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October 27, 2017 6:29 pm

Kemess Underground Project Gets Green Light

Thursday, March 16, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Prince George, B.C.- The Province has issued an environmental assessment certificate to AuRico Metals Inc. for the Kemess Underground project  which is  about  430 kms  northwest of Prince George.,
There are 33 conditions  attached to the  approval, including:

* Establish an Environmental Monitoring Committee to share information and discuss topics of interest to Tse Keh Nay and government agencies.

* Monitor surface water and groundwater quality.

* Treat effluent from the tailings-storage facility until it is acceptable for release into the environment.

* Ensure selenium concentrations in a downstream creek do not increase as a result of the project.

* Develop a Wildlife Management and Monitoring Plan to address effects on caribou, birds, bats and alpine species.

In addition, AuRico Metals Inc. proposed a number of significant design changes prior to and during the environmental assessment, based on feedback received from Tse Keh Nay, local governments and the public:

* Develop the project as an underground mine to minimize production of waste rock and reduce the amount of new surface disturbance.

* Use the old Kemess South pit as the tailings-storage facility, eliminating the need to use Amazay Lake, which has high cultural and historical importance to Tse Keh Nay, and avoid development within the lake’s watershed.

* Avoid constructing a proposed road corridor along Upper El Condor Creek and Kemess Lake by using a tunnel to minimize landslide, avalanche and weather risks.

In addition to federal environmental assessment approval, AuRico Metals Inc. still needs federal, provincial and local government permits to proceed.

The $683.9-million project is expected  to produce approximately 24,650 tonnes of ore per day over a 13-year period.


This is a good news story. Hopefully this mine goes ahead.

40% of the Kemess South Mines expenditures and employment were in the Prince George, Mackenzie, Fort St James, Bulkley Valley and Smithers, and it is expected that the Kemess Underground project would be similiar.

Up to 475 jobs will be created during the five year construction and 12 year production periods. Employment will continue through out the closure phase.

So all the towns in the area should get an uplift from this project.

Because they will use most if not all of the facilities/camps/roads/tailing pond, etc; from the Kemess South operation there are less people needed to build this mine. 475 for the construction phase is rather small, but better than a kick in the butt.

    AND, the economic spinoff. Excellent! Just glad to see our economy doing so well.

      This should get us half way back to where we were when Kemess South closed.

Although not a part of the Kemess underground approval the Kemess East project could be a game changer too..So keep your eyes on that one too..

    Add Mount Milligan mine to the equation and we are on a roll.

      I really don’t care what they do. We get some spin off and the corporation gets the bank. We need to change that system.

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