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October 27, 2017 6:30 pm

Province Providing $2M for Rural Teacher Recruitment

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 @ 12:45 PM

Prince George, B.C. – B.C. Education Minister Mike Bernier has announced the Province is investing $2 million to help recruit and retain teachers and other qualified education sector professionals to rural schools.

“This investment will help support local and provincewide solutions for school districts with hard-to-fill positions in rural and remote communities,” says the Ministry of Education. “This challenge has been a recurring topic of discussion through the Province’s ongoing engagement to create a rural education strategy.”

PG School Board chair Tim Bennett

That engagement has included eight open houses throughout the province, including one in Prince George last month (see previous story here).

The money will be used for:

  • Free job posting services and access to an online teacher application management system;
  • Coordination of national and international recruitment efforts;
  • Local incentives, such as enhanced funding for travel expenses for professional development, relocation expenses and transitional housing assistance.

Prince George School Board chair Tim Bennett says three communities in the district – Mackenzie, Valemount and McBride – all qualify as rural and remote communities.

“The district has had challenges recruiting teachers to these communities and it is something we as a district have prioritized resources to. So, the additional support from the provincial government is welcomed.”

He says it will also be interesting to see how the money is rolled out.

“If I’s based on a grant allocation or if it’s distributed based on student population in rural communities,” says Bennett. “I know that the news is still very new and that our staff – if we’re eligible for the funding – will make sure our application is in quickly.


There are over 100 municipalities in BC that could be categorized as “rural and remote” communities. That works out to approximately $20,000 each (not based on a per student funding allocation). Not a whole lot of money, but at least this government is acknowledging one of the many unique challenges smaller communities face with respect to delivering public education in rural locations.

When you cut hundreds of millions from education. Then toss back 2 million we know your game…all political parties do the same thing…

    Yes, they all do the same thing. What’s a wonder is that no one ever questions, “Why?”

      Why, because the average person can be fooled. And if the average people are the majority, than you get the majority support. Politics 101, nothing to do with doing the right thing.

      The average person, is extremely ignorant, and believe what is done by elected officials is always right.

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