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October 27, 2017 6:33 pm

Head-on Collision on Highway 97 South – Update

Saturday, March 11, 2017 @ 10:39 AM

Collision had traffic backed up on Highway 97 at Willow Cale Road Saturday morning.  Photos 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Prince George RCMP are investigating a motor vehicle accident which occurred on Highway 97 south at Willow Cale Road around 10:15 this morning.

First responders are now on scene of what is described as a head-on collision.

We will have further details as they become available.

UPDATE:  Prince George RCMP now say the collision was more of a “glancing” impact than a full-on, head-on collision and that there were no significant injuries.

A police spokesperson says there was a carload of people in one vehicle and one person in a second vehicle.  One of the vehicles wound up half in the ditch while the other came to rest on the highway.

Some of the occupants were taken to hospital to be checked out as a precautionary measure however, again, there were no serious injuries.

Traffic was delayed for a period of time and a detour was set up for northbound vehicles while the accident vehicles were cleared from the site.



What was with all those cops headed towards College Heights last night? There was at least six cruisers headed up that way. We figured it was an armed robbery. Yet there is no news about it on this site.

    One hour Walmart special on rain gear for next week.


Yesterday afternoon around 3pm there were half a dozen officers and at least two patrol cars at a house on Weisbrod just a little off hwy 97 in the Hart. Nobody seems to know what that was about.

Another ugly day out there on the roads! Take it easy folks! Turn on your headlights AND your taillights! Slow down and arrive Alive!

    Oh looky, we have an ICBC public safety officer here.

      Bwahahahah! Couple of comedy posts here, liven up a blustery dreary day! Don’t forget to keep your snow tires on!! Another brilliant deduction from ICBC!

      islandbound, I certainly wouldn’t want to see any of us posters on this site be involved in an accident. That extends to even those that I sometimes or even often disagree with! Hence my post!

      But as far as you are concerned, you go right ahead and drive like an idiot, drive without your lights on and I promise not to be the least bit concerned about you getting schmucked! Just don’t take any innocent people with you!

      Happy now?

Would you guys be posting these comments if the outcome of this incident were different. Regardless, someone has experienced some kind of loss, need be minor injuries, vehicle damage or what ever. Think about it!

We could be in Churchill, 120 k winds, 9 meter drifts, now that would be some shovelling…..

just harness up a couple of polar bears and pull a plow.

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