on-pension-debt-interest-payments.html

Our public sector workers and their unions will likely become a modern day Robin Hood in reverse, robbing from those of us “without” to give to those “with”!

    Agree Hart Guy. This should matter to public sector employees as well. We are on an unsustainable path, and one day there will be no more money to borrow to fund such things.

      As I sit here reviewing the performance of my portfolio, I wonder how much of my RRSPs and investments the government will demand of me in order to meet their commitments to the overly generous public sector defined benefit pension plans?

      I’ve yet to have a public sector pension plan member come to me offering to help me fund my RRSP, my TFSA or my other investments. I really don’t think that I and other taxpayers should help them fund theirs. Seems fair, right?

      Hart Guy, Maybe you should take over plowing your own street, picking up your own garbage, running the zamboni on our ice rinks for your children, operating the sewage treatment plant to treat your own s%^t, filling potholes on your streets, etc, etc, etc.

      Dumbfounded, your comment is just plain stupid!

      WE pay our public sector employees above average salaries to plow our streets, pick up our garbage, run a Zamboni, operate our sewage plants, fill our potholes etc etc etc.

      Why should we also subsidize their pensions? Why should we be on the hook for any shortfalls that may occur in their pension funds?

      Have you started to realize yet just how stupid your comment was?

The USA is a pension fund disaster. It’s everywhere. Successive governments promised enormous pension enhancements to secure votes with no regards to the long term liabilities. It’s come home to roost now. Police,firemen public servants receive retirement income higher than when they worked in many cases. Something that can’t go on for ever will eventually end. Check out the problems in many Texas Cities. This will likely mean bankruptcy for many cities.

    Exactly dow. Two thumbs up for your post. When will we wake up?

Lets all vote Liberal so that “after” they are elected, they will deliver their billions in promises.

Marc and Jodie Emery arrested, charged then released on $30,000.00 bail then their business locations raided?
How fn ridiculous is that?
With a snap of his fingers he could deliver on his election promise.

Yay Justin Trudeau.

I notice that the Citizen and 250 news both are very lax about reporting this investigation into Liberal fundraising. 250 closed comments on the main story and the Citizen buries it in the back pages. Not hard to figure the game here.

    That’s what happens when the public has to deal with the obscene . $12,000,000 , that’s every person in bc donating $2.60 , even infants . Do you really think we have a voice ? The NDP , CHP, BCGP and every one else are being priced out of the political market . Maybe an apt name for this would be free market government .

      Maybe the Greens should raise more funding ataloss. OH forgot, there small support base of SJW’s and idiots can barley pay for a second set of clothes.

    More aptly we can refer to the 2001 – 2017 as a time in our province’s history where the government sold our democracy to corporations and big business.

      So just what is not big business or corporate? I guess you are fine with unelected NGO’s supported by the likes of Soros and company.

      big business Peeps?

      BCFED? Yup, a big business!

      BCGEU? Yup, another big business!

      Teamsters? Wow, another big business!

      CUPE? You got it, another great big business!

      I could go on and on and on, but you catch my drift, right?

      And just like you, all of these great big businesses have their heads up the NDP’s butt!

How much did you make for your full day of trolling BH? Your worth every penny for helping the Liberals to another election win.

I posted maybe 10 comments on this Friday Free For All, how many did everyone else post?

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