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October 27, 2017 6:29 pm

Mega Jackpot Night to Benefit Local Non-Profit

Thursday, March 16, 2017 @ 2:10 PM

Tim Bennett, executive director, Big Brothers Big Sisters Prince George – photos 250News

Prince George, B.C. – The Prince George Cougars will hold their third mega jackpot 50/50 draw this season on March 24 when they host their first playoff game.

Andy Beesley, business vice-president, Prince George Cougars

Three anonymous businesses along with some individual donors have chipped in a total of $20,000 to kick-start the jackpot with all proceeds going to help Big Brothers Big Sisters Prince George.

“All the money we raise from this is going to be used to really build and sustain our current programming,” says Tim Bennett, executive director. “And grow the number of children we serve in Prince George.”

“I’m extremely excited because the Cougars are always looking to work with charities and with businesses and when we can marry the two of them together and help them do good for each other it makes us really happy as a team,” adds Andy Beesley, the Cougars vice-president of business.

The previous mega jackpot nights both eclipsed the $100,000 mark though Beesley is reluctant to predict if that will be replicated this time around (the jackpot will be shared equally between the winner and BBBSPG).

“I don’t want to make any predictions because I get really nervous doing that. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that a 6,000-seat arena could sell $100,000 worth of 50/50 tickets, so the sky’s the limit with this community.”

The Cougars, who still have two games left in their regular season, won’t know who their first-round playoff opponent is until sometime this weekend.


Niceeee Great News story for today

Awesome, good to see local owners and the team doing events like this! Far exceeds the nimrods who owned the team before this and treated it like a family business. Hope they have been following the new and improved Cougars and wistfully think on what coulda been! Sucks to be business dumb! LOL

It says; “Three anonymous businesses along with some individual donors have chipped in a total of $20,000 to kick-start the jackpot with all proceeds going to help Big Brothers Big Sisters Prince George.”

Love that fact that these businesses donated to a charity event anonymously, it means they care about the cause and are not out to get publicity mileage out of the donation for their business. Kudos to the individuals who donated anonymously to this worthy cause as well.

I doubt these wonderful businesses would have been able to donate had another political party been in power all these years. Just say’in…..

    It is difficult to plan programs and services around charitable money donations as the annual amounts are never certain. Sometimes donations fall short and services and programs to the vulnerable and in need youth and children can no longer be provided. This is an ongoing problem when stable provincial funding gets cut back and non-profit community organizations such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters have to become more and more dependent charity funding.

    Often unpredictable charitable funding falls short of goals as was the case earlier this year with Prince George BBBS. They had to cut services and layoff staff… yet Griz thinks this is a good thing?


    Stable funding is what these organizations need!!!

      Gotcha, LMAO

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