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October 27, 2017 6:30 pm

Pop-up U.S. Consulate Headed to PG

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 @ 5:45 AM

Prince George, B.C. – American expats living in Prince George and surrounding communities and needing U.S. consular services are in luck.

Tomorrow the U.S. Consulate General in Vancouver will be hosting a traveling “Pop-Up Consulate” at the Prince George Public Library.

Consulate staff will be in the second-floor study room accepting passport and Consular Report of Birth Abroad applications and providing notarial services.

(They will not be offering Nexus interviews or offering loss of U.S. nationality services).

Ingrid Specht, vice consul with the American Citizen Services unit at the U.S. Consulate in Vancouver, says its their first visit to Prince George.

“We’ve been thinking a lot this year about what we can do to reach out to our American citizens that are living in communities that are kind of dispersed around B.C.,” she says. “So, Prince George is one area we haven’t been to and we just wanted to see what the interest level was and it looks like it’s pretty good.”

Specht recommends people email them at vancouveracs@state.gov to book an appointment and to find out what the fees are for their services.

She says they will be at the library from 10:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. and hints it likely won’t be their last trip to B.C.’s northern capital.

“If people are interested in this kind of outreach but unable to come on Thursday please send us an email and we’ll let them know the next time we’re up in Prince George.”


Strange timing . Anything to do with Canada’s Girl Guides cancelling all visits to the USA indefinitely?

An idiot uniformed move by the Guides.

    you may think it is, but not all the girl guides, are blonde haired and blue eyed. So, Is it really fair to subject our children to the kind of bigotry that the US President is trying to encourage in their nation.

      Nailed it!

      How is it bigotry? It is their country and as such they have the right to decide who can come in or cannot come in. That being said turning girl guides away is absurd but it is not my country. No different that having the right to say who comes into your house.

      Yup. Nailed it Peter. Our passports do not automatically bequeath us the right to enter any country we want to. Travel is a privilege, it is not a right. Every coutry has the right to say who comes and leaves by its borders.

    I agree, there are ways for GG of C to deal with this. It’s a knee jerk reaction and of course once media gets on it, it’s sensationalized, and, dare I say it? exaggerated, expounded and beaten til it don’t sell anymore, at the same time I agree with Peter and Rusty.

I think having our Girl Guides of Canada cancel all visits to the US indefinitely sends the right message, and that message is:

Our Canada is a nation, a country, that is open, tolerant, and accepting, of all people, regardless of their ethnicity, culture, religion, beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, or whatever else a Donald Trump government may be afraid of.

We trust our government will protect us by way of stringent regulations and procedures designed to thoroughly screen and vet all persons who would apply for immigration, or refugee status, to Canada. We believe all immigrants and refugees have the right to be themselves, when becoming Canadian Citizens. This means they have the right to practice their own cultural norms, which forms an important part of their identity, and allows them freedom to practice their religion, even if that religion happens not to be a “christian” religion!

We believe that we should all uphold our country’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as it is our duty as Canadians to do so.

Of course, those who would disagree with this statement of Canadian Values should move to America immediately. ;-)

    Now how does that wash with the government trying to uphold our bigamy laws in regards to that polygamous Mormon bunch in Bountiful, BC? If it’s in their ‘culture, religion, beliefs’ that a man may not only have more than one wife at a time, but that teenage girls can be married off to already mult-wived guys old enough to be their grandfathers because that’s a long established part of their ‘cuture, religion, beliefs’, why then is your ‘open, tolerant and accepting of all people’ Canada out to prosecute them? Oh, let me guess. They’re still ‘Christians’, or profess to be. So that makes it okay.

    If they were members of the Muslim faith, which not only allows polygamy, but has some rules regarding divorce that are, shall we say, not exactly consistent with the usual left-wing conception of sexual equality, then we just have to “let them be themselves”, and the laws of the land don’t apply. Maybe we can even let them apply their own laws based on their religious beliefs in other areas, too. Like lopping a hand off those who are found to be thiefs, for instance. Cuts down the recidivism rate substantially, I imagine. Perhaps we could have public stonings of wives who commit adultery. Not getting them high on pot, but the into the pit thing without any regard to those who are sinless being the only ones rocking them? Where do you want it to end, BH? For you really can’t have it BOTH ways, can you?

      Bang on socredible, who decides what “cultural norm” is? What may seen normal in one country is considered barbaric in another country.

    “This means they have the right to practice their own cultural norms, which forms an important part of their identity”

    BH, does this include stoning women? Seems like a cultural norm in some countries as it is still practiced today.

I hope all you Tightie Rightie Trump lovers made your way down there to put in your applications for admission to the US of T.

    Rather go to the USA than any one of the Countries Trump banned. Where would you rather visit? Be honest.

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