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October 27, 2017 6:33 pm

Fletcher Acclaimed NDP Candidate in PG-Valemount

Sunday, March 12, 2017 @ 6:58 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The BC NDP now officially has its candidate in the May 9th provincial election in the riding of Prince George-Valemount.

Longtime Prince George resident Natalie Fletcher was acclaimed as the party’s candidate at a constituency association nomination meeting Saturday night.  Fletcher, who has lived in Prince George for over 30 years, says she is “committed to working hard to stand up for everyday British Columbians.  I’ve been advocating for people my whole life.”

She says “I’m a health care worker and I’ve seen cuts first-hand to my co-workers, my patients and my residents.  I knew this was wrong and I had to do something.  I’ve been talking to people in my community and I’m hearing that it’s getting harder and harder to live in BC under Christy Clark.”

Fletcher says she’s running as a candidate for the BCNDP “because I feel I need to step forward and lead the change I want to see.  I am tired of seeing British Columbians work harder only to get further behind.”

She lists education, healthcare and good jobs that are locally-based as key priorities in this election campaign.  She also says “seniors are not getting the care they deserve.  Nine out of ten care homes don’t even meet the government’s own minimal standards, and in Prince George that number is ten out of ten.  According to the Seniors’ Advocate report, not one care home in our area meets the requirements.”

Fletcher says the BC NDP “will stop unfair hikes and make life more affordable, cancel tax cuts for the rich and will create jobs, fund healthcare and education.”  She also says “we will end Christy Clark’s raw log export free-for-all.  The only raw logs that will leave BC are the ones that we can’t use.”

Fletcher’s campaign office is located in the old Eco Pure building at Ospika and Massey and will be opening in the near future.


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